Video evidence of the paranormal is extremely rare and in a vast number of cases totally unreliable for a myriad of reasons. Cameras are not infallible and naturally occurring artifacts are quite common. These lead to a great deal of false positives and coupled with the strong desire to catch something incredible on video, often lead to misidentification or in the worst cases, a reluctance to look at images objectively and move on from them. Like most other groups, we get more than our fair share of reports of object manipulation, apparitions and shadowy figures that on the surface would make the need for video documentation paramount in investigating the location. Indeed, we will focus our cameras on certain areas said to contain this type of phenomena, but for the most part our use of video is designed to document our group and their movements as well as that of anyone else inside the location at a given time. It also serves as a permanent record of our methods and approach to a case. In doing so, we hope to avoid those false positives by having entrances into an area well within camera shot and placing cameras on the equipment we use and those present from various angles. Occasionally, we get lucky. While the cameras run, we might record something very unusual be it visual or audible. The camera can provide documentation in real time and provide a clearer look at what happened and when.