On this page you will find some of our very favorite UFO photos taken over the years. We have made an effort to distinguish those photos that are as close to indisputable evidence as possible from those that may have more rational explanations or potential hoaxes. We hope you'll enjoy it and that it provokes some serious thought about the UFO/USO phenomenon.   MT. WASHINGTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE       DATE: 1870 TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: Originally a "stereo" photograph;  purchased on eBay in 2002 by Samuel M. Sherman, president of Independent International Pictures;  an enhanced version of the photo appears to show "fins" and what looks strangely like a swastika on its side, yet no man-made flying machines had been invented at the time of this photo COMMENT: The really interesting thing about this picture is what appears to be a reflection in the upper left- hand corner of the object. This would suggest a metallic quality to the "craft". I feel the "swastika" is a matrixing issue, but pretty strange nonetheless.   ST. PARIS, OHIO        DATE: May, 1932 SUBJECT IN PHOTO: Mr. George Sutton BACKGROUND: Street lamps, power lines or telephone poles have been ruled out as none either existed or were present in the photo. COMMENT: My only question is unless what we see is only a portion of a bigger photo, then the human subject appears to be off-center. Whether it was purposely done that way to show the object, a cropped picture or just an unsteady hand is speculative at best. Given the year (which is determined by the license plate) of the picture, it remains an interesting shot.     LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA           DATE: February 25, 1942 TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: As air-raid sirens went off all over the city, residents of Culver City and Santa Monica were told by air wardens put out their lights and thousands watched as anti-aircraft guns fired 2,000 rounds of 12 lb. shells at an object that was first thought to be a Japanese aircraft;  floodlights illuminated the object as it was fired upon; the photo above is from the original LA Times negative of the event;  renowned photo analyst Dr. Bruce Maccabee has declared the picture valid COMMENT: What we see here is taken from the negative of the original picture, which creates a more sharply defined image. Negatives will also help determine whether or not we are looking at a solid object. This incident took place at a time when paranoia of foreign attack was at its peak in the post-Pearl Harbor bombing. This is why civilians on (especially) the West Coast were trained to fire AA guns. Bottom line: something solid was in the air that night and was not harmed in any way by the guns.       PHOENIX, ARIZONA        DATE: July 7, 1947 TAKEN BY: William Rhodes who took two photographs of an object circling his home BACKGROUND: Experts say these photographs do not show imperfections either in the subject or the camera used;  allegedly, this object closely resembles that which crashed in Roswell, N.M. in the same year; object spiraled down from 5,000 to 2,000 feet and then rose at a 45 degree angle; speed was estimated to be 400- 600 mph; the size of the object was estimated at 20-30 feet across; part of the famous UFO wave of 1947. COMMENT: Interesting comments about the similarity to the Roswell craft. I had seen artists' rendering that alleged craft, but viewing this picture gives me a better understanding of at least the source.     CZAPLINEK, POLAND         DATE: 1947 TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: Photo taken by subject who was looking over a mountain; photo manipulation would be extremely difficult in 1947. COMMENT: Pictures taken many years ago in foreign countries are always fascinating, especially in Communist-controlled areas as flights of fancy and creativity were not a big part of the socialist doctrine. Assuming this was taken by a common person not connected with the military or science fields (where all of the more advanced methods of photo technology were directed), it would be hard to fake this.     MORRISTOWN, N.J.      DATE: July 10, 1947 TAKEN BY: John H. Janssen, editor of the Daily Record (an American aviation journal) who was flying his own plane from Morristown Airport in New Jersey. BACKGROUND: Janssen saw six glowing objects with hazy rings around them flying above him in a formation; he grabbed his camera and shot four of the six objects he saw; two weeks later, he encountered a similar group of objects and reported his plane sputtered and stopped running, but did not plummet to the ground - instead it seemed to float suspended in mid-air. COMMENT: One has to be dubious of the "tractor beam" story that Janssen tells later, but research shows this particular photo cannot be debunked by experts.     McMINNVILLE, OREGON      DATE: May 11, 1950 TAKEN BY: Paul A. Trent BACKGROUND: Mrs. Trent was tending to her rabbits outside when she noticed the object approaching from the northeast; she called to her husband Paul who got his box camera and snapped off three shots of the object; it took several minutes to get all the shots because box cameras in the 50's had to be wound which took considerable time; for over 50 years, no expert in the field of film analysis has been able to explain the photos; the story and the pictures were featured in the June 26, 1950 issue of Life magazine. COMMENT: Also one of the most controversial UFO photos ever taken. Bruce Maccabee came under great criticism by those in the skeptical world who were adamant this was too good to be true, especially Philip Klass, but evidence demonstrates that these simple farm people taking this picture knew nothing of UFOs at the time they witnessed this.     GREAT FALLS, MONTANA      DATE: August 15, 1950 TAKEN BY: Nicholas Mariana, GM of the Great Falls Selectrics baseball team. BACKGROUND:  This is actually a film capture from a 16mm movie shot by Mariana; the film at one time was listed as top secret; objects were about 50 feet across and 50 yards apart; Mariana took the film to the USAF, who declared the film "too dark (?) to distinguish any recognizable objects."; there is also evidence that the Air Force tampered with the film while it was in their possession, taking out some truly compelling footage early in the film. COMMENT: Did a lot of reading up on this film footage and am convinced that the Air Force bumbled this in a big way. It becomes more apparent that 2-3 feet of film were cut out of the beginning of the original footage. More noteworthy is that between 1952 and 1976, even more frames were removed. This was concluded after an interview with Mr. Mariana and comparisons to what had been documented in the National Archives. This sighting was subsequently declared "unknown" in the Condon Report and by Col. Edward Ruppelt, director of Project Blue Book.     LUBBOCK, TEXAS         DATE: August 30, 1951 TAKEN BY: Carl Hart Jr., 18 years old BACKGROUND: Three Texas Technological College professors, Dr. W. I. Robinson, Dr. A. G. Oberg, and W. L. Ducker were talking in Robinson's backyard at 9:10 PM, August 25. when they all saw a number of lights fly across the night sky;  Hart's photographs show 30 objects in a formation in the sky a few nights later; these objects were also witnessed by dozens others who were watching the skies nightly after the initial sighting took place;  one "official" explanation that these were plover birds was dismissed by game wardens who said plovers never flew in groups more than three   These sightings would become known simply as "The Lubbock Lights". COMMENT: While the physics laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base declared the photo to be genuine, you gotta love the explanation by Col. Ruppelt who eventually rejected the plover explanation, but stated that the lights were actually an explainable natural phenomena. What he could not disclose was who had hit on that answer and what they actually were because (he said) the man who figured it out had requested complete anonymity and by telling us we would easily figure out who it was. Whaaat!??       LAC CHAUVET, FRANCE          DATE: July 18, 1952 TAKEN BY: André Fregnale - engineer and photographer BACKGROUND: Pictures taken by Fregnale while walking around Lake Chauvet; film was first analyzed by  Claude Poher, director of the GEPAN, and he deemed that the photograph was not a fraud but a genuine UFO;  in 1994 the photos were developed and analyzed by Pierre Guerin, a well respected astronomer and confirmed the UFO object as real. The photographs have been scrutinized by many experts and all have found them to be real shots of a real UFO.     SALEM, MA. COAST GUARD STATION      DATE: July 16, 1952 TAKEN BY: Coast Guard Officer Shell R. Alpert BACKGROUND: Picture was taken at 9:35 a.m.; Alpert was in a lab when he saw the lights and called for Coastguardsman Thomas Flaherty who was in a sick bay close by to confirm what he was seeing; lights dimmed, then got brighter, so Alpert grabbed a camera and shot this photo. COMMENT: First impressions dictate that you are looking at a reflection of interior lights off a window that Alpert shot this picture through, but it was determined that this photo was shot through a screen on a window, not glass. It would also stand to reason that a light reflection would be noticeable on a daily basis and would not be a surprise to anyone.       TRINIDADE ISLAND, BRAZIL        DATE: January 16, 1957 TAKEN BY: Almiro Barauna, free-lance photographer and specialist in submarine photography BACKGROUND: Trinidade Island was a base for US and Brazilian warships during WWII; an oceanographic and meteorological station was planned and the Brazilian Navy was prepping the location by doing studies aboard the Almirante Saldanha; crew members spotted the object moving toward the island at about 12:15 p.m. and summoned Barauna to snap pictures; 50 witnesses observed the object as it flew past the island and off to sea; the photos were authenticated by the Brazilian Navy and released to the public by President Joscelino Kubitschek. COMMENT: I was just a youngster interested in UFOs when I first saw this picture in a magazine. Considering the credibility and background of the witnesses and the failure by photographic experts to ever explain away the picture as a hoax or something else, this is arguably to this day the best photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation.     LAKE ISABELLA, CALIFORNIA      credit: Robert Stanley @ Unicus DATE: 1957 TAKEN BY: B.C. (subject's full name unknown) BACKGROUND: Deemed authentic by Kodak labs; photograph was taken by photographer and his fiancee who were riding their Harley through the southern Sierra Nevada's, in an area in what is now Lake Isabella, California;  while taking random pictures, this showed up on one of the prints; the object was not visible to them when the photo was taken. COMMENT: This sparked an interesting discussion of the theory of objects, while being hidden to the naked eye, showing up in photographs. This suggested these craft were traveling through dimensions and portals and appearing and disappearing at will.     EDWARDS AFB          DATE: September, 1957 TAKEN BY: USAF test pilot (name unknown) BACKGROUND: The UFO is following a B-57 twin jet; it was not discovered until the photograph was developed;  An excellent photo for that time period. COMMENT: A very intriguing photo. Seems almost too good to be true, but given the metallic composition of the object and the fact it was submitted by the military gives it more credibility than most. If this is real, it must have caused quite a stir in military circles.