RISEUP was contacted by a source in November of 2008 to gauge our interest in researching and investigating claims of paranormal activity at the Nathanael Greene Homestead in Coventry.        RISEUP is both humbled and honored to be the first and only group to be invited into this location for the purpose of a thorough paranormal investigation.   Temperature:  22 degrees (outdoors)                       47 degrees (indoors) Weather:  Clear   RISEUP Investigators present:     Ken DeCosta                                                 David DeCosta                                                 Chris Blanchette   Geographical and Historical Data      Built by Nathanael in 1770, the "Homestead" as it historically has been known, was originally called "Spell Hall" as it was indicated in one of Nathanael's letters. Constructed on the hillside, the site chosen for the Homestead was well sheltered on the west by natural woods. The land to the front sloped eastward as a terrace to the Pawtuxet River. Originally the house overlooked a broad area of open woodland meadow. The building is a well preserved 18th century structure of simple, yet refined design. Originally the site had 83 acres but at the time of the 1919 sale to the Homestead Association, it had been reduced to 13 acres of open space and woodlands. The 2 & 1/2 story structure is typical of it's time in design. Around the 1870's, the front door area was Victorianized with a bracketed hood and double window door. During the early 1920's, an 18th century door with appropriate trim was attached to the opening making it look as it would have in Nathanael's time. During the 1870's a fire started that burned up to the second floor in the vicinity of the door.      The two main floors of the home each consist of four rooms on either side of a central hall. The rooms on the first floor are dining room, parlor, library and kitchen - each having a paneled fireplace. The completely intact interior was first restored in the early 1920's with the establishment of the building as a museum. A second major restoration was accomplished in 1990 showing from then on a more correct perspective of the house when the Quaker family lived there. An extensive paint analysis was accomplished in the 1990 restoration giving now the earliest colors used throughout the 18th century home. The rooms on the second floor are what we feel they would have been there in the 18th and 19th centuries. The first bedroom on the right as you ascend the stairs might have been used by Nathanael and later his brother Jacob. The room diagonally across the hall might have been used by Jacob Varnum Greene, the son of Jacob and the bedroom on the right is appointed in Victorian style with wallpaper and lace curtains since the occupant, Elizabeth Margaret who was the daughter of Jacob Varnum, lived until 1899, the Victorian era. The fourth room is used now as a museum shop.      When Nathanael and Caty moved from Coventry, the house was purchased by Nathanael's brother Jacob. He and his wife Peggy continued to live there until they died and the same was true of the next two generations. Upon the death of Elizabeth Margaret, the property was inherited by the children of her first marriage, Patience and Harris Inman. In 1915 the home was sold out of the family. Showing great concern for the property, four members of the Kent County Chapter of the Rhode Island Sons of the American Revolution purchased the property in 1919, restored it and gave it the name we know today as the Nathanael Greene Homestead. the first caretaker, actually lived in the house but by 1935, a caretaker's cottage was built and is used to this day.  Activity       One of the many claims of strange occurrences there revolve around door latches being tripped by unseen hands.      One Christmas day not long ago, one of the painters hired to install a fresh coat to the interior made a short trip to the homestead to determine if the paint had dried successfully after a cold winter night. As she entered, she was overwhelmed by the unmistakable smell of bread being baked. Puzzled, she went back outside to see if the pleasant smell was coming from a neighboring home, she sensed no such odor. Venturing back inside, the smell again was very pronounced.      As previously mentioned the sounds of door latches being tripped is a common audible phenomena in the home coming from both the first and second floors. The most recent reports come from the painters who were working inside.            Neighbors have reported hearing the sounds of children’s voices in the woods abutting the property that lead down to the Blackstone River. Upon searching, they will find on one there.            One of the Board member’s mothers had a profound experience one day as she sat on a first-floor bench making a sewing repair of one of the bedspreads on display. She remarked to her son she wanted leave, rather abruptly. When she was asked why, she reported feeling a disconcerting yet pleasant embrace, first around her waist and then gradually moving up to her shoulders as she sat there doing her work. Oddly enough, a previous visitor to the home felt an icy embrace around herself as she sat on the same bench reading a book.            One day the same board member who visits the house almost daily was astonished to see a small carriage in which sits a doll moved to one of the doorways of a bedroom, far from its normal position inside that room.            Neighbors have reported seeing a figure looking out of one of the first floor hallway windows at them. On one occasion, the caretaker there at the time saw a figure looking out her from the Greene bedroom on the first floor as she busied herself with gardening chores outside.            A board member who was showing the home to a friend who was writing a book on General Greene and they found themselves inside the second-floor gift shop room. They heard a door latch go off downstairs and went down to check on it. They found no one there and returned upstairs. As they were moving items around in one of the bedrooms, he looked up at his friend and the face he saw on her body did not belong to her. Unrecognizable. So much so that he caught himself just before extending a greeting of “How are you?”, thinking someone else had come inside. His friend, seeing the puzzled look on his face asked him what was wrong. When relating his story to us, he claimed it was the expressionless face of an older woman.            One summer, a baby bonnet was moved from a dresser drawer inside one of the second-floor bedrooms and placed inside a dresser drawer in the room directly across the hall from it. It was covered with paper and left there. Two weeks later, the staff member who moved it was being helped by a volunteer in doing inventory. They left the building, went for dinner and upon returning discovered the drawer the bonnet had been placed in was open and the tissue paper that had covered the bonnet was off and had been placed aside atop a trunk near the bed. The volunteer was flabbergasted to find this as he was certain the drawer had been closed when they left the home, an observation shared by the staff member.            Recently, a group of friends had spent the night inside the home just bantering about books and whatever else after being shown the home by a board member. Throughout the evening they always had one ear and one eye out for anything unusual that might happen, but ultimately, it was a quiet night. The following morning, one of them was asked if they had moved anything inside that evening. Receiving a clear response of “no”, she went on to explain that when she opened up the house that morning, she had found one of the chairs inside a bedroom has been moved from its normal location and now sat there facing the door. It was almost as if it had been placed there by someone wishing to eavesdrop on the group and listen to what they were saying.    Orientation       At the agreed-upon date of the original investigation, RISEUP investigator met with our host at his home. We were then driven to the location and arrived there at 6:00 pm.        We were initially struck by the outward appearance of the property as it was readily apparent that the directorship had gone to great lengths to preserve the building with all resources available to mirror its original form. The grounds were neat and well-kept and the entire setting embodied a kind of regality and serenity. It was indeed a trip backwards in time to a early point in the development of our nation.        Upon entering the building, one is immediately struck by the attention to detail in the placement and style of its furnishings, most of which remain in the original form that once graced the home. While inspiring to view the same fixtures used by the original inhabitants, great care would be needed in order to navigate through the soon-to-be-darkened house around such fragile and significant pieces. A great deal of time was spent familiarizing ourselves with our environment.        Our extensive historical research of the property would prove beneficial in our approach to investigating the claims of activity and what energies might have remained behind here whether residual or intelligent. This research was greatly aided by the vast array of knowledge of the family who resided here and the history of that era by our host George, who would join us on this night not only out of a sense of responsibility to the property but to satisfy his own curiosity about the reported activity here.        It is important to note that in doing a baseline sweep of the building - in order to establish electrical power sources and anything else that might result in false positive readings - that the presence of electricity was minimal at best. Only three sources, the security code keypad on the first floor, the breaker box and the oil burner circuits both located in the basement displayed any "bleed" at all. In fact, many of the rooms we would investigate had no electrical sources at all and remains in its original state. A fact that would prove vital upon review of our audio and video recordings.          As this was our initial foray into the building, we thought it best to minimize the amount of equipment brought in. Therefore, we focused on digital audio recordings and video documentation. We were also thrilled that we would be granted complete access to the location, including places that are otherwise prohibited to guests.     Investigation          After the initial walk-through which took about an hour, we broke for dinner. While we were gone, we set up a IR video recorder on a bench at the far end of the upstairs hallway and trained it on a KII meter that was stood upright against a stairway banister at the far end. It was hoped that if there was any disturbance in the atmosphere in this area where footsteps have been heard that it might register on the meter while the building was empty and sealed. Our review yielded something very peculiar: not only did the KII spike with no apparent source of origin, but we clearly heard the unmistakable sound of a door latches being tripped even though no one was in the home at this point in time. This is a common claim of those who care for the house. All interior doors are the type that were common in this era - those of thumb-latch mechanisms. Our attempts to recreate the sound were successful - it is indeed the same sound. On our return we broke up and started audio (EVP) experiments in various rooms. While inside a second floor bedroom - sitting on the floor in the empty, darkened room - Ken asked a series of questions including one that centered around the possible presence of a son or daughter of the original owners. The KII meter would light up at this point. Ken was soon joined by David and the questioning continued. A control question regarding the presence of offspring was asked and again the meter would illuminate in response. No further questions elicited any response and the session ended with nothing further to chronicle.        A rather unnerving event was experienced by Ken inside a first floor room when all investigators decided to perform a silent vigil individually in all rooms. Doors were closed and each listened and observed what they could during this time. Ken reported seeing a dark mass moving about inside the room where he was situated. It was by this time completely dark inside the house, but this "figure" seemed to be clearly visible as it moved from right to left along the south wall.          The night wore on without anything significant occurring until the point where we were about to finish for the evening. Ken requested Richard accompany him to an upstairs bedroom thought to be the bedroom of one of the younger female family members for an EVP/KII session which Richard readily agreed to. The video camera placed in the upstairs hallway earlier in the evening had remained in that spot to this point. A KII meter and a digital recorder were placed in separate areas on the four-poster bed and the session started.          Questioning began surrounding the history, events and identities of the family and whether any possible contact was possible. When the question "Are you a son or daughter of General Greene?" The KII lit up significantly to Richard's surprise and Ken's delight. At that point, Ken retreated into the hallway to get the camcorder to document what was hoped to be a prolonged period of activity.          Note: The theory surrounding the KII meter (pictured below) is that it is designed to register fluctuations in the magnetic fields in the area in which it is placed. It is further suggested that spirits or entities may interact with the device by coming into close proximity to it. Their presence can cause the series of lights on the device to illuminate to various levels. This can also in theory be used to signal a response to a question in a "yes" or "no" manner.          It is also vital to note that the device can be falsely triggered by the presence of cell phones or walkie-talkies. In this particular case, all cell phones were turned off (a RISEUP requirement on all investigations) and no communication devices were present. As we also have noted, in this particular room - there are no sources of electrical power whatsoever.          On previous investigations where we have had spikes in the KII, we have encountered what appears to be quite random lighting of the device. This is always considered and usually dismissed as something non-paranormal. In this particular investigation, we are satisfied this is not the case. No one else was in this room or on this floor at the time. At one point in the session, Ken asked if an audible sound like rapping or knocking could be made to signify a presence. He demonstrated by knocking on a wall three times. A few seconds later, David called for the tape to be marked as tapping was heard from his and Chris' location on the floor below.        It should also be noted that we received spikes in response to politeness and kindness toward the "subject". The session would end at Richard's request as the hour was late and a long ride home awaited everyone.  A final goodbye was said to whomever was in the room at that point and the KII would light up in response.  The final interesting experience was as the group was about to leave. Ken was standing outside the dining room (below) to the right of the entrance downstairs speaking to George. Chris was seen in this room for a brief time earlier. While conversing, the familiar sound of a latch being lifted was heard inside the room to Ken's immediate left. Peering inside the room, expecting to see Chris fiddling with the door, Ken saw no one. Seconds later, Chris appeared at the front door having been outside making a phone call. Conclusion       After a slow start, it appears on the surface that the reports of activity surrounding the property may have some merit to them. The KII session in the upstairs bedroom was a fascinating experiment that seems to have yielded great results.        One of the ways we chose to debunk the results was to check under the bed to determine whether or not any metals might be present that could conduct any sort of electrical or magnetic currents. This was done with the knowledge that certain antiquated four-poster beds (particularly in 17th and 18th century England) had copper mesh frames under the mattress to support it. This was not the case here as the composition of the frame was completely wooden - with dove-tail and tongue and groove joints and wooden pegs rather than nails. The bed contains no metals whatsoever.        Nothing was picked up on the digital recorder that was present in the room. However, the tapping noise heard by David and Chris was synchronized against the video recording and it was found that at that point, indeed three taps that mimicked Ken's were recorded on a different digital recorder in an adjoining bedroom to the one where mere seconds before - Ken had made his request.        The experience Ken had while standing outside the dining room speaking to Richard was truly inexplicable. There was little doubt someone walked into the room and it was assumed it was Chris. The sound of a door latch seemed to confirm that, but when no one was found inside and Chris then appeared through the front door, all efforts to explain who it was that walked inside the room met with failure.        The experiences and the recorded data at this location were if nothing else - compelling. We are extremely pleased and grateful to have been invited back for more sessions at this intriguing location along with a stroll around its grounds. As we move forward, our next visit will center around objectively assessing the previously reported activity and further examining our own experiences in order to possibly find more rational explanations before making any definitive claims of a haunting.