It had been assumed that in time an extended family member would contact RISEUP. These were relatives of Ken and Dave from Somerset, Ma. We were made aware that their daughter had what she considered to be a paranormal experience one night some years ago when she was a young teenage girl. The subject is now 24 years old and still resides there with her parents. It was, in fact, her parents that made contact with us to request an investigation on this property.        There were several intriguing aspects to this case. Foremost is the alleged activity itself which came in the form of an apparition. More compelling is the fact that in this case there were two corroborating witnesses, friends who were staying over that night. By sheer coincidence, one of these girls was at the house this particular night. The age of the girls at that time was also given consideration as they were both at a point in their lives in which, it has been theorized, some females become something of a "lightening rod" of paranormal activity. Whether this is a psychological or physiological effect remains open to great speculation, but it peaked our interest nonetheless. Because it also involved a family member, it became a priority.        Lastly, it was reported that a gravesite is located on the property. It has been assumed by the homeowners that this "plot" was the final resting place of someone who previously had lived in this dwelling. The task of determining the accuracy of this claim would fall to Chris Blanchette who has an extensive background in preservation archeology and Jay McCray who is our group's expert on historical gravesites.        Going in, we knew this would prove to be something of a challenge to the group as the homeowners would not be asked for any special considerations and would go about their business as usual this Friday night. Extraneous noise then would be a factor in that regard, although certain areas of the house would be free of such disturbances.      ~Atmospheric Conditions~             Temperature: 62 degrees F             Humidity: 37%             Wind Speed: 10-15 mph Investigators: Ken DeCosta,                            David DeCosta,                         Ryan Lantini,                               Chris Blanchette,                      Jay McCray                       Adam Perry   Orientation 6:22 PM – Preparations for the investigation at the home began. All equipment was packed up and we headed out to the site. 7:30 PM – Arrived at the site and after introductions took a perimeter walk outside going directly to the gravesite on the property. We all noted that the property is adjacent to and in some cases, directly underneath high-tension power lines. The subsequent EMF readings will be off the chart especially out near the gravesite. Because of this, there is also the possibility that electromagnetic hypersensitivity might have contributed to the reported experience, but as not every person is susceptible to this condition, this theory can only remain a point of speculation. 8:00 PM – Went back inside and spoke with the owners of the property and discovered that their daughter had her first paranormal experiences in the home with two other adolescent girls present. Her initial reaction to the "sighting" seemed to be that of nervous concern. There seemed to be a genuine sincerity to their claims. 8:30 – We took initial baseline EMF and temperature readings of the home in the “hot spot” where the alleged activity seemed to be centered. The sweep resulted in some very high EMF readings that ranged from 3-5 mg. The den had a computer and TV with stereo and VCR as well as an active fish tank and fan. All of these items gave off a decent amount of EMF readings. The team that did the basement baselines got readings around 3 as well. Clearly with the High Tension Power Transmission Lines and the presence of so many appliances we will have to expect to see high readings and can only hope to find some significant changes in the readings. The main focus therefore will center around EVP and HI8 camera work. (The high EMF readings again suggests the possibility of sensitivity to these fields.)   Investigation        The groups were broken up and Jay and Adam went down into the basement with a KII meter, IR Thermometer, EMF meter, a HI8 night-shot camcorder and digital camera. For about an hour they questioned and listened seeming to not find anything out of the ordinary. They did record a temperature fluctuation of about 15 degrees at one point but nothing else substantial. One note: vehicles that pass by the house illuminate the basement through the windows creating shadow effects. They will also cause extraneous noise that will be picked up on any EVP recordings. Jay and Adam were later joined by Dave for a little while. After an hour they changed positions with Chris and Ryan and moved outside to the location of the gravestones.        Previous to the switch, Ryan and Chris were outside at the gravesite attempting to determine the relative age of the stones and any religious or cultural significance to their appearance. According to Chris, the grave stones were for a single grave in the Quaker style of burials. There were two stones that demarked the head and feet locations. Both of the stones were unmarked and the head stone was broken. As suspected, EMF readings were to the extreme in this area. In the positive, it was hoped that the presence of the high energy fields might actually assist us in possible spirit contact. Chris had set up a controlled experiment at the gravesite in which a stone was placed near a head marker and a request made to any spirit present to move the stone. Movement would then be recorded.        David had decided to spend some time in the den alone and set up a controlled experiment in which he set a computer chair on a specific spot and marked that spot relative to a table in the room and left the camera running. The purpose being to entice any spirit who might be present to show their presence by moving or manipulating an object. This was in fact the room in which the apparition was reported.   9:30 - Jay, Dave and Adam go to the site of the old gravestones near the power lines to do more general investigating. Photographs of the general site and the stones were taken and an attempt is made to record what they can outside. Due to the increasing wind and passing vehicles, it remained a challenge to get clear results. After some time here they returned to the house and went into one of basement bedrooms for a session as the groups changed personnel.        Ryan and Chris at this point are in a basement bedroom documenting their experience on video and performing EVP work. There appears to be no discernible activity there at this point. 10:30 - Chris, Dave and Adam return to the basement and set up a camera in one of the bedrooms there. It was focused on the rocking chair and an attempt was made to call on any beings present to move it. During an EVP session, Adam placed his hand on a wall and distinctly felt a cobweb sensation across the hairs on the back of his hand. As he pulled his hand away the feeling subsided. Adam made an effort to debunk this sensation by putting his hand back up for a while. This time he reported his hand began to get pins and needles. Although it felt different than the first time, it’s certainly possible it was just a circulation issue. The only collaborative evidence we have is that Dave also felt this cobweb sensation on his ear. After we had spent a bit more time down in the basement we ended the night and collected our gear.  We thanked the generous hosts and headed home to review the information we had gathered.        After going through the evidence we had collected with an emphasis on digital recordings and video a few minor things were noted, most centering around Adam who had the personal experience of feeling like he was touched. David also experienced the same sensation, but the possibility of suggestion has to be considered. On one of the digital pictures Adam took in the basement there was a faint mist-like anomaly on it. The picture has been noted and remains under review by the team. We also reviewed the mini-DVD that Adam had recorded and that he felt contained something a bit stranger. A few minutes into it there is what seems to be an audible "grunt" and then what he thought looked like yet another mist. The strangest and most compelling evidence might be when he asked a question and immediately afterwards received a faint response that sounded like “no” on the camcorder's microphone. Unfortunately, this cannot be corroborated by any other device in use.        As this video was taken in the basement, dust or condensation must be considered as a possible source of the mist, although the still photograph showing what appears to be another mist is somewhat compelling if not entirely convincing based again on the possibility of dust/condensation in the area.        Some light was shed on the head and footstones located on the property. This was most likely done in those times when a family member who had passed had the viewing of the body right inside their own homes. Burial on the property was certainly not unusual in those times before evolving health regulations helped to all but eliminate this practice. It should also be noted that our research shows that as the Quakers focused more on the spiritual aspects of life, it is not unusual for their gravestones to go unmarked as they merely contain the mortal remains of its occupant. The current homeowners found this information quite interesting and educational.   Conclusion        Considering all this data and the one shared personal experience, we cannot make any definite claim of a haunting. In terms of the alleged apparition sighted by the girls, one cannot rule out the possibility of a shadow from a passing vehicle or some other object mistaken for a human shape. It would not be inappropriate to suggest an over-reaction might have taken place . However...        The one thing we take away from this case is the hesitancy of the daughter to recount her own experience in more detail with us. Ordinarily, this might be a signal for a possible fabrication or as an experience that as time passed and maturity took its natural course, was eventually determined by those present to be nothing more than their own imaginations getting the better of them. In this case, her parents in our interview process told us "she didn't like to talk about it". This was borne out in her seeming lack of interest to do so with us as she and her friend were heading out for the evening. Her friend, however, did not hesitate as they were leaving to blurt out "yeah, we all saw something" before she was hustled out the door.