We were asked to visit a very prominent downtown eating establishment to try and determine the source of reported activity over a long period of time. There had been at least one previous visit by another group that resulted in the owners being informed there was negative/demonic forces present. Not subscribing to this extreme possibility which we felt caused a lot of unnecessary anxiety in the staff there, we wanted to do an objective assessment ourselves. One piece of audio evidence resulted from our session and it dealt with a fire some years ago in the same complex which was then-owned by a man who had taken his own life some time thereafter. We made an inquiry regarding that fire and how it may have affected the deceased’s mindset. “It’s not about this” Voice isolated   An acquaintance of one of our investigators reached out on behalf of a friend who owned a multi-unit dwelling in Providence. There had been some unusual occurrences there over his time there and he requested an investigation be done. This remains one of the most interesting and revealing locations we have visited to date. The first clip seems to confirm a story we were told about a young prostitute who once rented the floor above where the owner now lives. It remained empty for the past couple of years as he preferred it that way. The woman eventually died from an overdose not far from the house. We had inquired about the former resident and then ran a remote audio setup on this floor after leaving there and this is what we recorded in the empty apartment. There were no female investigators present on this night and the owner is a male as well. “She’s just a whore!” Voice isolated The main reason the landlord did not want to rent the apartment anymore was the constant sounds of footsteps, noise and voices that permeated his own home from upstairs. Particularly because the former tenant often entertained company and partied a great deal. he had told us however, that he still hears the sound of someone walking or dragging something upstairs and oddly, the sounds of footsteps only moved in one direction. While we sat in his apartment on the sofa silently, we heard these sounds from the empty apartment we had just left minutes earlier. We turned on a recorder and this is what we captured. It has been amplified for a better listening experience. Footsteps from upstairs Footsteps repeat minutes later as we listen We were contacted by a young woman who felt that her current apartment was being visited by the spirit of a family member, most likely her grandmother who had passed within the last year. She lived there with her parents and her young son. Taking a different tact, we decided to allow her and her mom to address whoever might be lingering there to ask questions about subjects and situations only they would know of. While in a bedroom, the question about medications was asked and we received a heart-wrenching response. “I tried to” Voice isolated While we were in the house, we also investigated the second floor where they had reported voices and unusual sounds. The apartment above is empty and had been so since a son had moved out some months earlier. As a female investigator sets up a remote recorder and leaves the room (her footsteps out the door and down the stairs and the first floor door closing behind her are audible), there is a male voice caught almost immediately. This is again a very subjective clip. We have our own version of what we believe is said (”I won’t leave the house”, but we leave it to the listener to draw their own conclusions. Male voice after investigator leaves the room Voice isolated Voice slowed 2x In 2013, we joined with our RISEUp Connecticut affiliate to investigate the USS Salem, a decommissioned battleship docked in Quincy, Mass. To cover an area the size of the ship for audio and video documentation was daunting to say the least, but our equipment handled it extremely well. This first clip raises some questions, the most obvious of which is the presence of a female on board. But this is not out of the realm of possibility as the ship was deployed to help in a relief effort in Greece and carried burn victims to safety. As a result, nurses were very much present to aid in these efforts. While two of our people (a male and a female) were conducting an EVP session and were joined by two others. One whispered and was instructed not to do so as it can lead to misinterpretation of voices upon audio review. At that point a female voice asks a simple question and her disembodied voice is heard out loud by another investigator. “Who’s talking?” As the investigators begin to move to a new location, things get really bizarre. While they are making their way to another area of the ship, we are convinced they hear the same voice asking the same question. Total elapsed time from the first voice was approximately 25 minutes. “Who’s talking?” (repeat) Voice isolated The same two investigators were on the first level near the meeting room where we set up our base. They were alone as everyone else disbursed through the ship. As they are walking along, their recorders pick up again, a female voice. We cannot be certain if it is the same they have captured twice, but it does display some similarity. This is a clearly subjective clip, so listeners may interpret it as it is. We can offer no definitive comment other than to say our people are not responsible for it and in fact, you will hear the female investigators voice immediately afterwards for comparison. Unknown female voice Voice isolated Grubby Hollow is a unique and interesting antique shop which deals in what owner Karyn Carfagna terms “country primitives”. Essentially it is not your average antique store and much of its inventory contains what we can only term “curiosities”. There has been many strange happenings there since she opened the shop and we have had the pleasure of visiting many times and sharing in them. This clip is one reason why it interests us as it does. We have concluded there is a child energy present and this clip was our very first indication this was the case. While making requests for interaction with us, this voice confirmed indeed “she” was present. “I’m really here” Voice isolated because there is a porch outside, we typically set up our base out there to limit the number of people indoors as it is not a very large building. While three female investigators begin their session, a man’s voice is recorded on the first floor while the shop is totally vacant. “Hello” A local resident asked us to visit her home to try and make sense out of some of things she and her family had been experiencing, some of which were very vivid apparitions in and out of the home. The family felt this could be a deceased relative, so we bore that in mind in our approach to the case. While setting up our equipment very early in the evening, this voice was recorded before any session had begun. Only one female was present in the home (our investigator) and this is clearly not she speaking. “He asked me to talk to him” Voice isolated The Chace-Cory House in Tiverton, RI is one of the oldest homes in the area. No one had investigated it before and this was one of the few times we’ve ever done so without prior claims at a location. Having total access to it and because it was in our home town, we decided to pay the house a visit and were well-rewarded for doing so. This first clip is recorded in the first floor bed chambers and is interesting because no females were present at this time and the house is completely empty save for our group. The voice we hear seems to be calling for someone or something, but we can’t pin down what is being said. Perhaps “wake up”? Female voice recorded in bedroom Voice isolated The next clip finds us explaining the various equipment we’ve brought with us and attempting to introduce it into the investigation. We are still in that bedroom at the time and hear what sounds like the same female voice making their own inquiry about it all. “What’s this?” Voice isolated This is a favorite only because this time in the bedroom we get a male voice in a whispered tone expressing some form of emotion, perhaps disbelief or despair. While we end the session and begin to gather our gear and regroup, we recorded this totally unsolicited statement. It was heard at our base by an investigator with his headphones on who was still monitoring remote audio when it took place. “Oh my God” Voice isolated Fort Barton in Tiverton, RI was a staging ground for colonial militia during the Battle of Rhode Island. It has long been the subject of paranormal claims through the years including severed heads floating through the woods, a brook named Sin & Flesh running red with the blood of a Quaker minister murdered by Native Americans during King Philip’s War and a woman said to frequent the surrounding area, including Highland Road which runs by the fort. One summer night, two of our investigators went into the area after dark to conduct an EVP session. They focused their questions on the Battle of R.I. and the capture of a British general named Prescott by a group of militia who infiltrated his quarters across the river on Aquidneck Island. No one else is with them at this time. When asked if they were scared to speak and before inquiries are made about Gen Prescott, a woman’s voice is clearly heard between the two men’s. This is an astounding piece of audio. Because the woman uses a contraction (”he’s”), we feel she is from a more contemporary time rather than the Colonial era. “He’s got it” Voice isolated Smith’s Castle, named after Richard Smith, who first established a trading post there, came to our attention because of ties with the Warwick Historical Society. We learned through conversations that staff there had experienced some very strange occurrences and subsequently we were given a rare opportunity to investigate the building which was constructed in 1678 after the original trading post was burned to the ground by members of the Wampanoag tribe in retaliation of the Great Swamp Massacre of 1675. Our first clip happens on our initial night at the Castle. A male investigator ventures into a second floor bedroom where he calls out and receives a female response in disembodied form. Another subjective recording, but the first two words are perhaps “who is...” Female disembodied voice Voice isolated In the dining area that holds a huge fireplace, a groups gathers for an EVP session and makes suggestions as to how communication might be facilitated. During one of the investigator’s statements, a male voice is recorded. This remains in the subjective category, but with all possibilities of confirmation bias in place we think we hear... “I hear voices” Voice isolated Invited by the TAPS Home Team to assist in the investigation of this 500,000 sq. ft. mill, we brought a large group and employed every piece of audio and video equipment in our inventory to facilitate coverage of this huge structure. While in the mechanic’s area investigating claims that something strange appeared on their security camera (likely an insect), we sat down for a lengthy EVP session. A decision was made to perform it in French as a large number of the local population historically were and still are of that heritage. While nothing of note happened during the session, our review revealed something absolutely amazing and this is perhaps the finest piece of audio we have gathered to date. In closing, we wish say goodbye and the sentiment is echoed back to us. This was not heard audibly, nor is it the voice of anyone else in our party of four. One investigator was using a parabolic microphone which picked up nothing as this happened. It is truly amazing. “Merci beau coup” Voice isolated Again, a rare opportunity presented itself to investigate a very iconic building which was reputed to have many odd happenings occurring within its walls. The former Roman catholic church has been decommissioned and now stands as a cultural center hosting weddings, recitals and performances. While in the basement function hall, we inquired about certain activities in that part of the building as there may or may not be a secret held from the public according to legend. We captured this response on our recorder. “Ask me what happened” Voice isolated One of the more fascinating stories we were told about was the sound of a woman crying and seemingly in great discomfort in the basement ladies room that was heard by the stewards while locking up the empty church one evening. Fearing the worst, the police were summoned and did a thorough search of the building. One officer was searching the basement and he too heard the sounds of a woman crying in the lavatory. Identifying himself and asking if she was alright, he received no response. Drawing his weapon he burst into the lavatory to find no one there. Because earlier in the night one of our investigators watching in astonishment as one of the stall doors swung open on its own, we performed an EVP session just out side in the same area when we heard this disembodied voice come out of the darkened hallway. Disembodied voice in hallway Voice isolated Later on that night, one investigator who was present for that voice took another down to explain what had occurred and the same voice repeated for both. Disembodied voice repeats  There are two pianos located near the altar of the church that are used for recitals or related functions like weddings. We had a recorder running continuously in the church proper during the entire evening. While we were downstairs regrouping for the next sessions, our recorders picked up the sound of discordant and random notes being played on the piano. Piano keys