AUDIO EVIDENCE PAGE 5 SPRAGUE MANSION We were invited into what is called “one of the most haunted places in Rhode Island” by the Cranston Historical Society in 2009 and returned a year later almost to the day. Three generations of the Sprague family lived in the house. The Spragues were founders of the Sprague Print Works in 1808, which later became the Cranston Print Works, which is the only continuously operating textile printing company in America. At the time of the Civil War, the A. & W. Sprague Company was the richest textile company in the United States. The house was built around 1790. It was expanded significantly in 1864 by Col. Amasa Sprague. He added a wide hall and wide, winding staircase, for the purpose of entertaining his social contacts from financial, political, and social circles. SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM 9/23/09 EVP During an EVP session in one of the family bedrooms, Ken DeCosta attempts to identify any spirit present without making assumptions. In doing so, he allows any entity the opportunity to send a message or converse. In this clip, we learn to some surprise that perhaps all here are not Spragues and it’s done in a manner so as to leave little doubt. “IT IS…NOT!” VOICE ISOLATED SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM 9/23/09 EVP Later in the evening, Ryan Lantini, being aware that a shadowy figure was seen and followed through two adjoining bedrooms by Dave DeCosta, tries to determine the whereabouts of this possible physical entity. He asks for an indication of “where you’re coming from”. The response is quite interesting. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding of the question and its intent, but a location is indeed given and it relates to a Sprague-owned property located on a well-known and lovely local beach. This was a summer home and the pride of the Sprague family. “SCARBOROUGH” VOICE ISOLATED MARY WATERMAN’S BEDROOM EVP Mary Waterman Sprague died at the age of 10. She was the daughter of Col. Byron Sprague and Harriet Comstock Sprague. While setting up in her room, two female investigators ready their equipment and begin to settle in for their session. This is one of the most phenomenal audio clips we have ever received and one that gives even skeptics pause. Both investigators continue on as they do not hear the voice that you are about to. “MOMMY, MOMMY…” VOICE ISOLATED MORTON MIDDLE SCHOOL Before its closing in 2013, we managed to secure a visit to this huge brick building which was rumored to have some very strange activity going on there. We spent a night in the old school and did not come away disappointed. The building has been completely renovated on these same grounds since then. 5TH FLOOR 5/22/2012 DISEMBODIED VOICE Julie Demay, Wendy Thatcher, Nancy LaVena and Jess Lane were on this floor which proved to be a real hot spot for weird goings-on this night. At one point Julie said she clearly heard a woman singing near the music room and Jess confirmed she heard the same. Her camera microphone recorded this so we had to tinker with it more than we’re normally comfortable with. WOMAN SINGING VOICE ISOLATED 5TH FLOOR 5/22/2012 DISEMBODIED VOICE In this same session, Wendy has broken from the group a few feet away and as she is in her location, she gets somewhat unnerved by a disembodied “whisper” that she hears very close to her. Our review clearly bears out exactly what she heard and for all intents and purposes it is quite close to her recorder microphone and that eliminates any sound coming from her group who were otherwise silent at this point in time. “HEY!” VOICE ISOLATED HARRISVILLE, R.I. HOME Through a team member and the generosity of the owner of this property, we were able to perform a daytime investigation in this most fascinating location which was the basis for the movie, “The Conjuring”. There were a myriad of claims of activity here and we were given the opportunity to visit the house and make our own objective determination as to their validity. STAIRWAY 8/11/10 EVP Two female investigators are coming down the stairs with their recorders running. Ken DeCosta is listening to the owner on the first floor. The only two other investigators on site are outside the house. There are absolutely no children present, yet we hear the sound of a child on the investigator’s recorder. It is hard to determine what is said under the investigator’s footsteps on the wood stairs, but the last words - we believe - are, “find me”. When the clip was presented to Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter and author of the book, “House of Darkness House of Light” the film was based on, she was certain this was a clear validation of the presence of the spirit who would play “hide and seek” with youngest daughter, Cindy. CHILD’S VOICE ON STAIRS LONGER VERSION WITH ALL PRESENT VOICE ISOLATED THE BUCKSVILLE HOUSE On our trip to Philadelphia to investigate Eastern State Penitentiary, we had decided to stay overnight before heading home at The Bucksville House in Kitnersville in Buck’s County, PA. The bed and breakfast had long been said to be an epicenter of paranormal activity and been featured on TV shows like, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and America’s Most Haunted Inns. Built in 1795, around 1830 the front part of the house was built. Originally, it was called the White Horse Tavern. The name was changed to the Bucksville Hotel, named for militia leader Nicholas Buck. SECOND FLOOR 7/8/12 DISEMBODIED VOICE Earlier in the day, we began to set up cameras and equipment for our overnight stay. While we did this, the owners, Barb and Joe Szollosi were in the wing of the building where their living quarters were located. One of our recorders caught this disembodied female voice that originated from downstairs while the entire group was on the second floor readying themselves for the evening’s activities. There is overwhelming certainty this is none of our people nor is it the voice of Barb, the only other female on the premises at this time. Do what now is something we aren’t really sure of. “CAN YOU DO IT NOW?” VOICE ISOLATED THE BLUE ROOM 7/8/12 EVP Ken DeCosta stayed in what is called “The Blue Room” and before turning in for the night did a short EVP session in there. The subsequent review led to discovering a very odd response to Ken’s explanation of who was there and why. We had a difficult time in accepting the word that we recorded because it seems a bit too “in tune” with what our purpose was there besides getting a good night’s sleep in a lovely bed and breakfast. Perhaps with the extraordinary amount of folks going through the house claiming to have the “gift” of ESP and their ability to speak with the spirits over many years, we were placed into that category. We’d never rule out a case of confirmation bias on our part, but nonetheless, this is what we hear when we listen. “PSYCHIC” VOICE ISOLATED THE OLIVER HOUSE The group was invited to investigate this historic home built in 1769 as a likely wedding present to Judge Peter Oliver’s son and his bride. Its sister-structure, the larger “Oliver Hall” which once stood on the same estate, was burned down by revolutionaries. Many who have ventured inside said it was rife with paranormal activity and eventually it was featured on the the TLC network’s Paranormal Lockdown. Our one visit there resulted in a bevy of data collection and some audio that absolutely supports the claims being made at this location. SECOND FLOOR 5/20/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE A group of investigators are conducting a session where the bedrooms and guest quarters are located. Earlier, while setting up with no cameras or recorders running, we began to hear the consistent sound of what we thought to be the voice of a child or children. Less than an hour later, Joe Chin and Chris Blanchette try to reach out to this child spirit and receive an audible affirmative response to their offer of “toys” to play with. “YES” VOICE ISOLATED EMPTY HOUSE 5/20/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE We had all left the house for a break after an hour of investigation and everyone was outdoors as we left our recorders and cameras rolling. This audio clip of a woman’s voice was captured during this point in time. WOMAN’S VOICE RECORDED IN EMPTY HOUSE SITTING ROOM 5/20/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE All of us at RISEUP have heard the clichéd voices said to have been captured on digital equipment saying “get out”, “dead”, “demon” and the like. Very often these are products of confirmation bias and the expectation of what you may expect (or wish) to hear depending on the question asked and the background of the location. It’s with a certain level of conviction that we present this particular clip. Ken DeCosta, Chris Blanchette and Cody Ray DesBiens are in the sitting room when they audibly hear the deep voice of an adult male inside the house. As they were all sitting within a couple of feet of each other and alone in the house, we feel this clip can’t be overlooked. What does puzzle us is what we are sure is said and that its immediate context doesn’t make a lot of sense. We therefore present it as documentation of our visit and not for its “shock” value. “BLOOD” VOICE ISOLATED SITTING ROOM 5/20/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE This clip just amazes us. Ken DeCosta, Chris Blanchette, Joe Chin and Cody Ray DesBiens are situated in the sitting room with recorders triangulated and taking environmental readings. Chris is the first to hear a voice but can’t say what was said. At 0:03 and 0:05 a child and a male’s voices are recorded and seem to be interacting with each other. This is a “best guess” submission, but in any event, this is very exciting. “MOMMY?……..I MISS YOU” VOICES ISOLATED SECOND FLOOR 5/20/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE The group is Joe Chin, Wellington Chin, Steve Mills and Julie DeMay and they are alone in the house up on the second floor. As they quietly conduct their session, they all hear (and record) a male voice somewhere in the house. Again, we have to be careful about the ghost hunting clichés, but is this a “get out” or something else? MALE VOICE VOICE ISOLATED
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