Our first year at Paine House proved to be sensational in terms of our own research and experiences, the positive attention it brought the house as we balanced the paranormal and history and bringing the public inside to take part in a “no frills” series of investigations. While the prospect of conducting an unbiased, controlled investigation with the public has its drawbacks and challenges, we were more than satisfied we did the best job possible under the circumstances we agreed upon. We now present two videos that resulted from our time there. The first is an episode of a locally produced show by NBC-10 called “Rhode Bytes” hosted by the very funny and talented Doreen Collins followed by some outtakes from its filming. 2011 also resulted in a documentary titled, "The Paine Chronicles" we produced for the Western Rhode Island Civic and Historical Society and was first shown in the Spring of 2012 at the Coventry Public Library. But the most dramatic result of the 2011 year was an appearance on the Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story" that documented some of our most compelling experiences there..