RISEUP was invited to investigate claims of paranormal activity in this location by two female employees who work in the building. Both have an avid interest in paranormal research and have conducted a number of EVP sessions on their own there. Many of the recorded clips they have submitted to us have been quite compelling and we eagerly accepted an invitation to conduct a more intensive investigation of the building        This will be the third visit to the location. Our focus is now on the identity of the entity that has repeatedly responded to our presence there and any reasons for their continued existence in this building.   RISEUP Investigators Present:        Ken DeCosta                                                    Tom Stewart                                                                                                                                                   Geographical and Historical Data              See original case file      Phenomena         See original case file        RISEUP investigators have on two separate occasions, heard recordings of what appears to be the same voice responding to communication attempts.      Orientation           Again RISEUP has arranged to return to the professional offices in Barrington, R.I. This time Ken DeCosta would be joined by case manager Tom Stewart on his first visit to the location.          Tonight we will focus our efforts on contacting the spirit of the female or young child who has been communicating with us via our digital recorders in the form of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). The technical setup will again be minimal and more 'hands-on'. After familiarizing Tom with the layout, we started our first session.     Investigation           We basically repeated the sequence of sessions from the first visit to the location in March. The corner office where the presence of an aggressive male figure has been reported received a great deal of attention. By doing this, we hoped to systematically eliminate any other sources of reported activity and narrow our focus to the area where we had received such positive results. If an entity has attached itself to only a specific part of the building, it might signal a clue to its identity.          One piece of footage captured on video reveals a strange whisper from an unidentified source. A handheld camera has been placed outside of an office with no one monitoring it or present in the room at the time. Playback yielded a surprising voice to us. The particular words used are puzzling to say the least, but our best guess is "the top". What that means is anyone's guess at this point and what further confounds us a bit is the fact it sounds very much like a different voice than the one we have been accustomed to picking up on our recorders the first two visits here. Perhaps the game is changing a bit.              We would later find that indeed the game was changing. After a session in the main office, we went down the hallway to again investigate the neighboring suite where an apparition had been reported by the office manager there. One day, he watched as someone walked past his office window. Thinking it was a certain member of his staff, he called to her but received no response. He then got up and walked out to the hall to locate whoever went past. He would find no one there in any office. A camera was placed in the hallway where the figure had been seen. You will note the double windows on the left wall. These are the windows he looked out of when he saw the figure. We hear the clear sound of a woman singing in this clip. All of us were in a different suite at this time.                On this particular investigation, we did not capture anything particularly compelling from the waiting area where we have had so much success in our previous visits. On one occasion we did record what sounded like singing from that location upon request to do so, but it is so faint that it does not warrant placing any great amount of emphasis on it. There seemed to be a series of knocks in response to requests for audible signs of a presence, but there was just enough randomness to them that we must discount them as any indication of an intelligent response.        Two days after this visit to the building, our investigators sent along another video in which something highly unusual was recorded. There was a prior claim that a door handle in the adjacent suite had been heard rattling as if jiggled by someone's hand. Save for the two employees, no one was in the building at that time. This phenomena did not repeat itself to us in the instances we were there, but apparently did so while both were conducting their own investigation the following night. Once again, they were completely alone in the building at the time.              Conclusion        The phenomena recorded on this night provided added incentive for us to continue our research and observation in this location. Particularly interesting was the evidence captured from a different wing of the building that previously had yielded none of note. This seems to provide at least some impetus (if not validation) to investigate more closely the claims of those who work on that end of the building.         There is now reason to suspect that the activity is more varied in scope and cause as there seems to be both residual and intelligent manifestations occurring. Hitting what so far is a brick wall in terms of furthering our research into the building's past, we may now turn to more unconventional methods to gain more insight into the activity there.