Follow-up case files:     4/1/10; 5/19/10; 6/4/10          RISEUP was invited to investigate claims of paranormal activity in this location by two female employees who work in the building. Both have an avid interest in paranormal research and have conducted a number of EVP sessions on their own there. Many of the recorded clips they have submitted to us have been quite compelling and we eagerly accepted an invitation to conduct a more intensive investigation of the building        This initial investigation would become the first of many we would conduct there based on the quality of evidence gathered.   RISEUP Investigators Present:         Ken DeCosta                                                        David DeCosta                                                                                                                                                   Geographical and Historical Data        The building was constructed in 1910 and served as a neighborhood school for the children of the many Italian immigrants who settled in the surrounding area  to work and establish homes in the late 19th century. Most worked in the "The Brickyards".                   "Three centuries ago Barrington had extensive clay deposits. Some bricks were made from the clay in the 17th century. From 1847 to 1943, bricks were made commercially in Barrington at the location of the present Brickyard Pond (south of Maple Avenue); a canal was dug from the clay pits to Narragansett Bay to permit easy shipment of the finished bricks via barge. That canal, now a creek, lies just north of the Rhode Island Country Club. From 1847 to 1877 there was the Narragansett Brick Company, from 1877 to 1894,the Nayatt Brick Company, from 1894 to 1912, the New England Steam Brick Company, and from 1912 to 1943, the Barrington Steam Brick Company. In 1943, the supply of clay gave out and the clay pits filled to form Brickyard Pond. A smaller amount of clay was also dug out in Hampden Meadows adjacent to the Palmer River."  - 'History of the Barrington Brickyard' by Ken Mason        The clay deposits at the brickyard began to run out in 1900, and by 1930 operations there had essentially ceased. The clay pits gradually filled with water to form Brickyard Pond. In 1940 the town purchased the brickyard's land and demolished all remaining buildings.         It served as a gathering place for the local community and hosted many social and political activities, doubling as a recruitment center during WWII.        It was expanded and converted into a professional building sometime in the 1980s.        Phenomena         The claims coming from the women mainly center around the electronic voice phenomena they have captured. Most of these have been recorded on a handheld camera microphone as they will routinely place the handheld down and train it on a hallway inside their office suite. The predominant sounds appear to be coming from a child presence, although on rarer occasions, an adult male voice has also been recorded.         There have also been some odd sounds heard. One is a door handle jiggling in an adjoining suite and a few unexplained knocks and bangs that happen when - as is usually the case when they investigate - they are alone without any one else in the building.         There has also been at least one report of an apparition seen by one of the administrators in the adjacent suite. That of a person walking by the window of his office. When he called to it (thinking it was a particular co- worker), there was no answer. When he went out of the office to check, there was no one else in that area in either the hallways or the other rooms.        Much of the activity seems to occur when one of the women first arrives at work in the morning. Almost without fail, she is the first to get to the building and opens it for everyone. Objects have been moved overnight and at times, voices heard in the otherwise empty building. There has also been an anomalous voice heard by someone using the ladies' rest room in this suite.     Orientation           Ken and David made the initial, short trip to Barrington to meet with the women who had expressed a desire to conduct a more thorough investigation of their wing of the building. They had previously sent us a number of recordings for analysis and an objective opinion. While some - like all purported EVPs -  left the door open to rational explanations, many fell squarely into our criteria regarding authentic low-frequency phenomena.           The office suite has a waiting room located off of a main conference room. A hallway extends from the waiting room and turns a sharp corner and a number of offices branch off from that hallway.     Hallway leading from waiting room       Office areas          We thought for the first time out, we would be better served with a more low-key approach without a great number of surveillance cameras and a more elaborate setup. To that end, EMF readings would be taken, and a EVP/KII session conducted. We would essentially spend the night as observers.     Investigation           The conference room would serve as our "base" and the initial sessions would take place in some of the offices where the ladies had experienced some unusual things. The first session was to take place in a corner office (below) where it was believed the presence of a male - who was thought to have been an authority figure in the location many years earlier - existed. This conclusion had been reached by a combination of audio recorded and the claims made by a co-worker who reported being touched inappropriately by someone unseen inside the office.        Ken conducted an EVP session inside the office with one of the females present. David and the other woman spent some of the session in her office where she had also heard and seen some odd things. While conducting an EVP experiment, Ken witnessed with a naked eye a series of light anomalies inside the room on the wall opposite the desk he was sitting at. These came in the form of dots of light blinking in random patterns and happened over the course of 15 minutes in the middle of the session. Interestingly, the lights greatly resembled a light anomaly on one of the videos the women had previously submitted to us.        After review of the audio, we appear to have captured a female voice (possibly a younger female) who seemed a bit concerned about the number of people present in the room at this point in time.   "A lot of people" at 0:02 Same voice - isolated        While sitting in the office, we all heard the sound of someone banging or dropping something out in the stairwell located just off the office door. A quick check of the stairwell revealed no one responsible for the sound. Other than the 4 of us, everyone had long since left for the night and, save for us, the building was empty.          We moved on to the adjacent suite, located down a long corridor outside these offices (below) where some who work there have also told the women of experiencing some rather odd events. Among these are the apparition mentioned previously, the door handle jiggling by itself and the appearance of indistinguishable shadow figures.            We checked the door handle (industrial type) for signs that it would vibrate if any doors were closed, people would walk past or a breeze of some type would create a vacuum. The door is firmly installed and the handle cannot be manipulated by anything but direct pressure. We were able to recreate what they heard only by physically moving it. We'll continue to monitor whether this is something that repeats itself as time passes.          While we did tour the suite, it was decided to spend more time inside at a later date as our efforts were best concentrated on the offices where the women worked and most of their experiences originated from. We did take time to look at the area where the apparition was seen to determine whether a trick of light and shadows could have forged a false image of a person passing by the manager's double window (below, right hand side of photo).                Leaving the suite we went back into the office area and decided to do a KII/EVP session in the waiting room where a lot of the vocal phenomena had previously been recorded (below).            Before setting up we took a final look inside some of the offices and confirmed in each and every one that EMF readings were extremely high on the desktops. The source of this almost without exception were calculators present on almost every desk. While we cannot state with certainty that brain patterns are being affected by these abnormally high fields, we cannot rule out that possibility and must at the very least take it into consideration for those who might be particularly vulnerable to them.          Before this session began, Ken was leading the group to one of the ladies' corner offices when the lights in the conference room went on. The lights are on a motion sensor and will shut down after 15 minutes if they do not detect a moving presence inside the room. They were off when we had re-entered the room after our visit to the other suite. While we were certain no one had entered the room, we believed there must be a simple explanation for this happening. The closest we came was to surmise that a reflection of someone off one of the many panes of glass in the area might cause a false reading by the sensor. We could not recreate this by walking the same paths, but are not jumping to any conclusions about this either.         The EVP session began in the waiting area and while nothing particularly overt came about from our requests for audible sounds or environmental changes, there was one very startling occurrence that happened to David.           Standing in an office doorway (below), we saw him make a quick turn from the doorway followed by an assertion that he just saw movement inside the office in the form of a black mass that came directly towards him. Startled, but not alarmed by what had transpired, he made an attempt to re-establish contact with whom or what he had seen with no success. He described what he had seen as having mass, but no discernible shape. Because all lights were out, we ruled that it was most likely not a case of one's eyes adjusting from light to dark with a resulting focus issue.                The session continued on with no further incident and we eventually ended our night at the location. Our audio review the following day yielded a number of possible intelligent responses to our questioning.         One in particular peaked our interest and on the surface, it seems to be an affirmative response to Ken's request to strike a friendship with a young entity present. We submit this both it in raw format and isolated. "Yes" at 0:04 (raw) Voice Isolated     Conclusion         Tonight's investigation promises to be the first of many as the office has been made available to us upon request. With the quality of evidence being submitted to us coupled with our own experiences there, we feel further study of the location is certainly warranted. The two female employees continue to perform their own EVP experiments and will keep their video camera running in hopes of capturing something even more tangible to support their claims. We will work closely with them in advising when it is requested as well as analyzing their submissions to us.         There is some consideration being given to three separate schools of thought regarding the identities of whomever remains at this location. One being the former students or faculty at this one-time neighborhood school and another other being former clients of the existing business there. The nature of their business (for personal and professional reasons) must remain confidential. The third consideration would be the energies of those who toiled in the brickyards that were located within walking distance of the building.          The notion of an aggressive and superior personality of a male within the building has been conveyed to us, but to this point there is no evidence to support such a specific claim. The women to this point appear to be the main focus of the occasional communications, but it's hoped that we may gather more information from others who may have had their own personal experiences there.