Investigation 4       RISEUP Investigators Present:   Ken DeCosta                                                     David Grady                                                                        Wendy Alsfeld-Thatcher                                                        Nancy LaVena                RISEUP investigators were present for a very unusual and fascinating evening at the Portsmouth, R.I. metaphysical and geological establishment. Convinced that an aggressive entity named "Charles" was responsible for holding back a couple from passing on, Spirit Medium Sandra Lindsey was asked by the owner to come in and address the hostile presence.        We asked to come in to document the session and perhaps get some answers as to what the nature and origin of the paranormal activity was in the building. Part of our request was also to observe the session and gain some insight into how a medium goes about this and if there existed the potential of closure in regards to the situation.       Investigation/Observation         While Ms. Lindsey attempted contact with the entity with the assistance of Mr. Edward Kowicki, who was training with her to hone his own intuitive skills, Dave Grady and Ken DeCosta observed and documented the session. It was during this point in time that they made a decision to become participants, consciously taking an equally aggressive posture in an effort to coax any entity present to display their ability to interact. There was also the underlying desire to establish whether the entity "Charles" even existed in the manner that had been established, as most of the information forthcoming about him was gleaned from psychic impressions.        It was decided that hostility and aggression, an approach rarely used by any RISEUP investigator, would be our litmus test. If Charles was a conscious force, we would bait and cajole him into making his presence known.        What followed was either a remarkable response or a fantastic example of human PK energy. The question remains; were we indeed communicating with a unfriendly entity or was the very emotion of those present changing the magnetic environment to the degree a KII meter was registering that fluctuation?        While this was happening, Sandra was asserting she was "channeling" the spirit and responding to our questions and challenges. During our filming of this session, our handheld camera went to a blue screen on playback even though the viewfinder was in "record" mode, which was odd, but fortunately the SD card inside recorded it which accounts for the poorer quality of the video.                The session you see beginning at the end of the video is a "crossing over", where the mediums attempted to move the family alleged to be trapped in this place into the "light" and away from this dark presence. So, were the spikes on our KII meter a clear indication of communication with a spirit energy? Hardly. While the responses seemed to be of an intelligent and interactive nature, the raw emotion of those gathered there and the potential psychokinetic (PK) affect on the environment might also be another explanation and one that is just as fascinating to consider.        Much like the feeling one gets when entering a place where you can literally sense tension and the potential of imminent conflict, or walking into a room where joy and happiness pervade the atmosphere, we seem to have an innate sense of the emotional "vibes" going on around us. As we already know that a human presence can produce changes in EMFs, when we introduce emotion into the equation, is it possible to ramp up via brain waves enough so that even more pronounced measurable readings can be recorded?        There also remains the distinct possibility that indeed "Charles" or some other spirit entity does indeed occupy this space and can interact with our devices.     Object Manipulation        In the time we have chosen to advance our our perception and knowledge base of the paranormal and to visit locations where such activity is said to take place, we've had the opportunity to witness more than our share of strange occurrences. We are not certain how to describe this next event that took place, so perhaps a video of the incident will speak volumes.        While the crossing-over session was in progress. Dave Grady left the basement to return to the monitors upstairs. Ken DeCosta stayed behind to film it. While doing so, a loud bang was heard directly to his left and behind him. Not noticing immediately any object responsible for this, the session continued with no further interruption. Cameras had been placed at both the far end and in the workshop of the basement and upon review it clearly showed an upright vacuum cleaner had slammed against a board with considerable force. The vacuum was secured in the upright position and was situated in a normal position flat on the floor prior to this disturbance. A later check revealed there was no problem with the locking mechanism. It will release only when the foot pedal is depressed as it is designed to do.            Ten days later ithe whole incident took an even more bizarre turn. After seeing what had happened on video, we returned to Nature's with Sandra. The same crew was present minus Dave Grady and with the addition of Tom Stewart. As we sat on the basement floor, Sandra attempted to coax "Charles" into once again making his presence known. Using the vacuum as a trigger object, she requested he manipulate it as it was posited he had done on our previous visit.        Ken DeCosta first went to the vacuum to ascertain whether or not the handle mechanism was faulty in any way and to make certain it was in full view of everyone in the middle of the floor with no one close to it. We were assured that the handle would remain in the upright position only if it was properly locked in. The vacuum was moved around to assure nothing would alter this and we took our seats and settled in. This video clip from our stationary IR camera reveals what took place.         Conclusion          Did "Charles" manipulate this object? Without seeing him actually do it, this remains puzzling. All we can state is that great pains were taken to ensure that the vacuum could not drop on its own and that the locking mechanism was functioning properly. Our hope was to eliminate entirely the idea that an aggressive, hostile presence was somehow responsible for the activity there and that psychic impressions were not an accurate measure of establishing validity.        We took the path of resistance in challenging his presence and his hold upon the family alleged to be under his control and entertained extreme possibilities in this particular case. The situation regarding "Charles" is either a fascinating study in human PK, the ability of a spirit to manifest and physically manipulate objects or merely a series of remarkable coincidences.         The study of this location will continue.