First Investigation          RISEUP was contacted by a personal friend in November of 2008 to gauge our interest in researching and investigating claims of paranormal activity at an historic bed and breakfast in the East Bay of Rhode Island.        RISEUP now becomes the first and only group to be invited into this location for the purpose of a professional paranormal investigation.   Temperature:  38 degrees (outdoors)                       55 degrees (indoors) Weather:  Cloudy RISEUP Investigators present:             Ken DeCosta                                                            David DeCosta                                                               Chris Blanchette                                                         Ryan Lantini                                                               Shayna Drinkuth                                                        David Grady                                                       Jay McCray     Activity       Apparition of a man seen in office; linens and towels moved from bed to floor during a room change; female guest's jewelry moved from a night table to her suitcase overnight; eyeglasses moved from night stand to a dresser top overnight; indentation of a human form on a previously-made bed; figure of a woman appearing in upstairs attic window; two entries in the guestbook from visitors who related having some sort of paranormal experience during their stay - both parties stayed in the same room on different dates.   Orientation      We arrived at the location at around 5 pm and met one of staff who let us in. She and some companions had worked there on staff for a few years and had related many of their experiences to us. This particular woman had gone upstairs into one of the signature bedrooms and left a stack of linens on the bed. As she took some old ones out of the dresser to change them, she turned back to the bed where she left them and saw they were now lying on the hallway floor outside the room. The entire task took less than a minute to finish. On another occasion, she went into the same room one afternoon after tidying up in the morning. She noticed what looked like the imprint of a person lying on the bed she had made previously that day. No one was in the home but her this particular day. So convinced is she that there are spectral presences in the establishment that she now addresses them upon entering.          A woman who had briefly worked there some years ago recounted her brush with the paranormal to us. While straightening up that very same room, she was hit in the head by one of three pillows that adorn the bed (below) while her back was turned to it. This woman, along with three members of the staff would join us on this initial investigation.          One of them related a tale of a couple staying the night in that same room. Turning in that night, the wife took off her jewelry, including a watch, and placed it on the night stand next to the bed. Upon waking the next day, her trinkets were gone. Fearing someone had stolen the articles, she complained to the staff, none of which spend the night at the inn. Puzzled and quite upset, the woman prepared to leave that day and began to pack her suitcase. Inside, she found all her jewelry had been placed there in a side pocket.        Another staff member related perhaps the most frightening occurrence to us. While organizing the main office one day, she turned around and came face to face with the apparition of man standing there. She could make out only the head and shoulders of the man who looked at her with a blank stare. She could give us no more details than that as she ran out of the building and locked herself in her car in the driveway. She would not return to the house until she contacted the manager on her cell phone to meet her there. To this day, she steadfastly refuses to enter the house alone.   Investigation   PART ONE OF THE BRADFORD HOUSE VIDEO                                                                               PART TWO OF THE BRADFORD HOUSE VIDEO                                                                            PART THREE OF THE BRADFORD HOUSE VIDEO         Investigation        The attic has been a particularly foreboding location within the house, which in view of its current state as primarily an area of storage, is not surprising. There have however been accounts of the figure of a woman who has been viewed in one of the windows by the property caretaker. It was quite common practice that servants were housed in the upper regions of homes in this era so the question becomes: who might this woman be and what purpose did she have in this place?        Ken, Jay and Ryan (with camera, below left) were dispensed to the attic area accompanied by the eldest daughter who had met them there. The attic over the years has been sectioned off into smaller areas for storage and belies the grace, beauty and charm of the lower floors. Stationary IRs were set up and the entire vigil was documented on IR handheld camera. Attempts were then made to contact any presence that remains there through audible or visual means. A window was found partially opened (below right) therefore eliminating any impressions of cold spots and introducing traffic noise to the digital recordings that would follow. These circumstances were noted. Upon review of the evidence, a particular line of questioning requesting an introduction yielded an interesting response caught on digital recorder. It appears to be the voice of a male and is inquiring as to our intent of our presence in this dwelling. It falls within the parameters we set in distinguishing ELF (Extreme Low-Frequency) noise from that which is audibly discernable. We classify this anomalous voice as such because it displays clear vocal characteristics. Here is exactly what what we heard on playback:   "What is this?" (0:10)   Voice - isolated          One other interesting anomaly caught on the recorder was at the end of the session when the question "Would you like us to leave you alone?" was asked. Caught on tape was another ELF sound displaying vocal characteristics, but this time the response was curt and confrontational. This is what was recorded:     "I curse at you" (0:09)   Voice isolated                IR stationeries were set up in the bedroom which was reported to be the most active. This is the room in which guests had their jewelry removed from nightstands and stacked linens were moved from the bed and placed on the floor. It is also where a staff member had a pillow thrown at her by an unseen force. David DeCosta, Dave Grady and Shayna Drinkuth were the first inside the room and spent an extended session there. Another group would enter the room an hour later and then a third - in no session was anything unusual recorded or experienced there.            EVP work was performed and trigger objects were placed on night stands in that room and the adjoining bedroom (pictured above). All objects were recorded throughout the night. Neither experiment yielded positive results. One interesting occurrence was the swaying of a hanging light inside that room while investigators were inside. While initially compelling, there are too many extenuating circumstances that might factor in to this happening such as air flow or possible vibrations from investigators walking in the attic above.          The final piece of evidence captured was the most sensational we would encounter this night. A vigil was conducted downstairs in the basement. Present were Chris, Dave G., Shayna, Ryan, the youngest daughter of the manager and the woman who had previously had the pillow thrown at her in the upstairs bedroom. It was thought their presence might stir some activity, so they were allowed along on this final experiment.          Whether seated on the floor or standing up, all investigators and observers were faced in a small circle in one part of the basement. Dave G., asked about the possibility of a Native American presence there. (Note: the location is steeped in Wampanoag tribe history as well its ties to the Revolutionary War effort.)          When Chris asks for some sign of a presence there a few moments pass before a trash can - placed in the center of the room and located directly behind the investigators - moved on its own a distance of about a foot. This was heard by all and actually seen by two of the investigators (Chris and Dave G.). By sheer bad chance, the IR handheld was pointed away from the can at that moment, so no video documentation of this bizarre event was captured. However, the clear sound of the can moving and the surprised reaction of one of the observers was caught on digital tape. There is also an unusual sound at the 0:11 mark that puzzles us, but sounds very short and guttural. Here's what we heard:     Inanimate object moves on its own           While this was going on, a team of Ken, Shayna and Jay made a sweep of the remainder of the upstairs guest rooms, one of which was occupied by separate parties who logged their comments about some type of paranormal experience into the guestbook. No audio, video or photographic evidence was attained during this abbreviated walk- through.     Conclusion   Sounds of anomalous voices aside (and some are quite compelling), the incident with the trash can downstairs provided a startling confirmation that the staff at this lovely bed & breakfast makes some very legitimate claims and are to be taken seriously. For those who witnessed this event it served to reinforce their beliefs that there are indeed certain events that cannot be readily explained by natural or strictly scientific means although we will always endeavor to do so.          In terms of the voices we captured on tape, these are to be labeled as anomalous, meaning they are simply not consistent with normal expectations. Are they the voices of discarnate spirits who once roamed the house? No one can be certain without further study and more compelling evidence, but we have already been extended an invitation to return in a weeks' time and we will do so enthusiastically and with great interest in furthering our investigation into this most undeniably intriguing location.