YACANTO, ARGENTINA      DATE: July 3, 1960 TAKEN BY: Hugo F. Niotti, Capt. Argentine Air Force BACKGROUND:  Niotti was driving from Yacanto toward Cordoba and at approximately 4:30 PM, he was in the area of Villa General Belgrano, about 70 Km from the when he suddenly noticed a rather close and unusual object hovering near the ground to the right of the road;  he grabbed his camera and took this one picture;  it was deemed authentic by Servicio de Informaciones de Aeronautica, which is an AAF technical service; surprisingly, there is horse in the center of this picture, whose attention appears to be focused on the object. COMMENT: Not sure about the horse looking at the UFO part, may be a coincidence, but it warrants attention due to the credibility of the witness involved. I sometimes question the competency of analysis in other countries and how far they will go to debunk such things, but at face value the picture appears to be valid. SOLWAY FIRTH PHOTO, U.K.    DATE: May 24, 1964 TAKEN BY: Jim Templeton, former fireman from Carlisle BACKGROUND: Here's a bizarre photo that we'll call UFO-related. Templeton took his young daughter out to the marshes overlooking the Solway Firth to take some photographs; upon processing a few days later, an employee of the drug store mentioned it was a shame that someone walked by and spoiled the shot;  Templeton said there was nobody else there except his wife and daughter; the case was brought to the Kodak company who, unable to solve the mystery, offered free film for life to anyone who could explain the photograph - to date, no one has. Templeton eventually was visited by two men (MIBs?) who suggested he tell everyone that someone had walked by - he refused. COMMENT: A very famous photo that made the rounds for years and is still a big question mark to this day. The first impression is that these folks have to be making this up, but as double-exposures and photographic overlays have definitely been ruled out, one only has their word to base an opinion on. For what it's worth, figures similar to this were reported being captured on film at the Woomera Testing Range in Australia during a "Blue Streak" missile test. Those missiles were manufactured in Spadeadam, UK, just a few miles from Solway Firth. As it really turns out, this is most likely the photographer’s wife with her back to the camera standing behind the child.   HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN AND THE SWAMP GAS CASE   DATE(S): March 20, 1966 (L); March 21, 1966 (R) TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: Over a 6-7 day period in March of 1966, Michigan residents from Washtenaw to Hillsdale witnessed a huge UFO flap. Washtenaw County residents Frank Mannor and his son reported to the Sheriff's Department that they had seen a flying saucer land in a nearby swamp. Following the object into the bog, they saw the brightly lit object raise up and move directly over their heads. Soon it disappeared into the night sky. Shortly thereafter, Patrolman Robert Hunawill of the Dexter Village Police saw the same object, or another just like it, hover over his patrol car. Soon it was joined by three other UFOs. There were several photographs taken of the object before the sightings ended; one a classic photo of the UFO sitting on the road. (See photo on left). There were numerous sightings during the Michigan wave of 1966. The case itself is very memorable for another important event that occurred. Project Blue Book sent Dr. J. Allen Hynek to investigate the sighting reports. At first, Hynek agreed that there was something going on in the Michigan skies. But after consulting with the Blue Book headquarters, he changed his mind, and said that the sightings were nothing more than "swamp gas." The case that prompted his conversion occurred in Hillsdale County, Michigan, on March 21, 1966, and involves the photo shown here. At about 10:30 pm a resident of the women's dormitory at Hillsdale College reported a strange object in the sky. County Civil Defense director William E. Van Horn responded and confirmed that a bright glowing object was indeed bouncing across a nearby hollow and then became airborne. Hynek, who died in 1986, dismissed the Hillsdale sighting as "swamp gas." Within two weeks, however, he changed not only his opinion about the sighting, but also sides in the UFO debate. (ufologie.net)     ROARING RIVER, MISSOURI       DATE: November 22, 1966 TAKEN BY: Unknown hunter BACKGROUND: Two hunters on a camping/deer hunting trip were startled to see smoke coming from where they had set up their tents;  when they bolted back to their campsite, they saw their tent and its contents had been burned (L) and the tops of trees broken and badly singed (C); one of them then snapped a picture of an object they saw rising out of a nearby valley and came to within 300 feet of them (R). CALGARY, ALBERTA      DATE: July 3, 1967 TAKEN BY: Warren Smith BACKGROUND:  Dr. J. Allen Hynek stated: "best daylight disc photograph I have personally investigated.";  Smith and two of his friends were returning from a weekend prospecting trip when they spotted the object; Smith grabbed the camera, and took two photos of the object;  it was also stated by the witnesses that the UFO dropped some type of liquid material; the object was about 40-50 feet in diameter. PIGEON LAKE, ALBERTA        DATE: July 3, 1967 TAKEN BY: Douglas Dennis BACKGROUND: Mr. Dennis, fishing at Pigeon Lake, near Buckhorn, Alberta, was amazed by the appearance of a soft, orange colored ball of light in the sky above him. It descended quite low, and Mr. Dennis took his camera and snapped a color picture of the brightly luminous mass hovering in the air. This remarkable night photograph clearly shows a round luminous object directly overhead. Others present observed the object and Mr. Dennis photographing it.  Coincidentally taken the same night in the same province as the photo above it in Calgary. (ufologie.net)     CLUJ, ROMANIA     DATE: August 18, 1968 TAKEN BY: Emil Barnea BACKGROUND: Emil Barnea and his girlfriend Miss Matea walked in the forest with a couple of friends. His friend shouted that she sees "something," and when he joined her he also saw a large round object, of metallic appearance and shining in the sun in the sky above the top of the trees. Amazed, Barnea remembered all the same that he had his camera and while the UFO advanced slowly changing direction and increasing its luminosity, then suddenly accelerating until it disappeared at the horizon. He had time to shoot four photographs. The negative were examined to see whether they were tampered with by a photographer reporter of Cluj, and then by a specialist in photography of the Ager Press agency in Bucharest. Both concluded that there were no trace of any trickery. The film was again examined by a commercial photo laboratory which also considered it perfectly normal, without traces of falsification. Neither Barnea nor his friend Miss Mattea knew much about flying saucers and UFOs, this was only normal since in Romania in 1968, books about UFOs weren't sold. (ufologie.net)   STYRIA, AUSTRIA     DATE: May 23, 1971 TAKEN BY: Rudi Nagora, German musician BACKGROUND: Nagora and his wife were vacationing in Styria and after parking their car for a look around he heard a "whizzing" sound from above him. Looking up, he saw a shiny, disc which was silhouetted against the clouds. After running to tell his wife, he grabbed his camera and took 12 photographs of the object. His photos have been declared legitimate by a host of experts, and they have never been debunked.   FLORADAD, URUGUAY    DATE: July 11, 1971 TAKEN BY: Hector Delgado BACKGROUND: Delgado, a horticulturist, was working in his greenhouse at the rear of his home in Florida, Uruguay. Suddenly, he heard a high pitched humming sound, that increased and decreased in volume and tone over a period of time. He laid down the tools he was using and went to the doorway to look out. He saw, some 200m from his position and no more than 50m above the ground, a silver disc-shaped object moving smoothly, suspended in the air. After a few moments of indecision, Rufino ran to the house to get his camera and raced back, fearing the strange object might leave. "When I took the first photograph the UFO was still moving very slowly toward the south, but I had barely snapped it when the object drastically altered its velocity and trajectory and commenced some climbing maneuvers as it increased its elevation above the ground," declared the witness. (ufologie)   LAGO DE COTE, COSTA RICA    DATE: September 4, 1971 TAKEN BY: Costa Rican government BACKGROUND: The photo above (cropped and enlarged) was taken by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission. This UFO photograph is unique for several reasons. 1) The photograph was taken by a high-quality, professional camera. 2) The unidentified object is plainly visible against the uniformly dark background of the lake and appears in sharp focus. 3) The camera was aimed downward and the plane was flying at a known, fixed altitude (10,000 feet), which makes it easy to calculate a maximum size for the object (683 feet). The plane carried a crew of four; a specialist in aerial photography, a geographer, a topographer, and the pilot. No member of the crew stated that they saw anything unusual during the routine flight. (ufoevidence.com)   LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY      DATE: October 3, 1973 TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: "It was about 2:00 pm I'd guess. I didn't hear anything. I had just seen two chipmunks scampering around the base of a Sycamore tree. Then I looked up and, by God, there it was...this round flying saucer. That's all I know to call it," reported an electronics technician from Louisville. The man took six pictures in all, two of which were blurred because of the object's rapid departure. The pictures and negatives were examined by the COURIER-JOURNAL photo staff, and if the photos were faked, they were fakes of the highest quality. There were no other sightings in this area at this time. (ufoevidence) ONTARIO, CANADA          DATE: 1973 TAKEN BY: Unknown BACKGROUND: The witness took a series of photographs of the object. The circular object is clearly seen moving about a clump of trees. The photos have been deemed authentic by various photographic experts. A good, clear image for the time period. (ufocasefiles) CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN       DATE: June 22, 1976 TAKEN BY: Unknown tourist BACKGROUND: A large unidentified luminous phenomenon was observed throughout the Spanish Canary Islands. Newspaper headlines proclaimed the following day that "thousands of people" had seen a "spectacular  luminous phenomena" which "lasted twenty minutes and was observed from Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera." The most sensational aspect was the experience of a medical doctor and his taxi driver, who reported a transparent sphere with two tall entities inside. The Spanish Air Force assigned an investigative adjutant to review the case: "Then, numerous witnesses belonging to different positions and cultural strata, saw it with similar characteristics in the Grand Canary island. Therefore, the fact that a very strange and peculiar aerial phenomenon occurred on the night of 22 June is a true and proven fact, as incredible as its behavior and conditions may seem." "If we study as a whole the three reports issued up to the present (1/75, 1/76, and 2/76), we should have to think seriously of the necessity of considering the possibility of accepting the hypothesis that a craft of unknown origin, propelled by an equally unknown energy, is moving freely over the skies in the Canaries."