The RISEUP team was put into contact with the owners of this antique curio shop by a member who had visited there and learned of some of the bizarre goings-on at the establishment. It’s owners, while experiencing some rather unsettling occurrences, nonetheless have embraced the unexplainable and welcomed us warmly to perhaps shed some light on their experiences. RISEUP Investigators present: Ken DeCosta Wendy Thatcher Nancy LaVena Dan Snizek Dave Grady Tom Stewart Geographical and Historical Data The building was originally a single family home, built for and by the first Fire Chief of Seekonk, Ma., Nelson Stackpole in 1940. It is located at the intersection of Arcade Ave. and Route 44. The building is located next to a church and was possibly built on church property. Orientation We met with the owners at 6:30 pm and they took us on a tour of the location while relating many of their stories which certainly piques our interest. Many of them bordered on the bizarre. because there is a rear deck attached to the building, it was determined we would set up there outside the building, which has two floors, but is relatively small and has a great deal of merchandise contained within. We also would eliminate and outside human contamination as there would be existing sound challenges already in place with the extremely busy intersection. Phenomena A rather robust woman has been seen on the staircase to the second floor and footsteps resonate from those stairs at semi-regular intervals. An antique coal bucket (below) has been known to lift up and slam off the floor in an upstairs display room. While this has never been witnessed, the sound and source are unmistakable according to the owners. A bible is located in that same room and upon entering for the day, the page has been turned. There has been no prior notice of what page is displayed. The most incredible of the claims centers around a small, white, hand-carved wooden figurine (below on hutch) that is said to be found in various areas in another second floor display room. At one point, the figurine called “the snowman” was found inside a hand-made doll house in that room peering out one of its windows. The sight of a small child has been reported on the premises. Investigation With Dave Grady monitoring the stationary video cameras (second floor “snowman room”, foot of the stairs and the room where the bible and coal bucket have been disturbed, we set about acclimating ourselves to the constant traffic outside and what it sounds like inside. There are reverberations to be sure and radios blaring and conversations heard at red lights certainly might be misinterpreted as voices inside the building as those sounds travel extremely well at this location. Because object manipulation was a prime consideration in the building and with the preponderance of items in the business, some were set up and marked to determine whether any might be displaced over the course of the night. These “trigger objects” were photographed and remained under constant observance. Attempts were made to move certain objects upon request but at no pint were any found to be even slightly disturbed. An EMF and environmental sweep of the location revealed some marginally high geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields present. This can be attributed to the ubiquitous presence of power lines leading to and by the building and the use of electronic equipment in this business-oriented locale. A number of fascinating audio clips resulted from our EVP sessions. We covered all possible combinations of family that had lived there and focused attention on both the woman seen on the stairs and the small child as these were visual phenomena reported to us. The first clip of note came when Tom Stewart was attempting to experiment with a KII meter. We took cautions - as frustrating as it might have been - to ask questions only at intervals where passing vehicles would not interfere with questions or responses. This appears to be the melodic sounds of a woman’s voice and one that is truly odd. Female melodic Voice isolated The next clip during the same session seems to reveal the child we were attempting to interact with. Again, during a KII experiment, Tom requests contact with the device and we record a young voice in response. Consensus among the group is the voice says.... “It’s cold” Voice isolated We stopped to review the recordings and found that particular voice. It was then we decided to pursue contact with the child and the next clip we present here is one of the most amazing examples of an interaction we have had to date. As we thanked the “spirit” for reaching out to us and explained what we were trying to accomplish, it seems she made it clear she understood and confirmed her presence without question. “I’m really here” Voice isolated The investigation ended at 12:45 am Conclusion For the most part, it is always difficult if not totally impossible to draw any conclusions based on a relatively small sample of time spent at any location. Particularly when you hold it up against individuals who have spent years there and experienced what they deem unexplainable circumstances under a host of conditions. With that said, our first visit to the location and the recordings that were generated there prompt us to seek a return engagement to continue research into these claims. While we captured some intriguing audio data, the one particular clip which stated “I’m really here” stands out as a jaw-dropper and game-changer. Certain we did our level best to work around traffic noise and all sorts of potential false positive roadblocks, this one little voice signals the presence of that most elusive of evidence. A true interaction with something or someone unseen.