A young mother indicated to us that a series of very unusual events were occurring in her home. These incidents also were having a negative effect on her children.   RISEUP Investigators Present:      Ken DeCosta   David DeCosta     Chris Blanchette      Shayna Drinkuth David Grady Emily Severa Tom Stewart                                                                                                                                        Geographical and Historical Data             The area where the home is located is called Island Park, a seaside neighborhood that once was home to a grand amusement park (wherein the name comes from). In June of 1898, the Newport-Fall River Street Railway, or the Old Colony Street Railway started operations between the two cities. Island Park was Rhode Island's third longest surviving park, but that does not really speak for how long it survived. Shortly after its beginning operation, a summer colony and amusement park started. Thus began Rhode Island's only trolley park.      On the afternoon of September 21, 1938, an intense low pressure and seemingly unending rain developed into the worse natural disaster in New England history. A hurricane which missed Florida and had been forgotten, slammed into Long Island and traveled up the obliging Connecticut River valley, with winds reaching over 180 mph. The evidence of something strange happening was discovered in spurts.       Wind gusts reached Category 5 strength in eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts west of Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod. The anemometer at the Blue Hill Observatory registered a peak wind gust of 186 m.p.h. before the instrument broke. The hurricane lost strength as it tracked into interior areas of New England, but it is believed to have been at Category 2 intensity as it crossed into Vermont and at minimal Category 1 intensity as it tracked into Quebec. The storm killed over 600 people and its impact was strong enough to be recorded on seismographs in California and Alaska.        The impact to Island Park was complete devastation.      As a result of 30 to 40 foot breaker-type wave. Island Park was completely destroyed.      In terms of this particular home, it was part of the rebuilding effort and is but one of literally hundreds of smaller, cottage-style homes that now dot the landscape there. The case background was not as mundane.      The woman told us that she, her parents and siblings had all been plagued by supernatural events when she grew up in their home in Illinois. Things had gotten so bad there that it affected her parents marriage and her mother eventually moved away, blaming the home for much of their misfortune. (We did a check on the address with fellow AGS area rep Andie Prindable, who lives in that state. There was no information she could gather on the history of the location, and in fact, could not find a listing of the house at all. This did not necessarily signal an error. It could mean it simply no longer exists.)      The woman told us that many of the same phenomena she experienced as a child seemed to be manifesting itself again here. She was fearful something may have followed her or at least had lay dormant, triggered by some event or unconscious act she may have committed. Worse, her children were now experiencing the phenomena and it was having an adverse effect on everyone in the home. It had reached the level where she was starting to address whatever entities were present in a stern, yet pleading voice to leave her and her family alone.      Phenomena         One of the most interesting claims centered around a rocking chair in their living room that rocked by itself. More shocking was the report of it turning toward she and her daughter one morning and sliding across the room toward them.        There has also been one report of a dark figure standing behind the chair while one of the daughters was sitting in it one day.        There have been shadows seen around and about the house, particularly in the vicinity of a closet in one of the daughter's rooms. There also have been odd electrical occurrences in the master bedroom where their television has switched itself on and off by itself.        In the other daughter's room, an imprint of something that resembles a human shape has been seen on the bed covers.         There is a basic sense of foreboding in the atmosphere in and around the house.           Orientation      Our group arrived at 6 pm and took a walk-through of the home, viewing those areas we would concentrate our efforts on tonight. We would use a minimal camera setup in the small home, relying on handheld cameras, recorders and simple observation to determine the validity and nature of the alleged activity. Investigators would work in concert with each other, alternating sessions to eliminate audible contamination. This would mean leaving the house entirely in some cases while others went about their business inside.   Investigation        One of our first tasks was to examine the reported phenomena surrounding the rocking chair. To gauge any possible manipulation of the object, we placed a grid of tape under the rockers in front, back and side so we could clearly see through the course of the evening if the chair displayed any unnatural movement. A KII meter was placed on the seat to determine any fluctuation in the magnetic fields around it (left). A stationary camera was trained directly on it (right) in the possibility anything manifested itself in physical form behind it.          Over the course of the investigation, the chair did not vary its position in the slightest, nor did the KII behave in any way other than normal. There were no variations in the baseline readings. An EVP session was also held in the room, but like the other experiment, it yielded no positive results.        In the daughter's bedroom, an EVP session was performed in tandem with a silent vigil, in which investigators simply sat in silence and darkness and monitored any sounds, sights or feelings they could associate with unusual activity. Of particular interest was the closet door, where a shadowy figure of a person had been seen and the door had closed by itself on various occasions. A stationery IR camera was fixed on the door throughout the evening.              Like the living room, nothing anomalous was recorded on audio nor captured by video camera. We did find a high concentration of EMFs emanating from a light fixture located directly above her bed. This will be noted, though we are hesitant to point to it as a definitive reason for witnessing this type of phenomena in terms of any potential adverse effects it might have on brain wave patterns. The "bleed" from the fixture dissipates less than a foot away from the source.        There was also a session spent in the master bedroom where we would attempt to debunk claims of electrical interference with the TV and DVD player. We started by aiming our IR beams at the devices in an attempt to trigger their own IR detectors. This approach failed to produce the intended result. The entire session lasted a little over an hour.        In the older daughter's room, we also fixed a camera on the bed in an attempt to capture any unexplained indentations in the bedspread. EVP sessions were also conducted here. As was the case in every other room, we did not gather any data that would suggest anything anomalous occurred or anyone beyond our investigators was present at the time.                 The investigation concluded at 1 a.m.        Conclusion         One of the more unrealistic impressions regarding paranormal investigation is the notion that, armed with an impressive arsenal of equipment and knowledge, evidence is quite easy to gather and you more often than not always glean something substantial from each investigation. As anyone who has spent a great deal of time exploring the paranormal will tell you, this is not only unrealistic but completely untrue.        It is extremely difficult to make any type of assertion regarding the presence of the supernatural in a particular location given the small sample of time who is allowed to spend there. In many cases, the reports of activity are experienced over a period of years, perhaps decades. Sometimes by more than one set of occupants. No conclusion should be reached based on a few hours time in the location, whether the experiences are overt or non-existent.        It is quite apparent to us all that there is genuine concern about what has been happening in this home and our hosts seem honest and credible as they recount their experiences. While we could not present any hard proof to them on this particular night, we will continue to monitor the situation and will make ourselves available to them if our services are ever needed in the future.