We were provided with a most welcome opportunity to investigate one of the more legendary and notorious haunted private homes here in Rhode Island because the owner - to our initial surprise - is related to one of our own investigators. The home has previously been investigated by such notables as Ed & Lorraine Warren, John Zaffis, Carl and Keith Johnson and was featured in an episode of the SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters".      Currently it is the subject of a book by Andrea Perron called "House of Darkness, House of Light". Andrea grew up there as a young girl with her family and her book recounts their supernatural experiences within the walls of this Colonial-era house. The book has since been adapted into a Warner Brothers film titled, "The Conjuring" that has been hailed as one of the great horror movies in recent history.      From the "House of Darkness, House of Light" official website:       "In June of 1970 she found a glorious farm, then she and my father moved mountains to buy what was known as the old Arnold Estate; two-hundred acres of land with a big barn and a farmhouse; plenty of space to spread out and explore Nature. It was the perfect place to raise a family, according to the owner, though he failed to disclose a crucial element of the experience he endured as an occupant. The day we moved in, he told my father: “…leave the lights on at night.” A rather cryptic message. Thus began an incredible odyssey; a supernatural excursion through dimensions of time and space as the history of its characters from the ages began to reveal themselves to seven mortals who could not conceive of and never anticipated such events transpiring in our lives. For almost a decade our family lived among the dead. There we came to understand that we are not alone and there is something beyond mortal existence." - Andrea Perron   The real Perron girls (top) and the young actresses who portrayed them in the movie “The Conjuring”. RISEUP Investigators Present:  Ken DeCosta                                                Dave DeCosta                                                   Chris Blanchette                                             Julie DeMay                                                         Marlaina Gaboreault     Orientation      We arrived by noon in order to spend some time with the current owner and conduct what turned out to be an extensive interview into the background of the home and the reported activity there. The home was the former Arnold estate and while the experiences of the Perron family were much more intense and of a malevolent nature including the presence of at least one demonic entity, the current level of activity there appears to be almost benign by comparison.      Three stationary cameras were set up inside the home with our base to be located outside in the back of our SUV to allow clear access to the home and to offset the 91 degree temperature on this humid summer day. All fans and AC units would be turned off to eliminate ambient noise.   Activity      Conversations heard within the home, doors opening, closing and rattling, disembodied footsteps, light anomalies, mists inside the home, apparitions.   Investigation       The library is said to be a prime location for unusual activity. There is a chair at a desk there that has been said to vibrate with no reasonable explanation. David would spend one session alone there sitting in the chair and gauge anything unusual that might happen.      After a solid hour inside the room, he reported no vibration or odd occurrences. As this claim has been related by more than one person, we made a sincere attempt to provide alternate explanations for this happening. The home is located in a rural area with a two lane road passing by. The vibration does not appear to be the result of heavy traffic passing by but may be a result of something more geological in nature. Beyond those simpler explanations, we cannot adequate explain why this phenomena occurs nor provide any first-hand experiences to support the claim.      Marlaina and Julie spent a great deal of time on the first floor taking baseline environmental readings and later attempting to establish contact with any lingering energies inside the house. Their efforts did not yield any immediate results, but in time there was something quite unusual recorded that defies any rational explanation.      We know that at one time there were claims of a little girl who would be seen walking through one of the upstairs bedrooms and - as we would later learn from accounts in “House of Darkness House of Light” - had a particular attachment to the youngest of the Perron daughters, Cindy. It was with that in mind that we were transfixed on one piece of audio recorded by Julie and Marlaina that clearly is the voice of a young child who speaks as they are descending the stairs to the first floor. There were absolutely no children present during our investigation nor was there a TV or radio turned on at any point. The female investigators do not speak and Chris and David are both outside setting up equipment. The owner is speaking to Ken in another room and her voice can be heard in the background. This is truly an amazing clip. Child's voice recorded on stairs - full clip Voice Isolated Voice isolated and amplified       Later on, Ken spent a session in an upstairs bedroom by himself sitting on a bed documenting the area with a video camera. This particular room has hosted more than its share of odd activities including apparitions (one of the aforementioned little girl) and doors that open by themselves.      While sitting there attempting to establish some contact, he heard a distinct whisper in his left ear causing him to react to it. He was completely alone at the time.                                        There were no further reports of any unusual experiences on the first or second floors, so the entire group went down to the basement to see an old well that has been the subject of speculation in terms of it being a "portal" for spirits to enter the home. Despite our best efforts, no activity was experienced, documented or detected there.   Conclusion      As mentioned, this particular home has been the source of some incredible paranormal activity. The previous owners assert they experienced a series of astonishing events during their years there as a family. A claim of possession, a sequence of bizarre and terrifying occurrences, a séance gone horribly awry and the presence of an entity that is said to "control" the house to name but a few. As a result, the house has drawn the attention of a great number of investigators, many of them very well-known in paranormal circles.      The current owners have no claims of activity that resemble anything of an evil or aggressive nature beyond the occasional odd experience that seems to defy explanation. The road that runs by the house has been the site of some very serious traffic mishaps - some fatal - that through assumption, sheer coincidence or wishful thinking have been pointed to as proof that something related to this property is responsible. A "curse" if you will. The narrow country road takes a sharp turn in front of the home with telephone poles, boulders and trees but mere inches from the shoulder in many places. Excessive speed, inattention and adverse weather conditions are the more plausible suspect in such incidents than anything supernatural.      Nonetheless, unless one experiences the home for themselves and takes into account the claims that originate from the many sources who have spent time there, the reports cannot be outwardly dismissed as sheer happenstance or products of over-active imaginations. In our case, there were two very compelling events that got our full attention, the child's voice and the disembodied whisper inside the upstairs bedroom. We have to conclude in light of those experiences that while the previous nature and levels of activity may have subsided or lost their catalyst, there is every reason to believe that something very unusual and fascinating is going on here. Andrea Perron with members of RISEUP.