RISEUP returned again to the office building in Barrington, R.I. for another night of investigation. To date we have recorded a variety of phenomena here and much of centers around audio recorded of a small child.   RISEUP Investigators Present:  Ken DeCosta                                                   Wendy Thatcher                                                Nancy LaVena                                              David Grady                                                    Shayna Drinkuth                                             Julie DeMay                                                         Marlaina Gaborieault     Investigation       Investigators began the session by conducting a vigil in which they remain silent and listen to the building to eliminate natural sounds. The other aspect of this is to allow a cleaning crew to finish their work and exit the building. This happened at approximately 7:45 pm.      One of the subsequent EVP sessions resulted in further evidence of a child's presence there. A ball was brought in as a trigger object to elicit a response and while playing with the ball in an effort to pique the child's curiosity, her voice is again recorded at 0:03 interacting with those playing with it. "Hey" Voice Isolated      While a camera was trained down the hallway where there has been great success in capturing audible phenomena, once again a voice was captured. This time, however, it appears to be the voice of an older female. This voice has been recorded on other occasions as well and it appears she is making a return visit to once more display her amusement at the going's-on inside the office suite. A couple of the investigators can all be heard clearly speaking in normal conversational tones.                              Another example of this occurring during normal conversations is what seems to be the submission of an actual name, "Tiffany". We will be the first to submit that we have sincere doubts about this even though what is said is obviously a true EVP. The name Tiffany would not be very common in the era where this was in fact a school and certainly not a popular one within the particular ethnic population that inhabited the area. So while we are certain we have captured something interesting and not originating from any of our people t, there are lingering doubts if what we feel is said is actually a proper name. Sure sounds like it, though. "Tiffany?" Isolated        The final piece of audio data we felt supports the presence of a child entity there was recorded in one of the office suites. We feel it plays well with the atmosphere of fun we attempted to create on this investigation. We hear the voice of a child asking for us to engage them in the age-old game of "chase". "Catch me" Isolated At one point in the investigation, Wendy and Julie were doing an EVP session and recorded a female voice in the room with them. The words are not discernible, but it’s compelling enough to include in this sample. Female Voice Voice isolated The final piece of evidence we submit is perhaps the most definitive in terms of establishing proof that a child spirit, almost assuredly female, is present in this establishment. While the recorders ran with no one in the building, this voice was captured. While we always endeavor not to take leaps of faith and project our own assumptions onto the data we gather, one cannot help but envision a small child looking at the pieces of equipment assembled and asking the question... “Who owns this?”    Conclusion      An increasing level of familiarity and comfort seems to be prevailing as we further our attempts to make contact with the spirit of a child or children in this building. Especially as we put ourselves into the mindset of a child at play. The former incarnation of the building as a school might be the most significant clue as to who would remain here and engage the employees on occasion.      At this juncture in time, we are going to step back from the building and allow a period of time to elapse before our next visit. In doing so we want to strike a balance between our own expectations and the desire of an entity to purposefully interact with us. Specifically to see if activity increases or decreases after a prolonged absence. In the meantime, the experiences of those working inside the office building will continue to be documented. If there indeed is a child spirit that resides there, our next step will be to ascertain whether it is conceivable to help them or at worst, determine the level of desire they might have to consciously remain there.