AUDIO EVIDENCE PAGE 6 MIDDLEBORO TOWN HALL We were able to secure an invitation to investigate this beautiful town building via the same folks who granted us access to the Oliver House. There had been prior claims of activity here so we were eager to investigate it ourselves and did so with a small but experienced crew of people including some members of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). MEETING AND PERFORMANCE HALL 12/10/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE The group conducted a session in the meeting and performance hall early in the evening and experienced some strange audible phenomena in which a man’s voice is clearly heard in that area. The group of 3 were alone on the floor within a few feet of each other while two others monitored the live audio and video feeds in a separate room one floor below. Ken hears the voice in real time and the recording confirms its presence. No consensus on what is actually spoken. MALE VOICE VOICE ISOLATED MEETING AND PERFORMANCE HALL 12/10/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE As the session continued, it was posited that perhaps whoever might be there enjoyed the performances that took place here over the years and that maybe they had an affinity to music. Ken had whistled a tune a few seconds earlier and Cody felt he heard a response. While the audio recorders revealed nothing to confirm that, just seconds later the group does hear a clear and eerie whistling response with absolutely no visible source of origin. WHISTLING RESPONSE SOUND ISOLATED HOLDING CELLS 12/10/16 DISEMBODIED VOICE There have been claims here of apparitions in the meeting hall balcony, shadows, voices, etc., but one of the more interesting places to us was the temporary holding cells in the building’s basement. These were used to hold arrestees overnight until their hearing the following day. While inside the cell with the door shut, Ken DeCosta had a unique experience there with who would go on to be known as “The Singing Woman”. This was something completely unexpected because he and Cody were alone in this area at the time and were separated when this occurred. It should be noted that the possibility of “The Singing Woman” being someone researchable took a turn toward reality when we indeed found the name of an elderly female who had passed recently and once had a presence in the building that fit this profile perfectly.   WOMAN SINGING VOICE ISOLATED FORT ADAMS As part of a Halloween-themed event held annually at the fort we were invited to participate in, we also took some time to investigate this awesome 900,000 sq. ft. facility to determine whether as some say, it had incidents that might be deemed paranormal. After the War of 1812, there was a thorough review of the nation's fortification needs and it was decided to replace the older Fort Adams with a newer and much larger fort. This was part of what became known as the third system of US fortifications. The new fort was designed by Brigadier General Simon Bernard, a Frenchman who had served as a military engineer under Napoleon. Bernard designed the new Fort Adams in the classic style and it became the most complex fortification in the Western Hemisphere. It included a tenaille and crown work, a complex outer work on the southern (landward) side, designed to break up and channel an assault force. In the US, it is rivaled in size only by Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia and Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas in Florida. Fort Adams was armed with 100 32-pounder seacoast guns, 57 24-pounder seacoast guns, and 43 24-pounder flank howitzers. PARADE GROUND EXIT RAMP 9/22/09 EVP One of our female investigators claims to have heard the sound of someone walking up a concrete ramp which led to the parade grounds from outside the fort. While the clip doesn’t reflect her entire statement, she seemed very puzzled because there is a gate that is closed and locked prohibiting anyone from entering the fort from the outside. With a recorder running during this “tour” of the grounds, we managed to record a voice who is equally puzzled as to how she heard the approach. “HOW’D SHE HEAR THAT?” VOICE ISOLATED OFFICER’S BARRACKS 9/22/09 DISEMBODIED VOICE Another of our female investigators is touring the quarters when she hears a voice from an adjacent room. None of the group is in that area and in fact, are in another quadrant of the fort at that time. She inquires if any of the others are close by, and receives a response not from any of her team, but someone else entirely. “NOT RIGHT NOW” VOICE ISOLATED VOICE SLOWED AND FILTERED THE KING HOUSE The King House, is a monumentally scaled residence in Newport, Rhode Island. It was designed for Edward King in the "Italian Villa" style by Richard Upjohn and was built between 1845 and 1847, making it one of the earliest representations of the style. It was the largest and grandest house in Newport when it was built. Edward King was the largest landowner in town by 1860, having made his fortune through the China Trade. We had accepted an invitation to go in and investigate some of the many claims of activity here. We were quite surprised at the level of that we encountered. THIRD FLOOR SERVANT’S QUARTERS 4/6/09 DISEMBODIED VOICE Dave Grady along with Ken and Dave DeCosta were alone in this area of the house with no one within two floors of them. It is a fairly large area which housed domestic help in an earlier era, yet it is surprisingly ornate with marble fireplaces to heat the rooms. While conducting an EVP session, we received a chilling audible response that was heard by all and temporarily stunned us. Thinking it might well be someone passing through the property outside, we quickly checked the 360 degree microphone located directly below us in the performance hall. The recording revealed no sound at all in that exact time. The experience remains totally unexplainable. KING HOUSE SCREAM - “NO” VOICE ISOLATED U.S. MILITARY BASE EVP This was a case where the utmost discretion was necessary and remains that way. We were contacted by civilian employees at this facility to investigate some of the strange reports that emanated from enlisted as well as support staff. Our visit did not reveal anything we could claim to be in the category of “paranormal” and there were certainly things we could explain for the most part. There was however, one piece of audio that remains interesting to us and was recorded in a function room during an EVP session there. We choose not to take a guess as to what is (or isn’t) being said, but it does display vocal characteristics and isn’t from anyone in our session. RESPONSE TO A MALE PRESENT VOICE ISOLATED ROSE ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE This was another tremendous opportunity to travel to and investigate an iconic property with a long-standing history of the supernatural. The lighthouse is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former keeper named Charles Curtis and the many ghosts of those who were victims of a cholera epidemic that swept the city of Newport in 1823. Rose Island sits in the middle of the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. The island was used during the American Revolution to house a fortification for the defense of Narragansett Bay and Newport. Later, construction of Fort Hamilton Barracks took place from 1798-1801. With the increasing shipping traffic in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay and the area around Newport in the mid-1800s, Rose Island seemed the ideal place to construct a lighthouse and on July 20, 1868, Congress appropriated $7,500 for completion of the task. Crews selected what was once a circular bastion of Fort Hamilton on the southwest corner of the island to place the lighthouse. Keeper John Bailey Cozzens, appointed on November 25, 1869, first established the light on the night of January 20, 1870. “FOGHORN ROOM” 5/11/11 EVP Ken DeCosta was talking to some of our investigation parties outside and, not wanting to disturb any other sessions, went by himself into the lighthouse’s Foghorn Room which was once where the horn was mounted. Conducting a solo EVP session, this was the result. The voice was never heard in real time and appears to be a man struggling to respond, perhaps pleading to be left alone there. Some believe Ken’s name is being said in addressing him, but that remains speculative as what is actually said. So…”best guess” here. This particular clip was used on an episode of the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story. “KEN (?)…..KEEPS ME IN THE ROOM” VOICE ISOLATED COLONIAL INN This iconic location had eluded us over the years, but the claims of activity here have been so well-documented and reported upon that we were happy to be able to spend an evening here in the off-season. Two investigators shared the former surgery room while two others settled down in the former morgue which are said to be the two most haunted guest rooms in the hotel. The staff is especially willing to share their stories and those of their guests over the years. From its prime location right in the heart of Concord, the Colonial Inn has gazed upon the life of the Concord community for three centuries. Spanning the time with ease, the Colonial Inn maintains a lively step as a gathering place for all occasions. The Inn was originally three separate buildings – the earliest dating back to 1716. It is best known for the role it played in the events of April 19, 1775, a day that led to the birth of a new nation. ROOM 27 - THE MORGUE 3/2/19 DISEMBODIED VOICE The 4 investigators gathered in the room to conduct an EVP session and when Ken DeCosta expressed his hope that all here were at peace, the response we received suggests that perhaps some are not. “NO” VOICE ISOLATED
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