Investigation 2     Temperature: 66 degrees at arrival (interior temperature)   Barometric Pressure: 29.94 in.   RISEUP investigators present:      Kenneth DeCosta                                                    David DeCosta                                                                                                               Christopher Blanchette                                                 Ryan Lantini                                                                 Mike Viggiano (intern)   Geographical and Historical Data       Nature’s is a New Age specialty store located in Portsmouth, R.I. dealing primarily with merchandise related to the metaphysical/holistic and spiritual aspect of life. There is an abundance of geological items, especially stones, crystals and selected minerals that are not only beautiful ornaments but are also said to promote healing and spiritual awareness. Many of these items are made into jewelry (below right) on the premises. There is also an abundance of fossils and seashells for the serious collector of these types of items and various ornaments and statuary pertaining to New Age philosophy. Along with these, one will find a rather extensive and eclectic collection of Native American artifacts on site.                                                          Activity      On our previous visit to the establishment on October 15, a combination of personal experiences centering around observing visible blue flashes of light in the basement, audible whispers and the sensation of being touched coupled with some very compelling spikes on the KII meter which on the surface appear to be intelligent responses to questioning compels the group to return to Nature's for a follow-up investigation.                                         Investigation      We are introducing a trainee, Mike Viggiano to this investigation - his first with the team. Mike is an 18- year-old high school student entering his Senior year who has a great deal of experience in urban exploration and a strong interest in the technical approach to paranormal research and photography.        The night proved to be rather uneventful even with more controlled conditions. There were only perhaps two KII spikes and we remain somewhat skeptical as many seem to occur somewhat randomly and not in response to prodding or questioning.        The single most compelling personal experience of the night occurred when Michael remarked he felt the presence of something "dark" and perhaps malevolent in one corner of the basement. This very same area had been scanned and visited by Ken some time earlier in the investigation with no positive indications of activity.        As Michael began to make his way to the corner, his remarks pointed toward a presence who was aware of him. As he continued his approach, his KII meter began to spike at significant levels. David was attempting to film the incident, but the video is inconclusive at best due to his inability to shoot past Michael and capture what was happening. Michael eventually felt it was in his best interests to leave the basement and walk calmly to where Ken was stationed upstairs monitoring the equipment. Mike was clearly disturbed by the experience and described his tormentor as a "shadow figure." While definitive video could not be caught, the experience was in fact witnessed by others on the team inside the basement.      At one point an EVP session produced an extremely interesting and downright amusing result. When trying to determine the validity on a theory of energies having the ability to change the physical environment, a question was asked if it were possible to make the room colder. It certainly seems that a female spirit is confident in her ability to do so. Can you make it colder? Voice Isolated      These next two clips are really a bit odd. While having normal conversations in the basement at different times during the night, sharp whistling is heard on the recording. It was not audible to the investigators and our equipment is not responsible. Earlier in the night, Ken had remarked he had heard whistling in the basement and in the first clip, after the whistle is recorded, Chris makes reference to this by saying to David, "This is where your father said her heard whistling." Neither Chris nor Dave reacts to this whistle when it occurs. Whistle 1     The second whistle occurs during a change-over as everyone gathers to swap out for the next session. Again, no one present bears responsibility for the sound and it is not heard by anyone.          Whistle 2      We were informed by the owner of the establishment that a former employee's presence seemed to bring out the worst of the activity for whatever reason. During an EVP session she posed the question herself and a voice seemed to confirm this was not the case at all. Happy that "John" is gone?   Conclusion      While we cannot say for certain if the follow-up at Natures actually brought any clarity to the events taking place there, there remains the possibility that the owner and staff do indeed share the property with a yet-unknown entity or entities. We cannot definitively state that Michael's "encounter" was with anything malevolent or ill-meaning, nor can we rule out the possibility of suggestion in terms of his overall physical reaction. Michael is a well-meaning young man with a high level of intelligence, but with no real experience in terms of paranormal investigation. The location will continue to be monitored and future investigations will be scheduled thanks to the openness of its owner and her employees.