Investigation 2               This is the follow-up investigation that was conducted exactly one week later. Temperature:  34 degrees (outdoors)                          55 degrees (indoors) Weather:  Clear RISEUP Investigators present:               Ken DeCosta                                                              David DeCosta                                                                 Chris Blanchette                                                           Ryan Lantini                                                                  Shayna Drinkuth                                                           David Grady                                                         Jay McCray     Activity      Apparition of a man seen in office; linens and towels moved from bed to floor during a room change; female guest's jewelry moved from a night table to her suitcase overnight; eyeglasses moved from night stand to a dresser top overnight; indentation of a human form on a previously-made bed; figure of a woman appearing in upstairs attic window; two entries in the guestbook from visitors who related having some sort of paranormal experience during their stay - both parties stayed in the same room on different dates.   Orientation      We returned to the historic inn and went about our business of setting up various experiments along with the equipment we would use on this investigation. We planned to re- visit all areas of reported activity in the hopes we could build upon the audio evidence gathered in the initial visit. One area of particular interest would be the remaining upstairs bedrooms which had not been given a thorough investigation on our first go-round.        Of particular interest would be what is known as the "Yellow Room." - the only room in the house furnished with twin beds. Previously, two women had stayed at the inn and had written in the guestbook that their stay had been "Wonderful - Ghosts and All!!" with an accompanying smiley face. This would seem to corroborate an earlier visit by guests who had reported paranormal activity in that same room.        The first stop however, would be the basement area, where investigators had seen and heard - but unfortunately not been able to videotape - a trash can in the middle of the floor that moved without any means of transport. It was determined that this spot obviously would be a focal point of our return investigation as we would attempt to recreate the phenomena that occurred there previously and attempt to make contact with whatever or whomever inhabited that area of the house. Investigation        The investigation began at 7:45 p.m.        The team was split up into three groups with Ken, Chris and all three of the manager's daughters (one of which would be joining us for the first time) returning to the attic area where anomalous voices were recorded on the previous investigation. David and Shayna would take the second floor guest room area and Ryan and Jay would head down to the basement to attempt contact with the entity responsible for moving the trash can across the floor while investigators looked on. Dave Grady would assume first watch on the video monitors downstairs in the kitchen area.        In the attic, a stationary IR camera was set up at one end of the to record the session (pictured below). An EVP session was conducted with particular attention paid to the history of the home and the potential for contact with a domestic that (as was usually the case with servants in that era) was boarded in the attic area. Nothing unusual was detected during this vigil on video, audio or in photographs taken at that time        David and Shayna canvassed the guest rooms in search of some validation of the claims that objects on nightstands and the beds have been manipulated. A trigger object was set up in one of the bedrooms on a night table and would be filmed over the course of the evening with no one allowed to enter that particular room under any circumstances. One of our newest devices - the TriField Natural EMF Meter - would be employed in their session to be used in conjunction with the KII meter and a digital recorder in an attempt to corroborate evidence.        Meanwhile in the basement, Jay and Ryan worked diligently to arouse the interest of whatever entity might be located there with a host of questions designed to alternately enliven and annoy their target.        On the surface, none of the sessions seemed to yield any immediate results pending the total evidence review that would follow.        As the groups switched up personnel and areas, the women were brought along with us in an attempt to perhaps "stir up" some activity. It was felt that their presence might entice any entities present to make themselves known to those whom they had done so on multiple occasions. Two areas covered more thoroughly were the downstairs library (left) and music rooms (right).               It should be noted that there were other personal experiences in the basement that, while not on the level of object manipulation, certainly piqued our interest. One was the insistence of Shayna and another woman that they heard a distinct "rattling" sound on an EVP session there with Ken and Ryan present. They described this sound as "something similar to a rattlesnake". Interestingly, both were clearly unsettled by what they both heard in the same area of the basement. Unfortunately, no audible sound resembling this was caught on digital recorder.          The other incident involved Ryan who - following Ken's lead into a small area off the main part of the basement - felt a well-defined cold spot which he then followed into the small cubbyhole. It was then he attempted communication and in so doing at one point offered his hand to whomever wished to make physical contact with him. He reported feeling that in fact his hand was being touched for a prolonged period of time.   Ryan recounting his personal experience          By far, the most extraordinary event that took place on this night and one that ranks among the most compelling evidence of the paranormal we have experienced to date took place in the aforementioned "yellow room" on the second floor. Ken, Shayna and all three women were seated at various areas around the room conducting an EVP session. Ken was doing the questioning while Shayna trained her camcorder on the KII meter which was perched on a fireplace mantle inside the room. It was hoped that an intelligent response or an environmental change might register on the meter and could be captured on video.          At around or about the 20-minute mark in the session, a bright, narrow ribbon of brilliant white light was observed traveling from the door leading into the room from the hallway. It shot rapidly in a straight line about a foot away from the wall and 6 inches from the ceiling. This would indicate beyond any doubt it was not a reflection of any kind as it was travelling in mid-air and did not pass by any reflective surfaces. The ribbon of light then moved erratically in a kind of rapid zig-zagging motion and then vanished in a flash of white light. All four people in the room saw this simultaneously for varying degrees of time depending on where they were seated. Ken and one female observer saw the trail for 3/4 of its total movement. The other female observer saw its entire movement as she was seated facing that wall. By contrast, Shayna saw only its final erratic motion before the flash as her camera was trained on the KII meter directly ahead of her. The resulting flash did not show itself upon review of the videotape, despite our fondest hopes.          Even more surprisingly, David Grady and Ryan Lantini were in the music room downstairs in which one window of the yellow room could be seen clearly from his vantage point - sitting on a chair near the double French doors that lead out onto the terrace. He reported to us that he clearly saw the flash from his position, but dismissed it as Shayna snapping pictures as she had done extensively through the investigation.          Great lengths were taken to find an explanation for what we had observed. Our first inclination was to turn to the possibility of an insect like a lightning bug. Being as this was March and the trail was obviously too long, this quickly was dismissed. A check of lightning strike data showed none in the state of RI, nor were atmospheric conditions conducive to such activity. Electricians that were consulted could not reasonably explain what it might have been from their professional perspective. We are left with the conclusion that something very strange and anomalous was witnessed by four people simultaneously inside that room on this night.   Audio recording of the incident (2:00 clip)     Conclusion         Based on the personal experiences and audio evidence we collected, we are more than convinced that the claims of staff and guests alike deserve merit. While we did not experience apparitions, thrown objects or teleportation of items left as trigger objects, the team as a whole feels that the spirit or energy that remains in this beautiful colonial treasure does on occasion make itself known to those who venture inside. Should fortune smile upon us, we would welcome a return to this glorious reminder of our storied and historic past.