We were contacted by a young couple in the Whaling City who were experiencing some very unusual activity in their lovely old home near the historic Waterfront District. Especially distressing was the fact that their three daughters were equally concerned and affected by the disturbances. They had just recently moved into the neighborhood and had a slight level of apprehension regarding an investigation, fearing their girls might be made fun of or looked upon unfavorably at school or have difficulty making new friends.      We assured them that our role in this would be conducted as we do all private cases - with compassion and in total confidence and discretion.   RISEUP Investigators Present:         Ken DeCosta   David Grady   Tom Stewart  Julie DeMay               Marlaina Gaborieault                                                                                                                                          Geographical and Historical Data     Map of area circa 1871        The home does not have an historical designation per se, but it is known for its initial owner as is referred to in his name. It is a single-family house with two stories, the upper level of which once served as a "mother- in-law" apartment complete with its own entrance via a staircase at the rear of the house that is accessed through the kitchen area.      It is listed as being built in or about 1835 but the earliest reference to the first owner seems to be in the 1860s, so there is a bit of a discrepancy with these dates. The owner was listed as a Captain which falls in line with a primary vocation in this town in those times, namely the seafaring industry for which New Bedford is known globally. He was a very prominent man in business and political circles and was held in high regard by his peers.      He died at age 77 in New Bedford and his wife some years later in 1906. It is assumed they both passed in the house. It was learned through our research that they had two sons, one of whom died in childhood. Again it's assumed he did so in the confines of this house as was customary in earlier times.      The home did change hands a couple of times, but all who inhabited it seem to have a connection to the sea as all were involved in some capacity in commercial whaling or shipping endeavors.           Phenomena            The first day the family moved in (1/1/10), they reported their cat’s bowl was found in middle of room. It was among the first items put away.       The owner has heard what sounds like her own children’s voices only to find it was not them calling her. Nor were they home at the time.      Owner has heard a voice saying “Hey!” as she was going to sleep on multiple occasions.       Footsteps have been heard going up the back staircase…but never down. Upon checking the noise, no one has ever been seen there.      Set of gargoyle figurines that were always placed in another area of the home were found under a bed one day with no explanation.      Shadows resembling a human form have been seen in varied locations in the home, particularly on the main staircase (below).      Objects have been moved to different places than where they were left or normally belong.      Banging sounds have been heard with no rational source.      A plant, normally set on the shelf of a display table (1) was found in the middle of the floor some three feet away (2) one day. No one was in the home over the course of the day. This scene was recreated below.      The children have called mother home from work on a couple of occasions because they have heard things in the home that frightened them.      Their ten year old daughter has been pushed by an unseen force. Upon trying to exit her room one morning, she could not open her door. Without warning it was pushed open from the outside, the momentum of the door being swung open open hit her as she stood there.     The family cat was locked in the basement with no explanation how it got down there. The animal was frightened upon being found by owner when she came home that day.      A figure has been seen in the basement by the owner while on the computer they keep down there. As this has happened, a cluster of liquor bottles on top of a dorm-sized fridge have been heard rattling.      A black shadow with mass has been seen by the owner in the master bedroom at the foot of their bed (below). It then moved across the floor and completely vanished from sight.      Orientation When we all met at the home, great care was taken in entering the house casually and without carrying our array of surveillance equipment. We did not wish to draw undue notice to our arrival. This eventually would be done later at a time we would not attract any amount of attention to us.      We toured the home with the owners, saw the areas the activity had been focused on and heard them elaborate on some of their claims. The surveillance equipment was set up which included a vibration sensor that would register any footsteps or disturbances caused by physical impact.   Investigation        Ken began the evening with a solo session in the basement. Sitting at the computer desk, an attempt was made to contact any entity wishing to announce its presence in the home. An effort was made to be specific with names and dates we had gathered from our previous research. There were a few odd knocks and bangs while he was in session, but some of those may be attributed to a noisy heater that constantly ran and the presence of the family cat who, unbeknownst to him, decided to keep him company. The feline was spotted on the static IR camera monitor upstairs. The TriField Natural meter that was present registered fluctuations during an EVP session, but nothing definitive can be gleaned from that.          Marlaina and Julie spent a good deal of time on the second floor where the daughter's bedrooms are located. Some relatively significant EMF readings were taken there that can be attributed to electrical wiring within the walls and floors. While running video, Julie claimed she saw what appeared to be a shadow pass by a closed bedroom door. The shadow was seen being cast under the door.        Later in the evening, Tom and Ken conducted an EVP session on the same floor in separate bedrooms. Frustration was a bit high as the family dog barked incessantly outside while recorders were running, but one particularly strange incident took place while they were there: while lying on a bed adjacent to the master bedroom where some reports of activity originate from, Ken heard what he was certain were the sounds of the husband going into the bedroom (below) to turn in for the night. His wife had stated earlier that he may do that as he is used to rising quite early for work, but it was still unexpected at this relatively early hour (8:45 p.m.).          Both parts disappointed and dismayed at the loss of control over the area, Ken abruptly ends the session early, thanks any spirit present for their attention and packs up to move on to another part of the house. After he and Tom took the back stairs to return to the base area which had been set up in the kitchen, they were quite puzzled to see the husband clearly napping on the living room sofa. Upon asking, they were told he nor anyone else had never left the first floor and a quick head count confirmed all who were present that night to be there as well.        A digital recorder was running during this episode and we can clearly hear the sounds emanating from the master bedroom. No sound recorded beyond the sound of Ken's voice is produced by the investigators. The audible bangs, bumps and extraneous noises you hear all originate from the adjacent bedroom. We first hear what sounds like a pair of pants being removed and a belt buckle hitting the floor, then the sound of someone getting into the bed. The sounds recorded are consistent with the claims of a presence in that room.   Someone in the other room?          The final experiences we had here took place in the living room at the end of our visit. All were present, including the home owners. Upon asking for an audible sound or to illuminate our EMF meter to confirm a response to our questions, two loud and deliberate knocks were heard from the second floor directly behind where Marlaina was seated on the sofa. There is no perceptible reason for this to have happened and we considered it quite peculiar.   Two unexplained knocks on the ceiling            The next occurrence was just a few moments after the above. We had placed a Mel Meter which is also equipped with a geo-sensor in the dining room in an effort to register any vibrations that might be caused by footsteps or any related movement. We had also set up a laser grid to visually determine the presence or movement of any type of shadows the likes of which had been reported here. While all were still and stationary in the living room and no vehicles passed by the house, the meter registered a response.          Conclusion               This is a case we put a great deal of priority and effort into simply because it involved a young family whose children had begun to display signs of stress and trepidation in a new home they wished to make their own. Whatever residual energies might remain there had caused what should have been a proud and exciting time in their lives to take a bizarre and unusual turn.        Despite a few odd happenings on this night, one thing stuck out in our minds, namely the acoustic quality of the home. There are literally a vast degree of small rooms, odd angles, turns and confined spaces that take any sound - whether internal or external - and amplify or distort them. The footsteps often heard coming up the back staircase could easily be those of someone in the kitchen being amplified. (It should be noted that the family insists no one is in the kitchen when this takes place.) This absolutely has to be taken in consideration when these types of things occur.        There are open heating vents in the floor (below) which can also act as a conduit for noise and cause it to reverberate throughout the house.                    With the age of the home comes the potential for loose floorboards, rodent intrusion and a host of other catalysts for odd noises. We advised the family to empower their rational thinking when and if this happens rather than jumping to supernatural conclusions.        We could not document, prove or disprove a great deal of their claims about object manipulation, shadows and voices. Based on our own findings, we acknowledge the distinct possibility that there is a certain level of residual energy present with the chance of an existing intelligence and consciousness there as well. While one child claims to have had a door closed on her, thus far there has been no real indication that anything sinister or malevolent is attached to any of these types of incidents.        The family therefore needs to take a large step in assuming responsibility for their home and their quality of life. In sum total, the evidence we presented to them falls something short of astounding and while interesting and worth further analysis, does not suggest any type of peril to them. Ultimately, we will stand by them and respond to any further claims with our presence, understanding, or advisement. We recognize with children present it is not nearly as cut-and-dried a matter as we are suggesting as fear, imagination and uncertainty are powerful adversaries in these matters.        NOTE: Since our investigation ended, the family has not contacted us any further. We must then assume they were either less than satisfied with the sheer volume of our findings, have come to terms with their situation, or the activity has subsided.