We received a call just before 10pm on March, 8 2010. A woman told us that she, her husband and their three daughters have been plagued by a series of paranormal attacks and other unsettling phenomena for over two years. They had previously sought the assistance of a local paranormal group but felt they did not serve her family's best interests. Her doubts centered around what she termed unprofessional behavior and lack of communication.      She had previously consulted with a demonologist who wanted to be compensated in the amount of  $350 to travel from NY to RI. When they informed him they could not afford to pay his expenses, he advised them to conduct their own investigation. She claims this produced a series of terrifying EVP including growls, voices and entire phrases being recorded. The catalyst for her calling RISEUP was her fear about the increase of the frequency and severity of the attacks. She had been admitted to the hospital the morning of March 8th after waking up with a strange pain in her hip. An examination showed it to be a dislocation. No symptoms or pain were felt the night before, forcing her to conclude that it must have occurred while she slept. This is the second such dislocation in as many weeks as she had woken up several days earlier with a dislocated shoulder and scratching in the same general area. For this, she indicated that she was also hospitalized and that she could provide documentation.        RISEUP Investigators Present:   Ken DeCosta                                                       David DeCosta                                                         Chris Blanchette                                                   Julie DeMay                                                    Tom Stewart        Weather conditions: Clear, low 40s     Orientation              We were greeted at the complex by our client and her three daughters. There was no suitable location to send the girls for the night and we decided to work around this issue to the best of our ability. The client's husband was at work on his later shift. What immediately struck us what the friendliness and excitement that the daughters demonstrated toward our arrival, which at first glance seemed to run in sharp contrast to a family living in constant fear. Our presence in many children might have signaled the potential of a frightening experience to follow, but it was quite the opposite - they immediately embraced us which was rather telling. In fact, at various points of the night they expressed a desire to participate in the investigation.        The apartment is on the second floor of the complex and each condominium hosts two dwellings. There is then, another tenant on the first floor. It is a very open apartment with connecting dining, kitchen and living room. All three girls sleep in the same single room. EMF readings in the kitchen are high in many areas - 12-inch bleed from fuse box Less than 6 inch bleed from stove, coffee maker, rear of fridge and thermostat which fall into the "typical" bleed range.  Bedrooms have little EMF bleed from electrical sockets and thermostat (children's room).        The client is a very engaging and friendly woman who is eager for validation of her and her family's experiences. She has provided two pictures of the injuries she claims she has suffered at the hands of this "entity".                                               Scratches on neck upon awakening one morning           Separated shoulder from push on stairway         Geographical and Historical Information         The client is 37 years old and has never been diagnosed as having any skeletal or muscular afflictions. These sorts of things are not unfounded and it was suggested that she continue to search for medical answers first. The odds of two such events occurring in such close proximity is strange considering she is - by her account - an otherwise medically healthy person. She is also adamant that she has not been prescribed or is taking any sort of muscle relaxer, pain-killer or sleeping aid, some of which have been known to contribute to these sorts of dislocations or luxations during sleep as pain resulting from awkward movements or sleeping positions are sometimes masked by the drugs.        The first of these attacks took place while living in Revere, MA. It occurred in July of 2009. The exact day couldn’t be specified. Upon awakening one morning, she found a very deep bruise on the inside of her arm. She indicated that it was deeper than common skin bruising, became dark black in color and was shaped in the likeness of a small hand. When asked her if she had ever seen an example of frostbite, she indicated that she had and that there was a similarity in the color. She further indicated that this would have been a particularly difficult area to have accidentally bumped or pinched and was certain that no one had grabbed her in a violent manner. The was not present when she went to bed the night before.            She expressed to us that the attack may have had some relation to a friend’s former girlfriend- a Puerto Rican woman who was known to be involved in “Santorini” (sic) and Black Magic. (Note: She was obviously referring to Santeria, a religion less popular in Puerto Rico than in neighboring Cuba, but still very widely practiced.) While there were no initial hostilities between the couples the client always sensed some hint of jealousy, particularly for the fact that she had children and this woman was incapable of conception. Our client speculated that this might have a catalyst for this woman’s problems with alcoholism. Their mutual friend broke things off very abruptly with this woman just before the bruising took place. They have not heard from her since. No photographs were taken of the injury.         She then took the time to give us some background information about an unfortunate incident in her family's past in that her father had committed suicide. She shared this because she senses him as a positive (spiritual) influence in the house. They were very close and at times, she even detects the fragrance of his cologne.         Around this time a variety of other activity was affecting both the property and the clients. There were various electrical malfunctions. Lights would turn on and off or even strobe. The television would change channels with the remote control sitting unattended directly in front of them. Their bed would shake at night and sometimes they would see a tall black mass walk by the bedroom door. They would also hear hissing, growling, scratching and banging throughout the house, particularly at night. Many of these things, particularly the hissing, growling, scratching and banging, still occur at the current location in North Andover.        The client also indicated that she did not feel like herself during that time. The term "spiritual oppression" was used by her, completely unsolicited. Her husband also described looking at her and seeing someone else’s eyes. In this matter they sought the assistance of a local church in North Reading, MA. and on August 1, 2009 the client underwent the rights of Christian Deliverance. No further activity was experienced between this time and Christmas of the same year.      Phenomena          It was also after August 2010 and after moving to No. Andover that the more severe of the physical attacks began to happen. On two separate occasions in Sept/ Oct. she was knocked down and as a result injured her wrist. On another occasion she felt she was choked (photo at top of page). It was after the choking incident that she contacted a local paranormal group. The clients still conducted audio sessions though afterwards they felt they had made their problem worse. On a separate occasion, they came home to find the kitchen littered in objects that were taken off counter tops or removed from cabinets and drawers and strewn about the floor. A galls cover was among the objects but remained unbroken on impact. The client took a picture of the objects. (below).                              Other reported phenomena includes a figure seen inside the girl's bedroom the youngest describes as "looking like the Grinch", the youngest child awakening with scratches on her neck and arms, and discovering a makeup basket had been tossed onto the floor (below).          A standup pivot-style mirror in the master bedroom has been reported to flip up and down and change positions by itself                In addition, the client has acknowledged hearing disembodied footsteps inside the apartment, shadows that pass by (particularly in one case where the husband noticed someone moving inside the bathroom while he showered with the curtain drawn one morning), anomalous voices and objects that seem to have moved out of place.        A picture of a face on the other side of a sliding glass door to a patio area was captured on a photo taken by the client. She no longer has this picture in her possession.     Investigation         A great deal of time was spent inside the children's room and stationary video cameras were set up there to be monitored throughout the course of the investigation. EVP sessions were conducted and readings were constantly observed to detect any environmental changes.        We spoke to the girls in terms of their own experiences and two things became very clear. The two youngest girls sleep together in the same bed and one, according to the oldest daughter, is a very restless sleeper who dominates the bed. This might account for the marks on the neck and arms of the other as she may be struck or scratched unintentionally while sleeping.        The other is the sighting of "The Grinch" near their closet door. When asked when she saw this creature, the youngest replied "around Christmas" which may easily explain the resemblance and appearance of what has always been a holiday cartoon staple of children everywhere.        No video or audio evidence was captured in this particular room otherwise during any session by varying groups of investigators.        The master bedroom was a slightly different story. Two separate groups of investigators conducted KII/EVP sessions inside and at first it seemed very much like the responses were consistent and clear that some harm was intended to the family via the meter's reactions to the questions that were posed. Over 50% of the time, we were receiving what appeared to be intelligent interaction. Further questioning however may have indicated that the meter was quite possibly a victim of some sort of electrical interference from an outside source, very possibly originating from the apartment below. This is why all KII sessions must be scrutinized lest one be misled by coincidence or expectations. With a client already in a heightened state of anxiety about her and her family's situation, it was decided not to submit this video as evidence of any sort. It is presented here as a cautionary tool for anyone overly desperate for proof at the expense of rational assessment. Our goal is to alleviate fear, not to enhance it irresponsibly.            The first group of investigators inside the master bedroom (Julie, Chris and Tom) kept hearing a female voice inside the room and while video footage display their reactions to it, it was not captured on audio recorders clearly enough to submit as indisputable evidence.        The mirror that seems to spin into various positions is on a pivot type swivel and while it can be easily adjusted to any position, we can not adequately explain why it would do so on it's own with satisfactory reasoning.        The face caught in a photograph from the sliding glass door all but assuredly is a symptom of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon or the Moon rabbit, and hearing hidden messages on records when played in reverse. It may simply be a reflection of the face of the person snapping the picture and can also result from a glass surface being less than clean which also contorts light and shadows as demonstrated here by David while holding a light to the door.            While our client old some compelling stories and her husband supports her claims, the children's have a hint of suggestion involved within theirs. Our client speaks of herself as having "abilities" to see into future events and claims she has had this gift since childhood. Perhaps these occurrences center around her.        We ended our investigation and review without being able to submit any type of solid evidence to substantiate her claims. We do know from our conversations that she is afraid for her family and would like the activity to end. Before we left we led her, her husband and the oldest daughter in a session designed to empower them and to take claim of their home by addressing whatever enitity(s) may be present and letting them know in no uncertain terms that they are no longer welcome. In situations like these it is best to advise the subjects they should not allow themselves to accept they are victims and that assertion is needed. Whether the message gets through to the spirit world we cannot be certain immediately, but at worst, the affirmation can be quite empowering to the living habitants of the house. We left with assurances we would be available to return if our services were needed again or if the activity continued to an unacceptable degree.   Conclusion        There is an extreme possibility that the client has some sort of physical disorder - though those maladies which are known to cause sudden or increased bruising are generally blood disorders and are usually very severe and commonly tested for during a routine physical. The client indicates that she has been undergoing observation for such a disorder but all results have been negative. We have not, nor have we asked to see, credible documentation of these visits as this is a private health matter covered by the HIPPA act.. From a medical POV, dismomnia (difficulty sleeping) is, in adults, generally triggered by hypertension and/or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. As indicated in our Pre-Investigation Profile, the client certainly has factors which may contribute to both. She is a married mother of 3 who recently (within the past few years) did have a very traumatic event happen in her recent adult life.          We support her continuing these observations and promoting clean, healthy living as one way to help overcome the depression caused by the haunting.         We have been leaning heavily toward the possibility that the client is suffering from REM Sleep Disorder (RSD). RSD causes those who suffer from it to physically act out the contents of their dreams and can be quite dangerous for both sleeper and partner when in association with night terrors. When we proposed the prospect of some sort of disorder some months ago and inquired into her openness to such a thing, she indicated that she'd already undergone a sleep study for her nightmares at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center which turned up negative for any sort of disorder. Based on the length and thoroughness of our previous conversation about this topic and her insistence in being up front about everything, I find it extremely suspect that she would overlook mentioning having undergone a serious sleep study - though we also can't rule out the remote possibility that it was mentioned and somehow escaped being noted.        In terms of her reported psychic ability, we suggested she might want to speak to someone who would be better able to counsel her on this, someone who also has grown up with the gift of clairvoyance and could better guide her through the experiences and visions she claims to have, some of which are of a unpleasant nature (dreams as a harbinger of death for example).        We put her in contact with such a person, someone who we have faith in and who has experience in helping people come to grips with and focus their abilities. When our client could not decide on a date for them to meet, our contact sent a questionnaire simply to acquire some background to be filled out at our client's convenience. She failed to do so and to our knowledge has never pursued this avenue any further after initially being very excited at the prospect. Her final word to us on this matter was to say that while she hates the gift as it brings on some very disturbing images, she doesn't want it to completely go away. That type of contradictory statement turned out to be consistent with some of her others. We were left in a quandary as to we how me might continue to assist her. We have had no further contact with the family, despite their stated appreciation for our efforts.