RISEUP was invited to investigate claims of paranormal activity in this location by two female employees who work in the building. Both have an avid interest in paranormal research and have conducted a number of EVP sessions on their own there. Many of the recorded clips they have submitted to us have been quite compelling and we eagerly accepted an invitation to conduct a more intensive investigation of the building        This initial investigation would become the second of many we would conduct there based on the quality of evidence gathered.   RISEUP Investigators Present:         Ken DeCosta                                                        David DeCosta                                                                                                                                                  Geographical and Historical Data            See original case file      Phenomena             See original case file   Orientation           On April Fool's Day, Ken and Dave returned to the Barrington-based professional offices for a follow-up to the March 14th investigation. This time RISEUP would set up surveillance gear through the offices in a more concerted effort to record any paranormal activity that may manifest. The only degree of difficulty with such a set up would be to avoid reflection on the IR cameras from the many windows throughout the office space.     Interior of office building            On this particular foray into the building, we would take the opportunity to spend time in the adjacent suite, where there have also been claims of unusual activity by the staff working there.     Investigation           Last time we were inside the building, David experienced an indistinguishable black mass that approached from inside one of the offices off the waiting room, so a good portion of the first session was spent trying to coerce what or who might be present to show itself again in physical form. Ken spent a period of time inside the room with the door closed, but not surprisingly, the requests went unheeded.              A good deal of time was spent in the adjacent suite looking for explanations concerning what has been witnessed there. In terms of the apparition the manager of the office saw move past his window (below, right hand side of wall), we determined that other than a real flesh and blood person walking the route, light and shadows playing tricks on the eyes is not a factor in the sighting. On the day he witnessed the figure, he was completely alone in that part of the office area.        Like the offices the women work in, high EMFs are present on just about every desktop because of the presence of electronic calculators on each one. This is not grounds for a definitive statement on EMF waves and their effect on the human mind and perceptions, but something to note in terms of possible explanations for what has been seen and felt there.         Review of our camera footage and audio recordings yielded no positive results in this session.        Returning once again to the main offices, we began an EVP session that concentrated on the waiting area where we had captured some interesting audio phenomena on our previous visit. The location did not disappoint us.         There were three distinct sounds captured on recording devices. The first and perhaps most astounding was recorded on  the handheld camera microphone upon and first heard by our hosts upon playback. The camera (as it usually is) was trained on the hallway. We were in the conference room having a quiet conversation when the camera mic picked this up.                As we continued the review, two more compelling pieces of audio were found. The first was digitally recorded around the same time frame as the previous one. Again, casual conversations are taking place and again the is note made of the voice which can be heard by those present.             The final piece was recorded during another casual conversation, except this one took place in the waiting room. If one takes a leap of faith, you can imagine someone not taking their lack of privacy lightly. David is talking to one of the other investigators about the investigation process in general.             In listening to these three pieces of audio, the thing that immediately struck us was they seem to be said by the same voice, perhaps a female or young child. It leaves us little to no doubt that the same entity is making their voice heard in this area.         Conclusion        While we can't make any determination about the claims being made from the office suite adjacent to our host's place of business, we can say with certainty that something very unusual is going on where they work. On two separate occasions we have recorded what appears to be the same voice attempting communication. Furthermore, there is the growing likelihood that our voices are being heard and there is an awareness of our presence there.         The next logical step would be to attempt to determine the identity of this entity. This may prove difficult if not impossible without a name as the school served literally thousands of children over a 60-plus year period. As we glean a bit more knowledge of the building's history and specific events related to it, perhaps we can bring this to light and more will reveal itself as we move forward. We will move outside our comfort level to do so, if necessary.          For the time being, we will continue our investigation of this building and its inhabitants, both current and former.