An acquaintance of RISEUP investigator Tom Stewart contacted him about the unusual experiences a friend was having in his home in the Rhode Island's capital city. It turned out to be a most unusual evening.   RISEUP Investigators Present:        Ken DeCosta     Dave DeCosta        Chris Blanchette   Tom Stewart Dan Snizek                                                                                                                                        Geographical and Historical Data              The home is situated close to the former Fort Independence, originally Robin Hill Fort, located on Robin Hill. It was once connected by earthworks to Sassafras Hill Fort (1775 - 1810's) on Sassafras Point near the present- day Municipal Wharf. The fort has been restored and is now a park near Vermont and Michigan Aves.      The home is in a section of Providence that has a large college population. We know this not only because of its close proximity to the Johnson and Wales Dormitory, but also because we saw a great number of students in the streets making their way back to the dorms around midnight.      Structurally, there is little doubt that the house was a conversion from an original single family. The house is in fairly good condition though they have previously done some restoration work.  We learned that it was built in 1905 and was once home to a prominent doctor.      The owner had previously lived at the residence for 3 years and had actually moved away for 7 years before returning to live at the 3 story tenement. This was (ironically enough) the 7th year since his return. He has a very good relationship with his landlord, an elderly gentleman who lives on the first floor. The gentleman requires constant oxygen to assist with his breathing and lives a very sedentary lifestyle. Phenomena         Our client mentioned that he had experienced dreams about the house even while he was living elsewhere and would buy items in preparation for moving back there. Sometimes both tenant and landlord have friends who  stay there from time to time who have also experienced activity.        Activity on the first floor includes the doorbell ringing and finding no one responsible for doing so after an immediate check.          One of the more interesting claims centered around a mysterious fly infestation. Our client had arrived home one day to find the back door to the building wide open, which is something he adamantly insists is never done. As he entered the rear door he came upon “hundreds and hundreds of flies” on the hall window. They were so numerous that they actually blacked out a great deal of the window. He struggled his way through them with the intention of opening the top half of the window. “Just as I got the window open…..I noticed they were all gone!” He was looking at the window and knew they hadn’t escaped through the top but also couldn’t fathom how they could have all escaped through the back door at once. He describes the incident as having occurred in a matter of seconds.        More frequently, he hears footsteps on the third floor, an area that currently is unoccupied and serves as a storage area (below), but was at one time an active living area.  The footsteps are described as "pacing" and start at the front of the house and move toward the back.            He has also had a number of instances where he watched as the gate to the yard opened itself for him when he approached it (as if to welcome him home).      He also claims to see glimpses of things out of the corner of his eye. They were described as white and vaporous as opposed to shadows. When asked if he’d had experiences at any other points in his life, he shared the fact that for many years he’s seen someone sitting at the foot of his bed. He described a man with a bowler style hat and early 1900’s period clothing. He has never felt threatened by the man and assumes him to be a protector or guardian figure.       Orientation      Our initial meeting with the occupant took place at a coffee shop close to the location. The meeting was arranged by a mutual friend of Mr. Stewart's who also attended. Our client preferred to discuss the situation rather than rush into an investigation. This is a scenario that we embrace and encourage with potential clients, so it added to his credibility that he would prefer to approach this in such a manner. He obviously wasn't merely searching for attention.      We then followed him the 3 blocks to his house where Tom and Ken accompanied him on the initial walk- through. The investigation was then scheduled.      Our client intended to spend the evening in his room watching a movie with a set of headphones on. We arrived at approximately 6pm and were completely set up by 6:45. The kitchen area at the top of the back stairs was chosen as the base of operations and teams would be dispersed to the living room and on the 3rd floor. IR static cameras were set up at the bottom of the back stairs, with 3 on the 3rd floor.   Investigation        While Tom and Dave were assigned to the living room to look into the footstep phenomena, Chris and Dan were dispatched to the 3rd floor where they would conduct an EVP session in concert with a thorough walk- through. Ken took the first shift at the monitor. We began at 7 pm. By 7:50 pm, something highly unusual occurred. While sitting at the monitor, Ken heard a noise from outside the kitchen door in the stairwell. Dave also heard this from the adjacent living room and came out to see what had happened. Both checked the stairway and found nothing unusual or out of place and returned to their posts. If anything was there, or anyone entered the building, the static camera would have recorded it.        Upon review the following day, we watched in amazement as the wires that we had run from the kitchen to the stationary camera jumped from their position about 2 feet in the air (twice) and then came to rest. We were equal parts overjoyed and perplexed as we reviewed the footage. On the one hand, we see no one enter the home or walk out of the first floor apartment and we state with absolute certainty that no RISEUP personnel tampered with or touched the wires at this point in time as all were accounted for, paired up or in full view. On the other hand, the wires do run down the stairs and are viewed only partially as they turn the corner. Therefore, there is no way we can adequately discount any skepticism as to who or what caused the wires to jump as a good portion remain out of view. We therefore fully accept there are serious questions that will be asked as to the validity of what we recorded. The only way down the stairs is through the kitchen door and that was in a closed position during the monitoring session. The door cannot be fully closed as the wires created an obstacle, but we remain steadfast in our position that they were never physically touched by anyone in our party. With all that in mind, here is the video:              In terms of the reported 'fly infestation' on the first floor landing (the window is on the left at the top of the stairs in the video capture above), we noted that they did keep their trash receptacle bins just outside the side door though the manner and swiftness in which the flies were said to disappear is still puzzling. In most cases, the reason for any fly infestation occurs when organic material remains uncovered. We really didn’t get any indication that our client was trying to exaggerate the situation, though it did - admittedly - startle him. None of us has ever had the experience of seeing such a vast number of insects vanish in mere seconds, but it would be disingenuous to simply call the event paranormal with a wealth of other explanations available.        There are times when people overreact to these types of occurrences with their anxiety fueled in part by the symbolism of a fly infestation signaling the presence of demonic activity. While this plays a role in films like 'The Amityville Horror', this was a one-time occurrence and, while duly noted, is most likely explainable.        There were no knocks on any doors tonight despite our stated desire to any entities present to perform this for us. While we do not dispute the veracity of the resident's claims, there remains a distinct chance the culprits may be some mischievous college students or some playful neighborhood children. As we stated, the landlord on the first floor is not really very mobile and that might allow enough time for a potential prankster to come and go before he reaches the door. We have asked the residents to continue to monitor this and document dates and times of these types of occurrences to ascertain any pattern to them.        Examination of the backyard gate showed it to have solid hinges and a solid latch so we are limited for any alternative explanations concerning the claims of it opening by itself. We cannot rule out it being mis-latched or perhaps opened by someone else during the day. While our client for all intents and purposes seems to be a very fastidious gentleman not prone to leaving things out of order, he will continue to monitor this for us.        There were no sightings of any shadow figures, apparitions or 'corner of the eye' phenomena reported this evening by any of our investigators. If this continues to interrupt our client's sleep or proves to be disconcerting to any degree, we will focus our efforts even more on this situation.        Another phenomena reported is the footsteps on the empty third floor. We stationed investigators in the living room where much of this is heard. Ken, Dave and Dan pulled the duty there at at 10:20 p.m., we indeed heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps walking from one end of the building to another. This repeated again at 10:41 p.m.        Earlier in the evening, during our setup, we placed an audio microphone upstairs in an attempt to record anything anomalous there. We listened to the remote mic send back these sounds through our laptop on the floor below. We were all present at the time - no one was on the third floor. This is what we heard from upstairs on this 1:25 clip:     3rd floor footsteps          As stated, we heard more footsteps 20 minutes later. Again our remote microphone picked these up live:   Footsteps - 20 minutes later          When this activity ceased, we went to the third floor and found nothing moved or out of place. There are no overhanging tree limbs that might hit against the roof nor any windows, hatches or doors that might rattle with the wind (of which there was very little that night). Likewise there are no gutters or downspouts that might have been responsible nor electric wires that might bang against the house. We checked the attic space for signs of rodents or any animals that might have breached the roof, facia or eaves and found no scat or any visible sign of them. Our client confirmed that what we heard is exactly what he hears. The sounds originated from the front room (below) as he claims they always do.          The truly peculiar thing is that while one clearly sees the front room has a wooden floor, as you leave the room the rest of the hallway is carpeted. Despite that, we clearly heard footsteps that sounded the same - as if they were made on a wooden floor. Yet when we heard them above us, they were moving down that hall (below).            There are signs that the last inhabitants on the 3rd floor left sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. Photos were left behind as well as a few pieces of luggage and a bus ticket. There are some images painted on the walls of one of the rooms, but this most likely was done by a person or persons with an odd sense of humor and nothing more sinister than that. Our client wondered if perhaps there was more to it than a simple case of impressionistic art. We feel there is not.              Our remote microphone provided us with more interesting audio this evening. There were no female investigators present nor are there any females residing in the building - just two males on two separate floors. Yet during the course of the night, we recorded what is clearly a female voice upstairs that seems to be making an accusatory statement about a former tenant, a prostitute who was found dead very near the home some 35 years ago. This Class A EVP is heard at 0:02. As there were no investigators there, or questions asked, might this be a residual-type phenomena?   "She's just a whore"    Repeat - isolated          During an EVP/KII session on the third floor, Ken and Tom had a stroke of good luck when they recorded a cooperative entity's voice at 0:07 asking...   "How are you?"    Voice isolated           This final piece of video we're going to post comes under the heading of "make of it what you will". As we've stated in other case reports, we will not and can not state with any great degree of certainty what the device known as the 'KII Meter' is capable of doing when it comes to spirit communication. Like many groups, we do own a few and use them with an open mind, but with no small degree of skepticism. When using them in a 'yes/no' format, we try to ask a series of control questions to ascertain whether the spike might be random or coincidental.        We have had varying degrees of success with them in terms of collecting what can only be called either extreme coincidence or actual communication. This, obviously is complete subjective opinion. On this night we recorded a session that we think is interesting. Paranormal? Perhaps not, but we submit this video to the case file for scrutiny and as a documented event in this particular case.                    Conclusion          The reports we received from this particular location were very varied and ran the gamut from residual to intelligent activities. There are times when both present themselves in the same location. The challenge as an investigator then is to identify the source and nature of the activity and proceed accordingly. When preparing for any case, historical research is vital in formulating a plan before one enters a particular place, but it also has to be kept in mind that sometimes plans must change on the fly. One must be prepared to do so immediately.        While certain more overt claims (apparitions, fly infestation, etc.) did not produce themselves for our documentation or consideration, more subtle forms of activity did. Audio recordings fell into the residual and intelligent categories and the KII session did raise eyebrows enough to at least consider the possibility of communication.        The wiring incident related to our downstairs static camera is a bit more disconcerting to us. While there was really no reason to film the stairs heading down there, we certainly wish we did after viewing the footage. Given the amount of power used to drive the cameras, it is doubtful that any type of electrical surge was responsible, but given the lack of complete video coverage of the wiring, we can only speculate as to the source of the occurrence.         The next step might be to enlist the services of a psychic. As stated many times before, this is not standard procedure for this group and it will be under guidelines best suited for a competent inquiry. Our client has a stated interest in the metaphysical and we'd like to pair him with Sandra Lindsay to see if she can make a connection with his past and current situations. Our primary goal then is to try as best we can (given the dearth of information about previous occupants beyond "a doctor") to determine who lived here before and where we might look for more information. Surprisingly, there is  little we can gather from records, so we may need to go outside the box (and our own comfort zone) to do so.        The investigation proved to be one of our most fascinating and rewarding to date and we look forward to our return in the near future.