Our second investigation took place at a local residence in Tiverton, R.I. The house has been in the possession of the homeowners family for two generations and is currently being rented out to a family of four and a couple living in an apartment on the second floor. The names of the tenants and the location of the property will be withheld at their request.       Geographical and Historical Data        There have been some structural additions to the building to create the existing home from a small building that once served as an office for a local oil company (a company that still exists but has obviously changed their location). The original wood paneling from the actual office space remains in a room now serving as a bedroom. A brick garage that once housed the companies trucks now houses a number of antique cars, some in pristine condition and others salvaged or wrecked waiting to be fixed.  The conversion from office to home took place over a period of years from 1989 to 1994.   Orientation        This was a particularly exciting investigation as it was our first time together as a full group. Four of us (Ken, Ryan, Jay, and Dave) arrived at the property around 7 pm. Chris would arrive around 9 o'clock. a briefing took place as the case had come through Ken and Dave and not everyone was acquainted with the surrounding circumstances. Following this, Jay and Ryan took the K-II, ambient temperature thermometer, and the IR Surface Thermometer and observed the baselines inside and outside of the house/basement and garage while mapping sketches of the places of interests which they would later give to Chris to draft on the computer:                     1)Areas of concentrated EMF                     2)The configuration of power-lines running overhead                     3)The materials used in the construction of the house (wood paneling, vinyl siding, concrete for the foundation of the house, granite and brick and mortar for the garage)                     4)Doors, windows, walls, light switches, etc.....             At the same time Ken and Dave met with the tenants and discussed areas of interest and possible activity and surveyed the property in that regard.      We all met back in the family room as  we'd decided to use this room to set up our base.    We were limited to running a stationary I.R. camera in the living room and camcorder in office/bedroom under lighted conditions.     Investigation        Ryan spent the first shift monitoring the cameras, Ken and Chris went into the basement, while Jay and Dave went to the garage (as these were areas of concern).        After an hour in each location the team reassembled and changed combinations of partners and locations in order for each investigator to work with all the others and to experience as much of the property as possible. We repeated this process from 10pm to 2am when we were set to wrap up the investigation.        In this time we exhausted various parapsychological methods. At times we would simply sit in the darkness with our cameras, snapping pictures, rolling the HI-8 cams, and relying on the stationary audio recorders to pick up sounds.        As the night went along we all began to ask questions with the hopes of capturing responses on our handheld digital audio recorders.         The night began rather quickly as Dave and Jay observed a strange EMF spike. Dave was holding the K- II and ran it over a series of plastic barrels and a recycling bin that sat in the corner of the garage (picture below).  The lights of the meter unexpectedly jumped and (over a period of about 10 seconds) continued to run the spectrum from green to red, an effect that could only be created by a pulsating energy source.       This was not a malfunction or misuse of the device as the trigger/button was held fast by pen cap to assure a slip of our fingers could not produce a false reading. We've adopted this as a standard practice when using this device.             The basement also produced some strange K-II spikes.       First and foremost, this particularly basement (like most older basements) was a hotbed of EMF with a myriad of exposed wires, pipes, telephone boxes, a furnace, a water-heater, and fuse box.        While the K-II was at a consistent level at the time of the spikes it can be speculated that some surge may have set it off.  It has been observed that exposure to concentrated EMF can produce psychoactive or negative physical responses in instances where individuals are hypersensitive.      This is a rare condition and is unstable ground for admitting or dismissing paranormal claims without conducting further research into the possibility that the person who's experienced the phenomenon is hypersensitive. Documenting a source and cause of EMF spikes Jay with the K-II in the basement         We feel it is important that we don't reveal any opinions about our evidence until we have all seen, watched, or listened to it individually - free of suggestion. This is particularly important in reviewing and presenting EVP (and other unidentifiable sources of noise) as once a phrase or word is suggested it becomes difficult to hear the sound as anything else.              The investigation took place in part as a training exercise and proved to be a good first step toward acclimating ourselves to residential settings.     Conclusion          Because of the absence of any reports of this type of activity at the house and no report of any malevolence toward the family, we feel given those circumstances, that it is in the best interest of the clients to relieve themselves of any thoughts of the presence of activity there..          This opinion is given subjectively as there have been reported cases of hauntings where people, looking to make contact with spirits of the departed, open themselves up to tricksters and other inhuman entities. While the clients did have several passive claims, their open-mindedness to the paranormal, and willingness to allow us to investigate indicate that discretion is needed at this location and that any further investigation or provocation could result in a preoccupation with looking for something that may not actually exist.