RISEUP Investigators present: Ken DeCosta Wendy Thatcher Nancy LaVena Dan Snizek Dave Grady Tom Stewart Julie DeMay Marlaina Gaboriault Shayna Drinkuth We return again to the building visited in July of this year. This time we are in possession of more video equipment in an effort to obtain even better visual documentation of our investigators, the location and potentially some of the claims reported to us via the business owners. Orientation We met with the owners to go over some of the evidence we felt strongly about and they received it much as we did, with a sense of wonder. It also was validating to them in a large sense in that finally some of what they have experienced had been documented. Again, we set up our base on the rear deck outdoors to minimize extraneous sound. Investigation Early in the night, Dan Snizek and Tom Stewart were sent to the second floor to check our camera setup and various recording devices disbursed there. As they came down to join the rest of the group, Dan clearly heard footsteps behind his descending the stairs behind his own. His reaction is captured on video from a still IR camera and on a nearby recorder. The creaking of the steps actually can be heard after he clears the camera. Audio recording of the incident Again, the entire building had unusually high K-II meter readings – verified by 3 different K-II meters and fresh battery changes. However no unusually high EMF readings were detected on Tri-field or digital EMF meter. During one session, Tom and Dave were in the “Snowman Room”. Tom asked the little girl spirit to move the snowman on the hutch next to him. Suddenly the hutch vibrated as if it was being shaken. Tom could feel this from sitting on the floor next to the hutch. It did coincide with a vehicle passing by outside. But it was the only time it was felt despite the many vehicles that passed by during the night. While Julie asked a question while holding the handheld camera, Shayna reported hearing a male voice saying, “I’m here” in the second floor hallway that connects two rooms. She was with Wendy at this time. The voice she hears is quite faint on the handheld’s microphone, but there also is a real possibility of an audible misidentification here. Wendy was on the second floor with Nancy, Tom and Shayna later in the night and began an EVP session that centred around the room which held the Bible that would be found open to varying pages and the coal bucket which had been reportedly slammed off the floor on occasion. Bearing in mind we had already received responses from a child’s voice here, this latest response was consistent with what had been collected already. “No” Later, Wendy, Nancy and Shayna held another session in the same room and tailoring their questions to appeal to a child, Shayna was in the midst of speaking about playing “hide and seek” when a young voice appears underneath her own. We can’t discern what is said, but it is not that of any of the adult females in the room which makes it compelling. Indistinguishable child’s voice after “hide and seek” Investigation ended at 12:15 am Conclusion We seem to have found our way here in terms of whom may still roam the rooms and floors of Grubby Hollow. The child’s voice we have recorded now on multiple occasions is being more recognizable. We will continue to test this and perhaps be able to come with the definitive proof that a child spirit still resides there.