Temperature: 66 degrees at arrival (interior temperature) Barometric Pressure: 29.15 in. RISEUP investigators present:      Kenneth DeCosta                                              David DeCosta                                                                                        Ryan Lantini                                           David Grady                                                 Shayna Drinkuth                                           Tom Stewart Geographical and Historical Data          This is the third investigation at Natures for the team. Nature’s is a New Age specialty store located in Portsmouth, R.I. dealing primarily with merchandise related to the metaphysical/holistic and spiritual aspect of life. There is an abundance of geological items, especially stones, crystals and selected minerals that are not only beautiful ornaments but are also said to promote healing and spiritual awareness. Many of these items are made into jewelry on the premises. There is also an abundance of fossils and seashells for the serious collector of these types of items and various ornaments and statuary pertaining to New Age philosophy. Along with these, one will find a rather extensive and eclectic collection of Native American artifacts on site.          A startling new fact has come to light regarding nature's. it has been learned that in the great hurricane of 1938, which destroyed neighboring Island Park (below) and devastated much of the eastern seaboard, a house washed up from the waterfront and came to rest on exactly the spot where nature's now stands.                                                                       This was revealed from old pictures of the location - showing the displaced house -  which were then overlaid on top of pictures taken of the plaza today. Judging by the landmarks that still exist, we were accurate to within a foot of matching the locations exactly. From what we can ascertain from records and anecdotal accounts, there were at least two people found dead inside the home, including a small child. This perhaps may explain - or help to - why on the surface there would appear to be no sound reasoning behind the activity that occurs here.   Activity          Responding to reports of paranormal activity from the owner and employees of a small business in town, we have conducted multiple investigations centered on unusual phenomena in the basement. Our previous investigations to the establishment on November 4th and November 14th 2008 had a combination of personal experiences centering around observing visible blue flashes of light in the basement, audible whispers, the sensation of being touched, sense of a “dark presence”, along with some spikes on the KII meter which on the surface appeared to be intelligent responses to questioning. The group was asked to return to Nature's for a third follow-up investigation as the day before our investigation (June 5) witnesses (including one customer who had no knowledge of the claimed activity) said they heard footsteps running up the basement stairs. They went to the basement door to find no one. The owner was downstairs at the time working in the machine shop and when called down to - said she heard nothing Investigation        There were numerous personal experiences reported at Natures on this night. Ken reported seeing the same visible blue flashes of light in the basement that were seen on the previous investigations. In one of the corners of the basement (where in the last investigation one of the investigators sensed a “dark presence) the investigators reported a couple of different phenomena. Ken saw a shadow moving from his right to left across a doorway that disappeared into the shop boiler room and Shayna and Tom clearly heard a whisper emanating from that same location prior to that.        There were a few instances where our walkie-talkie’s downstairs was going off at various intervals. It's quite easy to dismiss this or any other occurrence as mere coincidence, but rather than ever simply writing off anything, it is best to try to come up with an answer to have a clearer picture should this occur again.          A sweep of possible radio and microwave signals was made using the sensitive Tri-Field meter which did not register anything that would suggest the walkie occurrences were any type of radio interference. The readings were taken both before and after a Cox Communication truck in the parking lot was there. The communications system inside the truck would not seem to be the cause, but if one assumes there is such an existing system inside the building itself, the signs certainly do point to RF interference.        To that end, Ken picked out those instances where the device went off by labeling times and corresponding questions or statements that were made when it did so. He also noted the time between hits to see if a pattern developed. There is one important variable to keep in mind when considering all this: The chances of the walkie- talkie going off after a question increases because most of our verbal communications are in the form of a question.        Walkie Observations        According to the analysis, there were 33 "hits" on the walkie, 13 of which were what we'd call random, 20 of them followed a question or some form of narrative on our part.        There were 64 questions asked (hard to keep accurate count, but we feel comfortable with that number). The number of hits to questions asked is extremely high (over 50%), but also bear in mind this doesn't account for any question that would result in a "no" and not elicit a response (paranormally-speaking anyway).        If you take out the random hits, almost 1/3 of the questions asked resulted in what we'd call an "intelligent" response. Not entirely convincing, but still high if you factor in possible "no" answers which - theoretically - would result in no response at all.        There is no discernible time pattern between hits - they range from mere seconds to minutes.        There was no positive response to any repeat question that previously not been responded to. This takes a little of the randomness out of the equation. If there was no hit for a question, and the same question was repeated, there was still no hit. In that same vein, four hits came after the same four questions or variation of it - "Can you do it again?" - were asked.         Another very interesting hit was one that was asked to occur on the count of three (the chances of a random noise on exactly "three" is approximately 1 in 250).        The percentage of random hits to intelligent hits hovers around 40%. On the surface, this is too high to claim it is paranormal.  Yet the high percentage of "hits" to questions again is also very dramatic, and is in a much higher range than we (or anyone) normally get when doing EVP work.        As mentioned earlier, we came armed with new data concerning the history of the immediate area resulting from a tragic and violent act of nature that had occurred 70 years earlier. it is difficult, if not impossible to say any line of questioning concerning those events orchestrated more activity than usual, but neither can it be completely dismissed. Out of respect for those hundreds who lost their lives in this catastrophic event, we chose to temper our emphasis on this somewhat. Conclusion         In addition to the growing number of personal stories, experiences and anomalous KII spikes caught on previous investigations; this follow-up gave us the first piece of audio evidence captured in this location. While we still cannot say for certain if this third visit to Natures actually brought any clarity to the events taking place there, there still remains the possibility that the owner and staff do indeed share the property with a yet-unknown entity. This location will continue to be monitored and future investigations will be scheduled thanks to the openness of its owner and her employees.