RISEUP made arrangements through the Tiverton Historical Society to gain access to one of its most celebrated local landmarks, The Chase-Cory House. In presenting our case, the mission as it were would be two-fold: to investigate and document any possible paranormal activity in the former home and; to bring more public awareness of this vital and significant throwback to the Colonial era.      On our first visit, we captured two interesting examples of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and saw the results of what we believe to be the apportation of an object (a spoon) from one room to another.      This would be our first follow-up investigation of the home.   RISEUP Investigators Present:       Ken DeCosta                                                     Dave DeCosta                                                         Chris Blanchette                                                                                Dan Snizek                                                                                                                Geographical and Historical Data        Data can be found in case file of previous investigation here:       Orientation         We returned with a smaller group this time around to limit even further any possibility of cross- contamination and to minimize the unfortunate situation that plagued us on our first visit when the possible video capture of the apportation of a solid object was obscured by the movements of the investigators present.      Extra time would be spent inside the first-floor bedroom where we recorded two clear but indiscernible voices that were not audible at that point in time. Both were of an adult woman with no female investigators present.      Static cameras again would be set up in each of four rooms (kitchen, bedroom, top; living room, pantry, below).               The base again would be set up in a smaller entry area off the kitchen. Remote audio would again be used to capture any audio phenomena in real-time. In each room there would only be one investigator present with the fourth monitoring the session at the base (below).     Investigation      As the four investigators made their way through the house, it was also a perfect situation to explore some of the artifacts the museum has to offer. One such discovery was of some antique clothing wrapped in a newspaper for safe keeping. This one such newspaper we found: New York Daily Tribune, April 28, 1856.        With a full working knowledge of all the former occupants of the home, we attempted to make some type of contact to establish whether there might be a conscious energy within the building. Various patriarchs and matriarchs were called upon to respond to our queries. Initially, we felt if there was indeed some level of activity here, it probably was of the residual variety. The EVPs recorded on our first visit strengthened that view, but our incident with the spoon on our prior visit forced us at least consider an intelligent and very strong presence.      With Ken inside the first floor bedroom, Chris in the kitchen and Dave in the living room, it was Dan watching our monitor while listening to remote audio who made a startling discovery. As Ken was above to leave the bedroom, he stopped briefly to clean the eyeglasses he was wearing in the light coming from a small plaza across the street (below). The remote audio microphone had been placed on the bed to try to capture the same voice we recorded there on the previous investigation.                  As all were about to regroup, Dan asked Chris from our base if anyone had just whispered something as he heard something very clearly on the headphones. Ken replied he had not said anything as he was standing in the doorway in plain sight of the others finishing his glass cleaning task and listening to Dave and Chris in the kitchen who were having a conversation just a few feet away. Dan then told everyone he had clearly heard the words, "Oh My God" in a very clear whisper.      The advantage of running the remote audio beyond the extra coverage you get is you can hear anything anomalous in real time and mark the audio for instant replay. We did so immediately and quickly realized Dan had not been mistaken. This is what Dan heard while his team members were conversing outside the bedroom: "Oh My God" @ 0:13 Repeat - Isolated      There was little to no doubt that the voice did not originate from Ken or anyone else present, but if it could be heard over the headphones, then why not audibly by Ken who was standing not 3 feet from the mic? Had we captured a classic EVP in real time or was it something anomalous simply not heard. In trying to determine that, we decided Ken would listen to the whisper, its cadence, tenor and tone and try as best he could to recreate the same sound. The idea was two-fold: one to absolutely eliminate the closest member of the team to the mic as the author of the whisper and to determine the sound level and whether or not it should have been possible to hear it. Hear is the clip of that session: Remote Audio Test       The voice levels were compared side by side and to accomplish the same level in which the voice appeared, the whisper had to be at a volume which would no doubt have been heard by someone. The most crucial part of this was in analyzing the whisper in our sound program it was in the extreme low-frequency range whereas Ken's interpretation was well above.      There were no other experiences or documentation of any note. The investigation ended at midnight.   Conclusion      Like our first visit to this location, we caught an interesting bit of audio to take back with us. As was the case with our "spoon incident", we proactive and creative in our efforts to debunk the whole episode. In part, this is because until we had our own experiences, there were never any claims of unusual activity in the home, at least none that we are aware of.      The whispered voice, at least on the surface, reinforces our belief that the activity here is of a residual nature. Nothing we have heard or witnessed to this point has indicated the presence of a consciousness here with the ability or inclination to reach out to us. This in no way makes the location any less intriguing to us as investigators.      We received some very positive feedback from the Tiverton Historical Society on our efforts here, partly because there is a realization that our motives include further study of the museum's background and history. To that end, it will be Chris Blanchette who will serve as our point man on this endeavor, as his background in archaeology and historical preservation serves as a valuable asset to us and the THS. Chris hopes eventually to write a book on the history of the Chase-Cory House.      We are fortunate to have this home available to us in an unlimited basis at this point in time. We plan to use that time wisely.