AUDIO EVIDENCE PAGE 4 PAINE HOUSE CON’T. DINING ROOM 7/21/12 EVP Christine Downes and Steve Mills are in the dining room and Chris asks for some possible interaction via vocal means. While this is in this process, her recorder picks up a definitive response to the affirmative. “HELLO” VOICE ISOLATED KITCHEN AREA 9/29/12 EVP Ken DeCosta leads a session and offers explanations regarding the equipment being used and the purpose of an audio recorder. The response is not audible to the group, but creates an interesting scenario wherein it might be conceivable that at times we are as elusive and hidden to the spirit world as they are to us. “WHO IS THAT?” VOICE ISOLATED DINING ROOM 10/20/12 EVP Christine Downes again receives a wonderful response when asking if there is anyone with us that is one of the original owners of the house. We can speculate whether this might be one of the Brayton family, but it nonetheless motivates us to know that our queries are not going unheard. “YES, MA’AM” VOICE ISOLATED PAINE HOUSE OVERNIGHT INVESTIGATION Earlier this year, Dave Grady and his daughter Shayna Drinkuth decided to be the first guests to stay at the Paine House overnight in 146 years. They conducted some EVP sessions, walked through the house and then left the recorders running as they went to sleep. But sleep did not come easy as demonstrated by these following clips. KITCHEN AREA At the time the pair chose to get some sleep, they left recorders running at different locations throughout the house. One in particular was left in the kitchen which to this point had been a very active spot. At first they slept through door latches being tripped. DOOR LATCH There was more movement in the kitchen a few minutes later. SOUNDS FROM KITCHEN 1 SOUNDS FROM KITCHEN 2 The pair is finally awakened by this deafening crash of a pot or pan. Later upon checking, there seemed to be absolutely nothing out of place and the staff of the museum confirmed this as nothing was touched after the spot check. LOUD CRASH TRAVELER’S ROOM 5/11/13 EVP Ken DeCosta was joined by a new investigator on the second floor. A series of motion sensors had been placed in a path from the first floor dining room, through the kitchen and upstairs to the second floor. The last one was perched on the wooden chest outside the Traveler’s Room. Ken was situated in there while Ed sat inside the adjoining Matron’s Room. At one point, each sensor went off in sequence from the first to the last and an EMF reading in the Traveler’s Room spiked to 7.5. When the session ended, both men started back down to base in the tavern on the basement level. While Ken’s recorder ran, a man’s voice was heard possibly giving directions out of the area. This experience happened during an afternoon investigation. “HEAD THIS WAY” VOICE ISOLATED MATRON’S ROOM 6/13/14 EVP Ken DeCosta is doing a walkthrough with guests before a public investigation when they enter the room where RISEUP had videotaped a rocking chair moving on its own in 2012. Ken places his hands on the chair and begins to tell them the story but also mentions Julie DeMay who will be doing video recordings during the evening. At that point, a young voice (Sarah?) says the word, “chair” which is not audible to anyone until a review of Ken’s recorder that had been placed inside earlier in the afternoon. “CHAIR” VOICE ISOLATED SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY 6/13/14 DISEMBODIED VOICE Ken DeCosta is standing in the hallway with Steve Mills engaged in casual conversation when both hear a young female voice call out. They are alone in this area and there is no apparent explanation for what they heard. While what we believe we are hearing is a bit of a cliché in the presentation of audible evidence, we do hear what we think is someone calling for a father. “DADDY?” VOICE ISOLATED ATTIC 8/16/14 DISEMBODIED VOICE Three female investigators have the run of the house and they go up to the fourth level to explore the attic where there have been some interesting “sightings” in our time at the house. They decide to address “Sarah” and try to engage her with questions about the possibility she enjoys some of the items we have left around the building in an attempt to pique her interest. They hear a disembodied voice at one point and while this again is subjective, we venture a “best guess” as to what the response was. “PLEASE LEAVE” VOICE ISOLATED ATTIC 9/20/14 EVP Feeling encouraged after hearing the clip above, the same group heads to the attic once again about one month later. They try to make further contact with “Sarah” and towards the end of the session, it is asked if we are an intrusion or unwelcome presence at this time. This is a stunning piece of audio in that we hear a response suggesting that our presence is indeed welcome and the group is being encouraged to stay. What is said was not audible at the time the group was there. “NO ONE NEEDS TO LEAVE” VOICE ISOLATED KITCHEN 9/27/14 EVP Again a group of female investigators are trying to communicate with “Sarah”. Ken DeCosta has joined them for this session. They are sitting at a table in another “hot spot” of the house, the kitchen area. They are trying to appeal to this spirit by convincing her she is safe and welcome in their presence. We must apologize that this clip is shorter than it should be because we have lost some of the context of the conversation, so what we recorded is open for interpretation at best. This may be “Why don’t you care?” or “I don’t care” or perhaps something entirely up to whomever hears this. We present it solely as evidence that whatever was recorded was dynamic and not easily explainable. FEMALE VOCAL RESPONSE VOICE ISOLATED REMOTE AUDIO 5/30/15 DISEMBODIED VOICE Quite often we choose to run recorders in a location void of any human presence and monitor it from outside the building. This creates a measure of control over the place where we can listen to natural sounds that have either internal or external sources. This helps when they are heard in real time to discern what might be explainable or unexplainable so we don’t have to waste much time analyzing and dissecting things with rational origins. In this case, our recorder picked up the sound of a male voice inside the house when none of us were inside. It was audible and heard at our base which was in the yard outside the house. We can’t venture any conclusions on what is being said, but it’s quite interesting from our perspectives. MALE VOICE IN EMPTY HOUSE REMOTE AUDIO 8/15/15 DISEMBODIED SOUND Again using the “empty nest” technique, this is one of the most amazing pieces of audio we have ever heard in our time investigating. This was heard through headphones from a microphone inside the building while we sat outside listening. It caused quite a stir as we all reviewed it. These are the sounds of footsteps inside the empty house and it should be noted they are amplified only slightly to help with the listening experience. This was truly mind-blowing. FOOTSTEPS IN THE EMPTY PAINE HOUSE MILITARY ROOM 4/11/16 DISEMBODIED SOUND It was apparent that the sounds of footsteps were becoming more prevalent in the house and some members of the staff had their own unnerving experiences with them when they were inside by themselves straightening things up or rearranging artifacts. In this clip, Cody Ray DesBiens is inside a room containing an abundance of Civil War-era memorabilia with a couple of other guests. At one point the sound of loud footsteps approaches the room. The guests make no mention of this as they, like Cody, assume someone is coming across the floor to join them. Cody however realizes there is no one in the house but his group and draws everyone’s attention to the sound. They abruptly stop outside the doorway and when Cody checks, nobody else is one the other side. There has been no amplification of the sound at all and this is the raw file. Fascinating yet disturbing stuff right here. FOOTSTEPS APPROACH THE MILITARY ROOM DINING ROOM 5/3/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE Each year we host a bowling tournament for charity and we make a short comedy skit video to promote it. In this instance, Joe Chin had dirt rubbed on his face and created the appearance of him being very grubby and disheveled. The skit called for him to bust through the door in this condition and verbally attack the rest of us. While we were having fun filming this, Steve Mills, who always seems to have a recorder running, claimed he heard a child’s voice near the dining room table. While most of those present didn’t acknowledge it because they were pre-occupied, a review of the file absolutely showed someone very young had spoken and perhaps was a bit taken back by Joe’s demeanor and appearance. This is a truly fortunate “find” and quite astonishing. “HE SCARES ME” VOICE ISOLATED SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY 6/11/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE While shooting an episode for our Internet series “The Paranormal Truth”, Ken DeCosta, Chris Blanchette and Julie DeMay were on the second floor. The filming took place during daylight hours and the group was conducting an EVP session. When Ken asks for help in trying to see the form of any entity that might be present for us, a response is returned suggesting someone would rather have our assistance at that point in time. “NO…HELP ME” VOICE ISOLATED DINING ROOM 7/18/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE Paine House was offered to guests for an investigation as part of our annual Ocean State ParaCon charity event. On this Saturday night, former Dead Air Radio host George R. Lopez was present and conducting a collective consciousness experiment in the house. Guests were welcome to ask questions and one inquired about certain important dates in the building’s occupants history. When she states the year 1748, an affirmative response is received. This was the year the house was expanded to its present size to allow for an inn and tavern to open there. “YES ” DINING ROOM 10/4/16 EVP A couple of female guests are conducting an EVP session under our guidance in one of the more active rooms in the house. One as a way of introduction announces that they “just want to get to know you.” The response she receives is one that is familiar and one that we also recorded on our very first visit to the house some 6 years prior. One wonders then how a spirit might perceive us and if our presence is as hard to discern as theirs might be for us. “WHO’S THERE?” VOICE ISOLATED KITCHEN 6/23/18 EVP During an ITC experiment, Ken DeCosta listened remotely in an adjoining room while a group sat at a table in the kitchen area repeating the same question in one round through the session. They would then ask a different question and it was again repeated until all participants had asked a different question. At one point, a participant wanted to ask about the resident spirit of “Sarah” but by mistake instead asked for “Katie” by mistake. The question using that name was repeated. What was remarkable about this was a voice was recorded that 1) obviously did not recognize that name and; 2) proceeded to ask the questioners if one of them perhaps was named “Katie”. This is a great example of interaction with a spirit’s energy. Making this more interesting was that at no time are any of the participants to speak unless reciting a question and none did as the whole session was being monitored. “IS KATIE YOUR NAME?” VOICE ISOLATED
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