Temperature: 65 degrees at arrival                      51 degrees ambient temperature at start of investigation   RISEUP investigators present:   Kenneth DeCosta                                                 David DeCosta                                              Ryan Lantini                                                               Christopher Blanchette     Geographic and Historical Data        “Cemetery X” is a pseudonym for the actual name of this cemetery, said to be one of the most haunted on Cape Cod. The location and real name are being withheld to discourage any excessive visitation by thrill-seekers or irresponsible parties who might otherwise engage in activities both damaging and disrespectful to those souls buried there or violate any ordinance governing visitation that may be in effect. The oldest gravesite (below) at “X” dates back to 1676.                                                                                                    In 1643 all towns on Cape Cod were alerted that hostilities between non-local settlers and the Native American population were escalating. All townships were strongly urged to construct strongholds in their respective towns, so this was done on this site with a fort built adjacent to the town’s first meeting house, which was located at the center of the cemetery. Despite the existing tensions, records indicate no acts of war followed.         The property covers over 21 acres and is considered a “garden-style” cemetery. These types were constructed as a means of disarming one’s natural tendency to feel that cemeteries were something to be dreaded or forbidding. In fact, the manicured landscape and neat, well-trimmed hedges were designed to encourage people to stroll or picnic on the grounds in a peaceful, attractive setting. Burials continue here to the present day and the property still remains a serene, lovely place to visit and is well-maintained by the town.   Activity        A woman described in “old hag” terms is said to wander specific areas of the cemetery - at times keeping pace with visitors who walk the grounds - sometimes appearing next to them. The bulk of the sightings - including shadow figures - are said to occur on the main path of the cemetery (below).                                                                                           Lights are said to materialize and dart around the cemetery.        Apparitions are reported to have appeared at a certain location within the grounds – near a certain cluster of gravestones at the southeastern area.        An inhuman entity or “elemental” has been sensed in a wooded area in the southwest section of the cemetery by renowned demonologist John Zaffis. Foul smells have accompanied its perceived presence and he has surmised there may be “unfinished business” between this entity and someone buried on the grounds. A member of CAIPRS was said to have experienced the feeling of being “pulled toward” the woods during an investigation and had to be restrained by fellow members. The negative feelings in some are so great that the area is avoided at all times.   Orientation        RISEUP had visited the location previously with local paranormal group CAIPRS (Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society). Our hosts were CAIPRS Founder Derek Bartlett and their Director of Ghosts and Hauntings Deborah Ahern.        On this night we joined Ms. Ahern and some of her investigators who were at the cemetery on a training exercise with a new member of the group. While a large part of our reason for coming was to renew acquaintances with our affiliate group and good friends, we stated our intent to keep a wide berth from their business to allow as much control over our preliminary investigation as possible and to allow their training session to go on without our interference.        On our initial walk-through to re-familiarize ourselves with the layout, we approached the wooded area and decided to venture into it while the CAIPRS team set up their cameras for their vigil to be held later that night. Ken and Chris entered on one side with Dave and Ryan taking the other, with about 40-50 yards between groups.        The wooded area begins on the edge of the cemetery on the other side of a gravel road (below)                                                                                              and we continued in about 100 yards until we came out the other side in a housing development. In fact, Chris and Ken stumbled upon a neighbor’s backyard as they came out the other side. We noted that voices from adjacent houses seemed to carry quite well through the woods and could be a cause of misidentification, especially in summer months, when people are more prone to be outdoors later in the evening. EMF readings were completely flat in the area with no power lines present. There were also a couple of fairly long and deep man-made drainage trenches dug no doubt to relieve any runoff of water from the gravel road.        We noticed that there were fairly large piles of grass clippings that were dumped at the edge of the woods by town maintenance crews. The rotting clippings will give off a strong odor as they began the degradation process, particularly in warmer weather. We took some photos and returned to our vehicle to gear up for the rest of the evening vigil.                                                                                               Investigation        At 7:00 p.m. Ken and Chris set a stationary camera on the intersection of the main path (below) where the old woman has been seen and set off on a night time tour of the cemetery roads and paths paying particular attention to the spot where the shadowy figure has appeared. After approximately 1 hr. they returned to check on the camera and returned to their walking journey around the cemetery. The vigil ended back at the camera for a brief EVP session. Nothing out of the ordinary is spotted during this extended walk-around either visually or on the EMF meter.                                                                                 It is noted that despite the relative lateness of the hour, there are people seen taking leisurely walks through the cemetery. Being October and a very nice Fall evening, it is not hard to imagine many more residents engaging in this activity in the Summer months.        Dave and Ryan began a vigil at the site of the tombstones where much activity has been reported at 7:11 p.m. (below). They focused their attention on a wrought-iron enclosed family plot at the southeast part of the cemetery. An unexplained light was noticed in the distance, but a quick check of the area revealed a flashlight belonging to a CAIPRS member was the cause. Temperature readings are taken – 51 degrees.                                                                                   At 7:15 a shadow was spotted momentarily blocking out the light of a neighboring home. It is noted that no definitive cause for this was found but the distinct probability exists that someone in the yard itself might have walked past the light. The property was approximately 200 yards from the experiment. The distance of the shadow in relation to the investigators was difficult to determine.        At 7:21 Ryan experiences a cold spot on the left side of his body. Temperature readings indicate that it is at this point 57 degrees (up 6 degrees in 10 minutes) in his immediate area. Despite the slight rise in temperature, Ryan maintains the cold spot remains. While this is noted, there is no conclusion of anything anomalous. The temperature eventually returns to 50-51 degrees and holds there.        While doing an EVP session in that area, Dave and Ryan simultaneously hear what sounds like a little girl laughing northwest of their location. They are quite certain at this point that no other investigators from either group or any resident foot traffic is in the area. The time is 7:30.        At 7:38, after ending their vigil and returning to the vehicle, Dave and Ryan hear something like scuffling footsteps near a tombstone they have passed. Stopping to check, they find nothing and continue heading toward the car. It is then they distinctly hear what sounds like footsteps following them. A decision is made to stagger their steps in short bursts to determine if they are indeed being followed. The sounds did not repeat at that point.                                                                                                          Ken and Chris have taken up the vigil at the family plot at 7:51 p.m. The KII meter and digital recorder are used simultaneously to detect any fluctuations in magnetic fields or record any anomalous voices. For some reason, there are now fireworks going off in the distance disrupting the session and as nothing unusual occurs during the abbreviated session held there, the vigil is terminated. Dave and Ryan return to the area for another short EVP session as noise diminishes, and while nothing noteworthy occurs, the sounds of dogs howling nearby commences.        The team gathers to do a group walk-through of the entire grounds at 8:45. It is noted by all at this time that the atmosphere seems to be one of peace and serenity and the cemetery, at least on this night, accomplishes what its designers intended.        RISEUP and CAIPRS members then meet up and have a chance to catch up and exchange pleasantries. It is always nice to see Deb Ahern whenever we can and we appreciate her inviting us down. A few pictures are taken before we return to the most notorious of places in the cemetery – the wooded area – for our final collective session.                            Chris, David and Ryan at crypt                                      Justin Smith of CAIPRS          The group finishes the evening at the wooded area. Discretion is used in terms of entering the area this time as the combination of extreme darkness and uneven terrain limits the group’s ability to navigate inside. An EMF/EVP session is conducted and a more forceful questioning technique is used in an attempt to elicit some audible or visual response.        Again the sound of dogs howling from nearby homes fills the area, possibly disturbed by our voices and presence there. There are certain canine sounds mixed in with the more domestic-sounding that might signal the presence of coyotes as well. Some in the CAIPRS group confirm this later on. The investigation ends at 9:45 and we embark for the long ride home.   Evidence Review        There were not any anomalous activities caught either on film or digital recorder. The only personal experiences of note were those of David and Ryan at the site of the family plot. While these were noteworthy at the time of occurrence, there is no lack of rational explanations for the voices, temperature fluctuations or perceived footsteps.   Conclusion        Much of the phenomena that has occurred in this location has been witnessed by the trained, seasoned investigators of CAIPRS who are not prone to misidentification or flights of fancy. Therefore, despite the lack of experiences and evidence gathered by RISEUP, the claims of paranormal activity must be taken with some merit. It is also noted that our stay was relatively brief and therefore any observations made cannot be taken as the final word on the location.         Based on their own experiences and the many hours they have spent there, the investigators from CAIPRS maintain a certain reverence and healthy respect for the location.        The wooded area in particular is interesting. While we have suggested some reasonable alternatives for what has been experienced there, the fact remains that until that time comes when someone actually enters the wooded area at night with the proper lighting and caution in order to make a definitive statement, the reports will remain compelling. Especially those coming from the aforementioned demonologist, who made the most vivid of claims to date.        We were somewhat surprised in light of the claims we received that our night there evolved into one of calm and peace on a beautiful Fall evening. It is easy to imagine however, that thrill-seekers listening to the many claims of paranormal activity would tend to become a bit jumpy when entering the cemetery at night. It is a rather good-sized area with many dark corners that can stimulate the imagination of anyone intent on "seeing" something.        As we cannot ever make a definitive statement based on a short investigative sample, it remains without saying that we look forward to our next trip – and a longer stay - at Cemetery X.