A third party who was familiar with our work suggested a friend of his contact us to discuss unusual events in her home in this western R.I. city. Subsequent phone conversations with the subject revealed a young family living in uncertainty and fear and proposing to us the worst of scenarios - a negative-style haunting. Our clients had previously requested and received a house blessing by a priest from a local parish. Such were their level of anxiety about the goings-on at their rented house.   RISEUP Investigators Present:   Ken DeCosta                                               David Grady                                               Tom Stewart                                              Julie DeMay                                                          Marlaina Gaboreault     Geographical and Historic Research        Names of those previously associated with the current property are being omitted to conceal the precise location of the home and the client's identity.         The land the house is situated on dates back to the mid 1800s. Back then it was a working farm owned by a husband and wife who raised 4 children, one of whom - the second oldest son - took over the family business after his father died in 1845. The boy was 10 years old at the time of his father's death and by the age of 13, he was running the farm with great success.        In 1862, he enlisted in the First R.I. Cavalry Regiment and fought in the War of the States, participating in battles at Fredericksburg, Bull Run and Gettysburg. After the war he took a position as a clerk in a Washington, D.C. hospital. Upon his discharge, he returned to his family back home where he resumed his previous vocation as a farmer. He became a well-respected and popular figure in the community back home and was eventually elected to serve in the R.I. State Senate for two terms where he became an ally of and advocate for the agricultural community. By 1878 he was elected to the newly formed Woonsocket Town Council. The home that now sits on the property was built in 1880.        He passed away in the home in 1905 and his wife continued to live on the property until her death in 1926 at the age of 92. They were survived by their four children (1 boy and 3 girls) who at various points in time, ran their own farm adjacent to their parent's property, opened a confectionary and taught and administered in local school systems. For the better parts of their lives, the two youngest daughters lived at home and never married. A various times throughout those years, hired hands were housed at the property and the occasional boarder taken in.        The property was eventually sold to a first generation Italian couple whose parents had immigrated to America. They lived there for approximately 20 years until the husband's death from heart failure in 1946. His wife sold the property 2 years later.        It was purchased a a couple acquainted with them, also of Italian heritage. They lived there for 37 years. The husband died in 1985 and the wife continued to live in the home until she was transferred to a nursing home in order to receive constant care. At one point her mother came to live with them and it is widely assumed she passed away in the home. The wife died of natural causes in 2010. The property was sold to their daughters who currently maintain ownership of the property.        It should be noted that while at the nursing home, she was in the care of the current tenant - our client - which is how they came to be aware of the home as a rental property.         The foundation of the house is set on granite stones, most likely excavated from the surrounding land, which are bonded with mortar. In one particular part of the basement, one enormous stone that could not be moved has been incorporated into the foundation.       Phenomena        The claims set forth by the current tenants cover a wide scope of paranormal activity. The most intriguing claim is that of an apparition caught on cell phone camera that appears to be standing in the kitchen. The client posted this photo on Facebook before calling us to investigate making it part of public domain. The photo was snapped after she heard a noise in the kitchen while sitting on the floor of the living room with their young daughter.   Close up of figure - note back to camera, facial profile, shoulders        We closely examined this picture and there are three basic premises to consider: 1) There has been a misidentification and this figure may actually be the husband who came into the kitchen unbeknown to her; 2) This a false claim or; 3) It truly is a remarkable and unique photo of an apparition caught on camera. We will discuss this further in the summary.        A shadow figure has been seen in the upstairs hallway (below), once by the husband as he saw it off a reflective surface and again by the wife as it paced back and forth outside their bedroom door one night. On the night the husband saw this figure, their bedroom became very hot and the air very heavy. They both experienced the chills and claimed to have the feeling something terrible was about to happen so they left the room and went downstairs.        The client claims to have had bedclothes pulled off her and what she described as the sensation of fingers touching her leg as this happened. She became so upset about this, she immediately went downstairs and phoned her mother (husband was away) who related her own story about being touched as she slept on the living room sofa while staying over one night. She had kept that to herself lest she frighten anyone else.        A set of dog tags belonging to the husband were seen banging against the mirror of a dresser they were hanging from one evening.        The husband had a pair of drinking glasses thrown at him one night while he lie on the floor watching television. The glasses were also on the floor approximately two feet away from him.        There is a constant feeling that there is a presence in the home with them and they are being watched. There is concern they are dealing with a negative and aggressive entity.     Investigation        The first order of business was to address this photo as it was being presented as documented proof of a spirit entity inside their home. We started out by trying to figure out the height and position of this figure in relation to the the camera angle it was shot at. Judging by one statement made by the husband, it is clear there is some doubt as to its authenticity and content. We must then rule out the photo as definitive proof of the solid figure in the kitchen being that of a spirit apparition.             Throughout the evening, there were a small number of unusual events that we had a more difficult time reconciling. Some in the form of physical contact, some dealing with audio phenomena and some that perhaps were the result of object manipulation, the most pronounced of which was light coming on by itself as we began our camera setup for the evening. Some of these must be attributed as personal experiences but are included in this video as a representation of the body of work performed there.             Conclusion        While this particular photo of the apparition has made the rounds, so to speak, there is enough lingering doubt as to its authenticity that we are ruling it out as proof of an entity showing itself. In truth, we wish this were not the case but we hope our objective point of view is accepted by our clients in this particular matter.         There seems to be a strong desire for proof in this home. We fully understand that substantiation is considered a successful outcome for many clients. What we do not fully embrace is the notion that this house is in some way inhabited by a negative force, nor do we have any intention of pandering to the client’s insistence one exists. The historical documentation strongly suggests that all those who preceded the current tenants were extremely hard- working, civic-minded and caring people. On the surface at least, this does not seem to speak of a negative type of residue existing there.        In speaking of heightened states of anxiety, one cannot also rule out wish-fulfillment as a catalyst for certain claims of paranormal activity. At times people want to truly believe or hope to convince others that something beyond our realm of reality exists in their own personal time and space. Some out of ignorance of the facts, some for attention.        In terms of this particular property, we can only lay claim to the possibility that there are energies of the departed on the premises based on a few personal experiences and a couple of intriguing pieces of audio. We feel the best course of action for this family is to document their own experiences from this point forward in journal format so we can better gauge if there is a pattern that shows itself in relation to their experiences. On occasion, the wife has conducted her own EVP sessions and this is a practice we'd like to see terminated as we believe it only serves to feed into potentially unrealistic and unfounded determinations of activity on their part and raises the fear factor exponentially.