FUNDRAISER FOR “MAX” LIZZIE BORDEN B&B, 230 SECOND ST. FALL RIVER, MASS. Max the cat has been a constant presence the Lizzie Borden B&B and has welcomed visitors for many years. Max has had to undergo some very intensive medical procedures and we'd like to help with the growing costs. This is an opportunity to investigate this iconic and notoriously haunted location AND to send some love his way. We are offering a choice or combination of 4 weeknights at a very reduced price to do our part in making certain Max has the best treatment and a speedy recovery. Because of the lack of weekend availability, these reduced price investigations will take place on 4 consecutive weekday nights. Choose the night you wish to join us or reload to choose multiple nights! Perfect for paranormal teams and guests who want a private night, but you have to act quickly! On behalf of Max….we thank you.
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