At the owner's request, we returned for a fourth visit to the home in Norton, Ma. to continue our case study on the location. Keeping with our previous approach, we would rotate a new set of investigators into the house.      Again we would be joined by Deb Ahern of A-Team Paranormal who initiated this particular case and requested our assistance.   RISEUP Investigators:     Ken DeCosta David Grady       Shayna Drinkuth       Orientation        We introduced David and Shayna to the home owners are conducted a walkthrough of the location. We would focus on the stairway and second floor where a great deal of audible phenomena took place during the group's prior visit to the home. Digital stationary cameras were set up and augmented by digital recorders in those areas.     Investigation              Focusing on the stairs and second floor of the home, we began to run EVP sessions almost exclusively to engage in the type of audible phenomena that was experienced on our last visit to the house. It was hoped that by doing so, we might receive a repeat of the same and test/solidify the notion that a line of communication was expanding.        A host of compelling audio data was obtained and upon review it appears this area of the house does indeed seem to stand out as a source of increased audio interaction. In this clip, Ken DeCosta asks if this particular spot in the house holds some significance we cannot yet determine and if the staircase is a constant path of travel. At 0:06 of this clip submitted by Shayna Drinkuth, we seemed to have recorded a spirit beckoning to us at this time.   ""           The owners claim to have heard singing on multiple occasions at the home but we have as yet to document and validate such claims. This appears to have ended this evening when we (as we have constantly done) placed a recorder near the first floor den where these reports originate from. We are all accounted for on the second floor and the home owners are under our watch at this time as well.   Singing - first floor   Voice isolated           A recurring theme has been the presence of a carriage house (since converted to a garage/workshop) and the keeping of horses on the property in the late 1800s/early 1900s. In past visits, we feel this has elicited a response, so we persisted in that line of questioning. This clip not only again reinforces that as fact but we feel narrows the scope down even further as the number of horses kept at one time there is revealed.   "Six" horses   Voice isolated          Shayna had perhaps one of the more successful EVP sessions in recent memory if indeed "success" is based solely on evidence recorded. In this next clip, David Grady is the questioner and requests an interaction with one of our devices placed on the stairway as we attempt to document any environmental changes. A voice is recorded that, in our opinion, declares its presence among us. After repeated reviews and shares with objective listeners, we have a consensus that at 0:02 seconds a voice separate from our own states...   "I'm with you"   Voice isolated           With an array of persuasive audio phenomena already submitted, we now come to perhaps the most bizarre of all. While we were setting up for our initial session and with all investigators together and in plain sight and with the homeowners location of presence fully accounted for, we recorded a distinct human whistle from a spot inarguably close to our recorder. Again, some of us are heard conversing, but all are present and not in any way responsible for what we heard on our data review. What makes this even more fascinating is what we would subsequently learn about a previous resident some time later. Out of respect for privacy, we cannot reveal more than that, but suffice to say it made more sense if not total validation out of this particular event. The sound was captured on two different recorders set up in the area, one louder than the other signifying its point of origin which would be right in the center of the group. The second recorder was outside this circle of people.   Whistle - recorder 1   Whistle - secondary recorder          The investigation came to an end at approximately 12:15 am.     Conclusion        As was the case with the prior investigation, we were treated to a wide range of audible phenomena. Unlike the previous visit, these were of the EVP/low frequency variety rather than anything audible. It does seem as though our continued presence has triggered a more open and interactive response to our conversations, statements and questions. We feel this has become a more common result in locations we visit multiple times. We cannot state with any degree of certainty that a familiarity or comfort with our presence is being displayed, but our initial take on it is a feeling that this most definitely is the case. The data being gathered on sites where multiple investigations occur are beginning to reinforce that premise.      A contact was made a few months after this investigation by a family who had previously resided in this house. Some extremely important, personal and fascinating information was shared that promises to take this on-going investigation in revealing new directions. We will continue to maintain complete confidentiality as to the identities of all involved, but we seem to be making headway toward finding more definitive answers as to what the nature and intent of the activity here is all about.