RISEUP made arrangements through the Tiverton Historical Society to gain access to one of its most celebrated local landmarks, The Chase-Cory House. In presenting our case, the mission as it were would be two-fold: to investigate and document any possible paranormal activity in the former home and; to bring more public awareness of this vital and significant throwback to the Colonial era.      On this particular night, we would bring some members into the home that had not previously had the opportunity to investigate there. Everyone was now aware of the phenomena we'd experienced there and was anxious to venture inside for themselves.      A new investigator, Julia DeMay, had joined the group a short time earlier and would be part of the team this time. Joining us for the first time would be our good friends and former clients Wendy Thatcher and Nancy LaVena, who have had a long-standing interest in all things paranormal.     RISEUP Investigators Present:         Ken DeCosta                                                          Chris Blanchette                                                                                  Julie DeMay                                                                                                                                                                  Geographical and Historical Data        Data can be found in case file of previous investigation here:       Orientation         Our eyes had been opened to the notion that a residual energy might be running through the home. The "spoon incident" opened a new door however and we would remain vigilant and open to real possibility that at least one entity here may have the ability to connect and manipulate objects. We arrived, set up and disbursed through the house.      We would employ a high-definition video camera this time around that would follow the group and give us further documentation of the investigation.      We had used a KII meter in our two earlier visits there with no positive results save for two brief positive responses in the first floor bedroom. Nothing definitive could really be taken away from this, and the KII tends to be misused and misidentified as "the Ouija Board of the new millennium", but with some fascinating results during our Belcourt Castle events, we were at least a bit more curious to see what the device might be capable of doing.   Investigation      The first stop was the small room just off the kitchen which contains a cradle and a small bed. This room was primarily used by the sick or a new mother because of its close proximity to food and warmth.      For this experiment, we would use two KIIs to evaluate the feasibility of any positive results and how each would be affected. They have different on/off mechanisms and are not the same model. There is no electricity in this room, so detecting an outside circuit would not really be an option for lighting the meter up.      While in this room, Nancy, Wendy and Julie watched as one of the KIIs illuminated seemingly in response to questioning. In a very good show of pragmatism, and before anyone got carried away, they went one step further to try and establish a source of natural energy that might explain why it was electricity and not the supernatural that triggered the device.      While in the bedroom, a thump was heard coming from the chest that sits on the floor. This sound did not repeat at any point in the night.      There were a series of KII hits in the living room, one sequence featured the name 'Mary" as the common catalyst. Mary would be Edward Cory's wife, so this was interesting, but hardly irrefutable evidence of her presence.      The evening's highlight came when a sound was heard by the investigators, who at this point were all gathered in then living room. There is some discrepancy as to where exactly the sound originated, but the majority of those present insist it came from the kitchen area, as though something metallic had fallen to the wooden floor. A sound was heard, of that there is no doubt, but the source still remains a mystery. Here is a video from our hand held that illustrates what happened:             As one can see, there are two issues at work here: one is the sound of an object that almost everyone agrees came from the kitchen and the other is the sound of a door latch that Ken hears coming from the bedroom. Chris finds a shard of an antique dish on the floor that we all watched him put away when we arrived. He had a multitude of them placed on the table in front of the fireplace and was simply sorting through them before everyone got there. (Note: by this point in time, Chris and his fiancée had decided to rent the second floor apartment which had become vacant over the summer months.) He was doing this as part of his on-going research of the home and its artifacts in conjunction with the Tiverton Historical Society. The shards are normally in a closed display case (below) in the entry way that also serves as our base when we set IR static cameras up. It is also where we first saw the spoon which later appeared mysteriously under a folding chair in the kitchen.          Naturally, we immediately wondered if we were being treated to another display of object manipulation emanating from the same room. The question then would be: was the shard already there when we heard the sound? This may have proven difficult if not for one piece of video shot randomly earlier in the night. Julie had been documenting the site as is our normal custom and was panning through the kitchen when she caught what appears to the the shard exactly where it was found later (below).        Although we could not adequately determine where the sound came from or what may have fallen to the floor, , we turned our attention to the door latch. Could this be what everyone heard and was Ken perhaps mistaken as to where the sound came from? The problem was the sound we heard had a rumble at the end as if something was dropped and then bounced - this was not quite the sound the door latch made when we tried it later. Whatever was dropped also sounded much heavier than a small shard from a dish. A thorough check of the entire house showed nothing on the floor anywhere and our equipment was still in its cases with nothing missing or out of place.      Regardless, something fell or moved with velocity and made a significant sound when it hit the floor. What exactly that object was remains unexplained.   Conclusion      The Chase-Cory House continues to offer us an interesting and enjoyable location for paranormal study. On this particular night we had the opportunity to step back and decipher possible natural causes for certain odd occurrences with a great degree of success. This bodes well as we move forward because it displays our willingness to put aside any desire to place supernatural activity ahead of rational reasoning.      We can still point to some experiences as puzzling, such as the dish shard episode, where even though we appear to have found the cause of the sound, it doesn't fully match up with what we heard. If not, then we are still left to ponder what caused the noise from the kitchen as nothing was found out of place.      We were also happy to share the home with some of our friends who had expressed a desire to come out with us for a night of investigation. The Cory House is perfect for these types of situations.      We look forward to returning and continuing our efforts here.