On the first of two investigations of the Governor Bradford Mansion, built in 1745, we focused a great deal of time on the third floor/attic area where quite often caretakers say they watch a woman standing in the window. Many of our questions and statements centered around the one-time British occupation of the property. In a couple of instances, the responses we did receive appear to come complete with a British accent. Once we had asked if anyone might be present and introduced ourselves, we asked for anyone aware of us to do the same. “How do you do” Voice isolated We continued our questioning in this area of the building and never wishing to overstay our welcome, we ask if perhaps we should end this questioning and leave the area in peace. We received this interesting response. “Of course I do” Voice isolated There have been claims from staff and visitors alike to at this library that opened in 1927. With recorders running, we climb the stairs to the second level to let those there know we are going to take a short break and seemingly find ourselves being questioned as to our own presence there. “Are you here with me?” Voice isolated One of the most fascinating locations we’ve traveled to is the Sprague mansion in Cranston which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the entire country. While there in 2009, we captured three extremely compelling and often unnerving pieces of audio to date. In the first clip, two female adult investigators begin to settle in for a session in Mary waterman Sprague’s room. Mary died at the age of 10. What is recorded is astonishing and neither investigator reacts to it. Only on playback do we hear these haunting words. “Mommy, mommy, mommy....Mommy!” Voice isolated An investigator asks about the origins of the family geographically-speaking. The response we receive at first seems to make no sense until one discovers that they once owned a beloved waterfront vacation property at a popular beach in Rhode Island called.... “Scarborough” Voice isolated When we press for information regarding whom might be present and if they are part of the family, we appear to get a passionate and clear response to the negative. “It is NOT!” Voice isolated On a sweltering August night in 2010, we had the rare opportunity to investigate a house that would soon become the center of attention and controversy throughout the paranormal world. The R.I. home that was the former residence of the Perron family and served as the backdrop to the wildly successful 2013 motion picture, “The Conjuring”. While the movie was not filmed at this location, the house already had a long history of paranormal activity. At this time we had no knowledge of the book trilogy that would result from the Perron experiences called House of Darkness House of Light by the oldest Perron daughter, Andrea, nor that its success would result in the movie being made a few years later. The house had been investigated back in the 1970’s by then college students Carl and Keith Johnson and later by noted demonologists Ed and Lorrane Warren. It was also the subject of an episode of the TV show Ghost Hunters in 2005. To this point in time we remain the last group to investigate the home. While speaking to the current owner on the first floor, two female investigators begin to descend the stairs without turning their digital recorder off. As they make their way down silently, we hear the sound of a child’s voice under their footsteps. The voice comes in three sentences and is extremely difficult to decode, but the final words said seem to be “find me”. Could this be the spirit of the child that served as a playmate to the youngest Perron daughter Cindy? That is speculative at best, but the voice we recorded that night was highly compelling. Child’s voice as investigators come down the stairs RISEUP spent all of 2010 investigating one of the most iconic and haunted locations in the country: Belcourt Castle in Newport, R.I.  In total, 18 separate investigations were conducted of the mansion. The evidence generated was varied and at times, even astonishing. The first audio clip establishes the bizarre and often unsettling atmosphere of Belcourt. A small group of investigators walk through the Tinney Bedroom holding their equipment and asking for anyone present to let themselves be known. This is solely conjecture on our part, but imagine what anybody from a different era might think if a group of people were walking around the building holding odd-looking gear asking you to show yourself. Perhaps the response would be.... “Take the weapons off” Voice isolated Voice slowed and isolated A mother and daughter joined us one evening and were taken up to the organ loft where a great deal of activity has been reported in the area of the huge pipe organ kept there. Mom was attempting to make contact with a potential spirit entity under our guidance and after making a statement, we recorded this heavy male voice uttering the word “alama”. bearing in mind that Belcourt is home to artifacts from 33 different countries, we looked up various translations and found that “alama” is Spanish for silver or gold. Silver being the color of the jacket Mom was wearing that night. Quite similar to this: Session in organ loft Voice isolated The Music Room was one of our favorite places to conduct sessions and this clip illustrates why. Asking for something profound to occur to verify the presence and willingness of a spirit to communicate with the group, we recorded a somewhat humorous response that likely comes from a more “contemporary” spirit, perhaps even the late Donald Tinney himself? “No such.....luck” Voice isolated Not the best quality recording, but we wanted to include this clip as yet another example of the oddness of the location. The recorder capturing this ran unattended with no one present in the stable area. This was the only time this sound occurred throughout our time there. There is no heating system, nor any limbs touching this part of the mansion. We cannot come to a reasonable conclusion what is the cause of what sounds like the tapping of a hammer on metal. Tapping in stables There is a service tunnel off the kitchen area where deliveries were made and although it looks creepier than it really is, we were surprise at some of the experiences we had there. This is one of those where three people are standing inside it and an audible human-type sound comes through loud and clear which took everyone present by total surprise. All were completely alone in the tunnel and the first floor where access can be gained to it. “Awwwww....” The last clip again comes from the kitchen tunnel area. As a session is about to begin, there is a loud, audible shout from inside that has no visible source. It can be heard clearly by the investigators and they respond in a very surprised manner. Tunnel shout In 2009 we undertook a series of investigations at Fort Adams in Newport, RI. Almost a million square feet, the fort is the second largest seaside fortification in the country. The first clip was recorded on our initial night at the location. A female investigator believes she hears someone down in the tunnel ramps that lead out of the fort and asks if perhaps we have anyone down there (we did not) and we capture a voice that appears to answer the question before we can. This is the response in three forms: the raw file, a filtered and amplified version and a slowed version. “Not right now” (Original copy) Filtered / amped / slowed Mere seconds later, the investigator appears a bit confused because of her certainty of seeing a figure down on the ramp. As she starts to explain, a voice is recorded that displays some curiosity as to how she could have heard what she did. “How’d she hear that?” Voice isolated Word of our interest in historical information and how to apply it to paranormal research had spread fairly quickly in a short period of time and because of that, we were invited to visit a Newport, RI mansion where a varied amount of strange activity was being reported by staff and guests alike. The mansion did not provide a treasure trove of audio evidence, but one clip stands out as an example of one of the strangest and most unnerving audio evidence to date. Disembodied voices are those which are heard with the naked ear having no discernible origin. In this case three male investigators are on the third floor where domestic help and their families would stay. It is an unfurnished, dank area at this point, but fairly large. While offering our help to any spirit who may feel confined to the area, we heard a very loud and distinct response to our query. Wary that perhaps the sound came from outside the building, we reviewed the recording of a remote microphone located one floor directly under us in a ballroom. It revealed no voice at the time we heard this one. Third floor audible scream Voice isolated  Traveling to this historical lighthouse accessible only by a short boat ride from Newport Harbor, we spent the night in search of the spirits long said to haunt the island. While there were a number of audio clips worthy of further review, one stands out above all others. A male investigator did a solo session in what is called “The Fog Horn Room” which is a brick building detached from the lighthouse and is now a guest suite. No one was aware he was inside the building and he told no one of his intention to do so. While trying to establish contact, this bizarre message was recorded. It was not audible at the time it was captured. Strange male response Voice isolated We have investigated a great number of private homes over the years, but one in particular in Massachusetts stands out if only for the number of times we have returned there in response to constant claims of paranormal activity. While we have yet to hear of anything of an aggressive nature taking place, it remains a hotbed of strange sightings. As a result, we have accumulated a fairly good number of interesting voice phenomena there. As the homeowners are always kind enough to make sure we have dinner with them, at one point we were sitting at the kitchen table when a female voice was recorded that seemed to express a form of gratitude. Puzzling, but a very compelling catch nonetheless. “Thank you” Voice isolated Here is one that most people probably will not believe or take seriously, but this was truly picked up on our recorder during a session conducted by only two males with no one else in the house. Neither was trying to put one over on the other as they were no more than two feet apart walking on the second floor and we could not believe what we heard on playback. This one is just mind-blowing. “Help!” It seems the kitchen area acts like a sort of gathering place for entities in this home as well as the living because quite often we record some very odd sounds when we sit there with recorders running and socializing with the owners or each other. As we converse, a weird female moan is picked up under our voices. Female vocalization This is yet another example of the strange nature of activity going on here. As we sit in the hallway on the second floor, we clearly hear what can only be described as chanting going on. No televisions or radios are ever playing when we are present and the owners happily agree with that condition. A passing or parked car is not the source as we immediately checked outside. What this really is is anyone’s guess, but it actually brought a bit of a smile to our faces just because of its incredible randomness. Chanting The final audio clip follows in suit with many others generated here as it borders on the bizarre. When asked if they believe in God, the response we received was both enlightening and troubling. It is a one-word response and we’re going to break our own rules here and slow it down in the third version of the clip. “Finally” Voice isolated Voice slowed 3x Nature’s is a geological / metaphysical shop located on the East Bay of Rhode Island. We were alerted to some strange goings-on there by its owner and staff in 2008. We paid them multiple visits there and indeed some very odd things were happening, some of which we were able to document. Most of it occurring their basement where much of their inventory is stocked. The first clip concerns an employee who was let go because of misconduct. The owner stated that beyond that, he seemed to be a catalyst for some of the more negative things happening there. While not thoroughly convinced of this being the case, the question of his absence as posed anyway. Happy that John is gone? The is an amusing little clip where we try to test the theory that an entity can affect the physical environment. Feeling it was at least worth asking, we received a very self-assured response and (perhaps coincidentally) the ambient temperature in the room did drop around 5 degrees within 45 seconds. Make of that what you will. “Mmm hmm” Voice isolated