We returned to the private residence in Norton, Ma. yet again, but this time with a different tact in mind. This investigation would feature four investigators with no prior knowledge of the home nor any previous experiences there. It was hoped that taking this tact would provide us with more objectivity in our determination of the source and level of paranormal activity there. Joining us would be Christine Downes and Joe Chin from the TAPS Home Team to provide their own perspective on the home. RISEUP Investigators Present:    Marlaina Gaboreault Cody Ray DesBiens TAPS Home Team:                    Christine Downes Joe Chin   A-Team Paranormal:                 Deb Ahern Orientation       The investigators assembled by 7 pm and were given a walkthrough of the home along with an overview of the reported activity there by the homeowners and Ms. Ahern, who offered us the opportunity to assist her on this case months ago. There would be no elaborate surveillance setup as there was the first two times we visited the home, but a more manageable and simpler approach to our equipment utilization using exclusively hand-held gear.     Geographical and Historical Data   See original case file PR018   Phenomena   See original case file PR018        Adding to the reported phenomena have been our own more recent findings, which on our last visit centered around some rather intriguing motion detector activations and a disembodied voice in the basement area   Investigation        Joe Chin reported that as soon as he arrived at the client's home and not more than a few minutes after removing his coat, he felt as though something touched him on the right shoulder, not once but twice.        Cody DesBiens casually strolled into the dining room and reported he heard some odd noises. Joe eventually followed him in to corroborate this. It was agreed they were hearing either footsteps or a series of knocks that originated on the second floor. As this was happening, Cody and others requested the sounds become more focused and deliberate and they appeared to do so upon request. \       As the entire group listened to the walking or knocking sounds, some seemed to be coming from the stairway area. This seemed to continue at least sporadically for the duration of the investigation. They described these sounds as if someone or something unseen continued to walk about. This type of experience had been reported by the client on many previous occasions but this time we were able to hear them for ourselves. A recorder at one point captures these sounds with some level of clarity.   Footsteps recorded on second floor      Deciding to put this to the test during one of the EVP sessions, the group conducted an experiment which consisted of Joe walking up and down the stairs multiple times. As he climbed the stairs the rest of the team would instruct him to stop as soon as they heard the footsteps that seemed to accompany his own. The second time he climbed the stairs and was again told to stop he reported a breathy male voice in his right ear telling me to stop as well. Joe reported a chill going through him and all agreed the voice was loud enough that the rest of the team heard it as well.        A number of interesting, if not fully definitive evidential points resulted from these sounds. As is usually the case in such matters, it is vital to make the effort to dismiss these sounds as anything other than paranormal in order to move forward in the investigation process. This is typically done by trying to eliminate the potential randomness of sound by endeavoring to interact with the source. The goal is to determine if there is an intelligence behind the noise and whether or not it is being used as a type of communication or not.      The investigators set out to do this and the results, while inconclusive, nonetheless exhibited somewhere between a wildly coincidental or definite series of responses. From a simple request to repeat the knocks on demand or with the age-old "shave and a haircut" approach, the recordings gave us enough to hold our interest.   Return knock on request 1 Return knock on request 2   Shave and a haircut 1 Shave and a haircut 2      By 7:50 p.m. the group descended to the cellar and started an EVP session.  They would remain there for about thirty minutes, then return to the kitchen and eventually to the second floor. While in the basement, Joe Chin's recorder captured something interesting to us. On our previous visit we heard the disembodied voice of a female with some clarity while doing an EVP session in this same area when asking about the former carriage house on the property (now the garage/workshop). Here is that recording from 11/16/12   "I'm good"        What Joe recorded appears eerily similar to that voice. While this was not heard audibly, the tone and tenor is quite the same. We are not certain what exactly triggered this response but we believe gratitude is being expressed.   "Thank you"        During this session, a different recorder also captures this voice.   "Thank you" - second recorder      At 8:30 p.m.  Investigators went up to the second floor (EVP session) for a short time, then returned to the kitchen for a short break, leaving their recorders running on the second floor. The second floor EVP session then continued.  During this time, footsteps/knocking continued and this time could be felt through the floor and walls.        It was during this session that Deb Ahern reported seeing a face through the second floor master bedroom window (below). It could not be determined if it were that of a male or female, but this particular claim had been made by the homeowners but until this point in time, could not be validated or substantiated by our own experiences. This is perhaps the most puzzling occurrence during our efforts there. It is certainly the most stunning from a visual perspective.            Break around 10:00 p.m.       Around 10:15 p.m. Marlaina laid down in family room as she announced she was not feeling well. The remainder of the group retired to the third floor to conduct yet another EVP session. They continued this for thirty more minutes.       As this was a weekday night, and out of respect to the homeowners work schedule the following day, everyone was packed up and had left by 11:05pm.  Ms. Ahern, having a long drive home, had made arrangements to stay overnight. More loud footsteps on the front stairs, knocking, and shadow figures were reported during her overnight stay. Conclusion  We believe our approach here was sound by bringing in a different set of investigators, including Christine and Joe, who had no real knowledge or internal discussion about the home. Their perspective and the independent manner in which they set about trying to investigate the house was gratifying as much as it was enlightening to us.        Many of the claims set forth by the homeowners were corroborated tonight and this seem to be growing in frequency and scale as our visits become more recurrent. Whether there is a sort of comfort that is developing there with those of us seeking to establish a link can only be pure speculation at this point in time and we must take care to ensure each visit remains one of discovery and clarity without sacrificing respect for the home and its occupants both living and dead. This remains to us something more than simply an evidence gathering endeavor.