We were contacted by a 43-year-old mother of twin 13-year-old sons (and a 23-year-old son not living there) who reported various odd occurrences in their home that she had begun to attribute to the supernatural. Buzzard's Bay on Cape Cod is about an hour's drive from us, so we set out to the house to try to bring some perspective to what they were all experiencing.   RISEUP Investigators Present:  Ken DeCosta                                                 David DeCosta                                                    Chris Blanchette                                                Geographic and Historical Background        Buzzard's Bay is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to the U.S. state of Massachusetts. It is approximately 28 miles (45 kilometers) long by 8 miles (twelve kilometers) wide. It is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and tourism. Since 1914, Buzzards Bay has been connected to Cape Cod Bay by the Cape Cod Canal. It is surrounded by the Elizabeth Islands on the south, by Cape Cod on the east, and the southern coasts of Bristol and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts to the northwest. To the southwest, the bay is connected to Rhode Island Sound. The city of New Bedford, Massachusetts is a historically-significant port on Buzzards Bay; it was the world's most successful whaling port during the early- and mid-19th century.         The name was given to this bay by colonists who saw a large bird that they called a buzzard near its shores. The bird was actually an osprey, and small numbers of osprey continue to breed along the shores of the bay.        The home was built in 1946, most from materials from demolished building at nearby Otis Air Force Base. It is a wonderful little bungalow-style home with 8-9 rooms and an upstairs. The house has obviously been remodeled and done so with excellent craftsmanship. Starting in the year 2000, walls have been broken down to expand the kitchen and to reconfigure the master bedroom. There is also a beautiful terrace garden outside the home done in feng-shui modem        There were at least 4 previous owners of the home that we could trace through land and tax records.        The house is located at the end of a dead end street which is adjacent to a nearby pond. The pond itself has a bit of history because of the drowning death in August of 1998.                Activity         The mother had feared that the activity surrounding the house was perhaps the cause of her twin sons experiencing stomach aches which resulted in hospitalization to both. Neighbors had reported overhearing noises coming from inside the home when no one was there. One neighbor in Florida received a psychic impression that there was a presence inside the home and felt so strongly about this that she called the owner to inform her of this.        There have been reports of a rotting odor as well as that of a flowery fragrance inside the home. There have been bangs on the side of the house, footsteps heard inside at night and on the second floor a door would open and shut by itself. The occupants also claim to hear what they describe as very faint voices, more than one, engaged in conversation.        The owner has witnessed shadows in the living room and more startlingly, a severed head floating down from the ceiling in the master bedroom. It was also there that a shadowy figure came directly at her in an aggressive fashion. She claims an overall feeling of "weirdness" inside her home.        The twins experienced nightmares and had difficulty sleeping in the room on the second floor - mainly out of fear of the area. The owner reports being pushed as she was coming out of her bedroom and walking down the hallway.        The first notion something might have been wrong was when one of the twins, as a baby, seemed to be looking up into the corner of the room at someone and engaged in conversation with them. This particular child was tested physically and psychologically by the mother to determine if there were any issues in either realm. The varied activity seems to occur a couple of times a month and her ex-husband also witnessed some very odd things while living there.     Investigation        We were joined by Deb Ahern from A-Team Paranormal which calls close-by West Barnstable, Ma. its home. We thought Deb's familiarity with and historical knowledge of the area would be a big assist to us.        We attempted to recreate many of the claims through normal means including the opening and closing of doors, which was not observed after manipulating them in both positions. The electrical wiring and plumbing were in particularly top-notch shape both in condition and in terms of code requirements. No abnormally high EMFs were recorded even in breaker or junction boxes. The wiring was very well-shielded in terms of potential electrical bleed issues.        We spent a great deal of time in both the master bedroom and the living room where the most bizarre claims had been made. As the severed head which she claimed floated from the ceiling was seen directly above a wall- mounted television set, it is not out of the realm of possibility that turning the TV off or shutting one's eyes while watching it might have resulted in a "burned-in" image of what was on the screen at the time. With that said, no unusual activity or documentation of such could be gathered in a very long session there.        Ken and Deb decided to sit in the living room in the same scenario in which she claimed to see shadows darting around in the hallway to her right. We reclined on the sofa, and turned the TV on just as she had described she had at the time. A camera was set up in the hallway to capture any possible movement. This did not yield any positive results, either. Again, however, while watching television with the lights low or off it is indeed possible that one could experience the illusion of moving shadows out of the corner of one's eye.        David sat up in the boy's room for an isolated session and reported no odd feelings or noises in the extended period of time he was there. The somewhat slanted ceilings do give a slight sensation of being closed in, but overall, there was nothing odd or unusual to report.        EVP sessions in each area likewise did not yield any positive results.     Conclusion        We know that some of the reported activity here can be attributed to a heightened state of anxiety already existing stemming from the notion that something supernatural is attached to the house. In these cases anything out of the ordinary will be assigned a paranormal value. We call this "stacking", as each incident will be placed on the stack that says "paranormal". Our jobs then are to peel away what is imagined or embellished and get to the root of the issue and discern which claims may indeed have substance to them.        On this particular night, we encountered a common factor in almost all investigations: coming in for a short period of time and attempting to draw a conclusion from that relatively small window of opportunity. Based on our investigation on this night, we cannot state that anything out of the ordinary was witnessed or documented. This does take not necessarily take away any validity from the claims being made, but for now they must go unsubstantiated, at least by us.        There was some concern that the tragic drowning death in the pond bordering the property might be a catalyst for some of what has been experienced, but we cannot even ascertain if the drowning took place anywhere near the property as the pond is quite expansive with many homes along its banks. This is probably just another leap of faith by a concerned mother. 1905 Area Map      The owner despite these claims insists she remains quite rational in her assessment of the odd occurrences, always seeking a normal explanation for them, which we applaud. There may also be a sort of empowering going on here by otherwise well-meaning neighbors and friends who make independent claims of their own. We cannot say for certain there is no validity to what they hear or see, or - in the case of the friend on Florida - what they feel, but if these stories continue there is no guarantee things will get any better emotionally for the family. One tip-off was the owner's questioning of what if any symbolism seeing a bat hanging from outside a bedroom window was. She was told the only symbolism was that the mosquito population would probably take a big hit, but such things are fairly common when people are already on edge.         The final point of interest to us was the materials used in building the home coming from a remote location, in this case an Air Force base. While we at least entertain the theory that energies can attach themselves to inanimate objects, we would need more proof that this is indeed the case in this particular situation.