Ghosts & Hauntings
When listening to audio files, we strongly recommend use of headphones     The information contained in these files comes from the collective experiences of RISEUP Paranormal while investigating claims of paranormal activity. In most cases the identities of witnesses are either withheld or changed. However, any and all other information pertaining to these cases come from accounts of actual events that have occurred on our investigations. These files also serve as a log of our evidence and methods, as well as the personal experiences and opinions of our investigators.
LOCATION: Private Residence INVESTIGATION DATE(S): 01/03/13 03/19/13
LOCATION: Captain Grant’s Inn INVESTIGATION DATE(S): 02/03/13
LOCATION: The Barnstable House (The House of the 11 Ghosts) INVESTIGATION DATE(S): 04/10/13
LOCATION: Warwick Armory INVESTIGATION DATE(S): 11/16/13