RISEUP was invited to investigate a location that has long been a focus of our attention - the Paine House. There have been assorted claims of paranormal activity at the location and we enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to do so.   RISEUP Investigators Present:         Ken DeCosta                                                     David Grady                                                           Shayna Drinkuth                                                     Tom Stewart                                                    Julie DeMay                                                                Marlaina Gaborieault                                                   Dan Snizek                                                                                                                Geographical and Historical Data            Owned and operated by The Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society. A one time Colonial home and Inn, restored and furnished in the period-style.      The Paine house originally was built by Francis Brayton Sr. After his death in 1783 the property passed to his son Francis Brayton Jr. In 1785 Francis Brayton Jr was granted a license to sell spirituous liquors and the house became a house of entertainment, an inn or a tavern.      In 1797 it was sold to a Charles Holden and was known as the Holden Tavern. Holden's heirs sold it to Thomas Whipple April 9, 1849.      On April 25, 1866 the Whipple family sold the property to Phoebe Paine and Mary Mathewson (Matteson). Mary sold her half to Phoebe Paine Johnson. Through inheritance the property came to be in the Paine family for the next 87 years. Mr. Herbert F. Paine was the last of the family to live in the house and in 1946 after his death it passed to his half-sister Mrs. Zilpha W. Foster. The keys to the house were turned over to the President of the Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society on July 24, 1953 after being left by Mrs. Foster as a memorial to her mother Phoebe Paine Johnson and sister Orvilla Paine. The house was added to the National Historic Register in 1974.   Phenomena       Visitors and staff have reported being physically touched along with hearing the sounds of multiple voices in the basement section that once served as a tavern. There have been cold spots and footsteps heard in an otherwise empty building. There has been a variety of odd activity reported in the attic area as well. One particular bedroom is rumored to house the spirit of a malevolent entity.     Orientation      We arrived at the Paine House on a chilly Tuesday evening to meet our hosts for the night and embarked on a tour of the museum. We were extremely impressed with the furnishings and artifacts, including a room containing various military pieces. Our base would be set up in the basement to limit contamination of evidence on the three floors above us.     Investigation        After equipment was brought into the basement, we accompanied a staff member upstairs where she would begin to point out certain areas we intended to focus on. Completely without warning or any intention to make contact, we recorded the voice of what seems to be a small child who is aware of our presence in the building on the handheld camera. This was not audible to any of at the time and it happens at 0:08.         Audio isolated   "I hear them...coming"          Ken, Dan and Shayna opened their session with an EVP/KII session on the second floor. This eventually would prove ineffective as both police and fire stations are adjacent to the Paine House. The joint dispatch headquarters for both is also in a neighboring building, and the resulting radio transmissions continually triggered the meter. As a result, this aspect of the session was abandoned.        The EVP session in this particular area - containing antique musical artifacts - yielded one very good result. While asking for some form of identification by using family names indigenous to the home, we captured this inquiry on recorder at 0:03.   "Who is it?" Repeat - isolated          The Paine House has been visited by psychics who have related their impressions to the staff there. One particular section of the second floor was reported to be a 'hot spot' of activity. This is a short hallway leading to a back bedroom which is claimed to contain a reputed malevolent spirit (again, via claims of the visiting sensitives). A lengthy session was conducted here with Ken inside the room and Dan and Shayna out in the hallway.        Normally we don't get overly excited about bangs and knocks, even when we request them as an audible response in keeping with reports of such, but this was interesting when three knocks came in response to Ken's request. Dan and Shayna hear them in the hall as well and identified them as coming from the wall directly in front of them. We are alone on the floor at the time.   Knocks in response          Conclusion        What we knew about the Paine House before our visit was strictly anecdotal in nature. We knew that it had been investigated prior to our visit and that the volunteers there have reported experiences that ranged from voices to movements on empty floors. Some claim to have an uncomfortable feeling when entering some of the rooms. Others have not had any profound paranormal experiences there at all.        The museum is a wonderful living tribute to local history and has been a labor of love for those who have worked tirelessly to preserve it. Our own experiences there strongly suggest there is indeed a level of validity to claims of paranormal activity there. The sheer amazement of hearing a child's voice on our handheld camera mic stands as enough proof to us that the Paine House is a haven for at least one entity that has chosen to maintain a presence there.        If we take it a step further though, the child-like words ("I hear them...coming") seem to signal an alert, but to whom? We might then surmise that this entity is in fact not alone at all. The idea that our presence is being witnessed speaks to the existence of an intelligent entity quite aware of living people in the home.        It is a fond hope that we are once again allowed to visit this intriguing and wonderful testimony to our celebrated past.