wo RISEUP investigators, Julie DeMay and Marlaina Gaboriault, journeyed to this 18th century B&B for reasons that were two-fold. To enjoy the pleasant ambiance of the inn and surrounding countryside and to explore the claims of paranormal activity related to it.   RISEUP Investigators Present:       Julie DeMay                                                   Marlaina Gaboriault         Geographical and Historical Data      Captain Grant’s Inn was originally built by Captain William Gonzales Grant in 1754 for his wife Mercy Adelaide Avery.  Grant died at sea, while Mercy lived into her 80's and the home continued to house three generations of the Grant Family. During the Revolutionary War, soldiers used the home as a Garrison, and during the Civil War, the home protected runaway slaves. A major restoration took place from 1994 through 1996. It features wide-board hardwood floors, 253-year-old hand-hewn beams and an authentically rebuilt seven-foot-wide staircase. The original banister and balusters had been kept in oak barrels for over a hundred years until the restoration commenced.                        A cemetery resides beyond the field in the back yard of the property.  It is the oldest cemetery in the town of Preston and has approximately seven nine inhabitants.  According to Carol, some of these head stones date back to the late 1600s when the town was founded.  The cemetery had been cleared by the Boy Scouts two years ago then Home Depot provided the donation this past year to stop the overgrowth but it was unsuccessful.   Phenomena      The Adelaide Room (below) is the main hotspot for paranormal activity. A guest claims to have awakened in the middle of the night to see a woman dressed in Colonial-era garb standing next to her bed holding hands with two small children. There have also been claims of the TV turning itself on and off and the shower curtain being knocked to the floor.             Some visitors have reported hearing random knockings and seeing unusual shapes.       One guest described the sensation of having her face caressed by invisible hands.       Another guest reported the shadowy figure of a young child literally passing through her.       Phantom footsteps have been heard in the attic.       The sound of someone tapping on glasses has often been reported with no one inside the inn responsible. Orientation       We arrived at 2:30 pm and were graciously received by Ted and his wife Carol.  While Carol had to leave us to tend to the inn, Ted helped us bring our bags to the Adelaide Room.  This room was chosen due to the high number of paranormal claims.       Before heading out to dinner, Julie did a walkthrough of the house and video recorded each of the bedrooms.                       Since we did not have much time discussing the paranormal claims with Carol, she was able to provide a list of entities she believes still reside in the house. She stated this number has increased to fourteen and she was able to provide details of several of these entities:  Deborah Adams – 5 years old Daniel Whipple – man in attic Mercy – wife of Captain Grant Liam – gay male Names unknown – dark skinned mother and daughter Child – pushed down the stairs and died  The conditions for the paranormal investigation were “ideal”.  With it being Super Bowl Sunday, there was little traffic outside and the chilly weather (21 degrees) removed the possibility of people making noise outside. The owners live in another house on the five-acre property and the other guests did not arrive until very late that evening. The investigators had the entire house to themselves.   Investigation         Unlike many investigations, this particular one started shortly after our arrival.  An audible sound was recorded at 0:14 while Julie was walking down the grand stairway. This was the first example of anomalous sounds often heard inside the house. Without making a claim the noise is paranormal in nature, it is at least one example of what people reportedly are hearing on a consistent basis.            After a brief walk to the cemetery, Julie returned from the cold outside to the warmth of the Reading Room.  She read guest accounts in the Guest Log book from the Adelaide Room.  Several accounts were of hearing footsteps in the attic while other guests have heard the voice of a small girl.  Several of them report hearing the patter of glass which could have originated from the sherry decanter or glasses in the bedroom or bathroom.            When she returned to the room to get ready for dinner, Marlaina stated she had heard scratching coming from the bedroom window that overlooks the side porch. Julie looked outside and did not see anything. Before they left the room, Julie set up the camcorder to cover as much of the room as possible. With the claims of the glasses being touched and activity in the bathroom, the focus was towards the bathroom area. Scrabble letters were scattered on the coffee table as a trigger object with instructions and permission given to manipulate them - if possible - in the hopes that someone would confirm the correct spelling of a name or leave a message. Our invitation was not taken advantage of, but it was a good "outside the box" experiment that bears repeating when the opportunity provides itself.                   Motion detectors were placed near the bed and in the bathroom. The camera ran for approximately 90 minutes in an unoccupied building.         While the investigators were at dinner, several odd noises were captured in the empty house.  The first one was captured at 5:52 pm.  It sounds faintly like a door opens at 0:08 then footsteps are clearly heard at 0:25. The emphasis remains on the fact the house was unoccupied in this time frame.                 Before retiring early for the night, the investigators positioned video and recording equipment around the room and ran it throughout the night.  This included EMF meters, motion detectors, voice recorders, and a camcorder. At 9:49 p.m. a voice was recorded. It appears to be that of a small child, perhaps trying to get the attention of the two "guests" as they sleep. On the surface, this would seem to run consistent with the claims of others that a little girl's voice sometimes is overheard in the Adelaide Room.            Sound clip - isolated and amplified 2xs         Three minutes later (9:52 p.m.), another young voice is recorded. It is louder and clearer, but there remains some question as to what word is spoken. Our best guess is "what?" This is remarkable in lieu of the fact that two adult women are in the house quite alone and in the same room. At this point we begin to believe that the reports of hearing a little girl inside this room may indeed be credible.            In looking at a vocal comparison of the three voices and their tone and tenor, here is an example of Julie, Marlaina and the voice we recorded.            At 10:40 p.m. a couple arrived that had also made reservations. Their entrance into the inn and their movements up the stairs and through the hallway are quite easily discernible and appear clearly on the recordings. They were courteous insomuch as they entered as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the other guests (in this case, just Julie and Marlaina). However, as they made their way past the investigator's room a voice was recorded that seemed to welcome them to the inn. This voice falls well within the range of low-frequency as did the other recordings from inside the room. After some analysis and in light of a conversation held over breakfast with the guests the following morning, we feel this warranted an inclusion in possible evidence of the little girl's presence in the room.        There were a series of knocks and bangs recorded throughout the night. Perhaps some of them might support the claims of banging on the front door or of footsteps in the attic or throughout the home, but they just as easily might be the common sounds of an old house during the winter months. While interesting, they can just as easily be misinterpreted as something out of the ordinary.      Marlaina Gaborault also reported hearing her name whispered in her ear while in bed and immediately felt a sensation on her back as if some one or some thing had made contact with her. This did not repeat itself at any point. Conclusion      We are left with the typical paranormal conundrum - what is real and what is misidentified. Sounds throughout the night - with the exception of the heel-to-toe sound of footsteps we recorded in an empty house - tend to raise more questions than provide answers so these must be attributed to common cause until proven otherwise.      The audio recordings are a different matter. We try to maintain a healthy balance between objectivity and our own invested curiosity. In this case, while the women slept, was it possible that nocturnal breathing sounds might be mistaken for anomalous voices? Especially when listening to compressed digital recordings? It would be less than professional or diligent to ever rule out that possibility when analyzing data of this nature and under those circumstances, but we ultimately retain some level of confidence that this was not the case and the audio brought to us is reasonably compelling as it appears to support prior claims by those who have stayed as guests in the inn.      More importantly, the documentation was done in an environment where control was available and exercized properly. Recording devices ran all night with no one else present and when the human element was introduced it was recorded, evaluated and considered in every instance. This smaller two-person team was exactly what was needed in an environment of this nature. Should we return with a larger sample of equipment, "smaller is better" should still be a strong consideration.      On the surface, it certainly appears that Captain Grant's Inn provides an interesting study for the casual paranormal enthusiast, the curious, or the serious investigator.