RISEUP PARANORMAL SYMPOSIUM PAINE HOUSE MUSEUM 7 Station St. Coventry, RI TWO SESSIONS: JUNE 2 OR JUNE 9, 2018 6-11 pm $25 per person (limited to 10 people each night)        The Rhode Island Society for the Examination of Unusual Phenomena (RISEUP) was founded in 2007  by Ken DeCosta, who has been investigating and researching claims of paranormal activity for over 40 years. A former high school and college baseball standout, Ken had another extracurricular interest, one that was decidedly non-mainstream before the advent of paranormal TV shows, the Internet and cell phones and was not as widely embraced as a legitimate or worthy pursuit. Nonetheless, he persevered in building his knowledge base and desire to be a first-hand arbiter and witness of the strange phenomena that existed in the world. In doing so, he created “The RISEUP Method” that combines elements of historical research, objective reasoning, interpersonal skills and environmental measurement to determine the cause and effect of reported hauntings.      For the first time, Ken will share the techniques and methods contained in the RISEUP Investigation Manual with the public. With over 600 investigations to their credit, 400+ of which involve visits to residential properties, you will learn not only the “nuts and bolts” of a RISEUP investigation from the initial contact to its resolution and hear stories and evidence from those locations, we will cover related areas such as:                                                                  The Interview Process      Records Search      Investigation Guidelines      The Psychology of the Client Relationship      Human Perception and the Paranormal      External (man-made and natural) Influences      Investigation Set-Up      Video documentation      Audio (ITC/EVP)      The Real Story About EMF      Proper Equipment Selection & Use      Data Analysis      Nature of Hauntings      Mediumship      Indoor and Outdoor Investigations      Misconceptions About the Paranormal Field      Media and the Paranormal      Ethics and legalities Pay here through pay pal            After this session, you will then investigate the iconic and active Paine House Museum in small groups over a three hour period of time. This is an interactive event so note-taking, comments and questions are encouraged.       
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