We were contacted by a prominent RISEUP liaison with information regarding a family in need of our particular mode of assistance. The majority of activity surrounded their 8 year old daughter who had spent a number of months interacting with unseen entities in the home; principally two young female children whom she had taken to playing with. However, as the witness was now coming into that adolescent age where she was attending school, she was having a hard time sleeping in her own bed and would often (at least 3 times a week) wake up in the middle of the night and ask to sleep with her parents. This not only had a dramatic effect on her energy level during the day, but was also admittedly beginning to take a toll on the parents in their own personal relationship.   Investigators Present:   Ken DeCosta                                      David DeCosta                                  Dave Grady                                        Chris Blanchette                                   Ryan Lantini                                   Tom Stewart                                         Shayna Drinkuth   weather conditions:     62 degrees - indoors                                   57 degrees - outdoors                                   Partly Cloudy   Geographical and Historical Data        Because of the sensitive nature of this case the exact location will be withheld. However, we have been permitted to include the fact that this case took place on Aquidneck Island at a home that was certainly within the confines of a property that was once the site of a former 19th century schoolhouse. Activity      It is rare that we are provided with a full and corroborated description of the supposed entities involved. The first and most prominent description came from the 9 year old witness who described two young girls. The first was estimated to be around the same age (8-9) with curly black hair and wearing an orange dress. The second was slightly older (aprox. 12-14) with long, straight blond hair and wearing the same style dress only light blue in color, resembling what would be called a school-type uniform.        They had indicated to the witness that they were sisters (including necklaces with matching pendants). Their disposition was generally friendly and playful though the older entity (blond/blue dress) was described as being "bossy" and had begin to encourage the child (by her account) to behave in a more disruptive and brash manner.    The father had also had some experiences in the house and was a believer in the phenomenon from experiences he had during his own childhood. He had considered the idea that his daughter (an only child) had concocted a pair of imaginary friends. That was until he himself saw the little girl in the orange dress as she ran across his field of vision and through the basement wall. He had also, only a few weeks prior, come downstairs for a glass of water in the middle of the night where he was greeted at the foot of the stairs by a man described as "an older man with a very distinguishing hat (fedora style) dressed in clothing from somewhere around the late 1800's or early 1900's". He actually tipped his hat to the client before vanishing into this air. He was described as a semi-vaporous, self- illuminating apparition; one that was apparently quite cognizant of our client as he obviously saw and greeted him.        Objects were said to disappear from one location and reappear in another unusual and hard to access location (i.e., on top of a 8" tall cabinet). There were no indications that the family felt threatened by the activity though they were certainly interested in reclaiming some control over the situation          Orientation        Our initial interview took place at a neutral location and we were genuinely surprised as the parents brought their daughter to tell her own story. She was very articulate for her age. She explained how these two girls would play games with her. She described in detail the appearances, dispositions and relationship between these two entities (sisters). The parents verified the fact that she could often be found playing games and conversing with them.  While this was certainly the focus of the activity, the daughter also described seeing other people in the house; particularly when she was alone in her room. They had gone so far as to even move a dresser to block the area where she said the people often came in.        In the weeks before we came to investigate the situation had escalated from sleeping in bed with the parents every night to not entering her own room or walking through the house without one of her parents accompanying her. as a result of her experiences, her life outside the home, both at school (where she claimed she had also begun to see these girls) and socially was being adversely affected.              Our goal in this case was very clear: to somehow help this child lead the life of a normal 9 year old girl and to aid in returning the family's life to something resembling normalcy.        Investigation      The main focus of this investigation would be to monitor certain areas of the home where the child had experienced the most activity. The basement (where objects were found and her father had seen an apparition of a little girl), the closet area in the same basement (where she said the two girls "lived"), the kitchen and hallway (where objects were said to vanish only to turn up someplace else and the apparition of the old man was seen), and the girl's bedroom (where they were coming to "visit" her with increasing frequency.      The first sessions were held in the bedroom, where Shayna and Tom held an EVP session in an effort to make contact. Ken would spend a session by himself in the basement, while Chris and Ryan would investigate the upstairs with Dave Grady on monitors and cameras.        All parties reported nothing audible or visual in these sessions and care was taken not to exacerbate the situation by being particularly demanding or aggressive with any line of questioning. The groups would switch throughout the night with the family graciously staying inside the master bedroom to allow us free reign of the home.        Gradually, we began to address the specific issue of the increasingly unwelcome presences in the home by attempting to communicate the wishes of the occupants that any entity or entities there should move on and that they were no longer going to be accepted and entertained by anyone living there.        During the investigation, it was discovered that serious levels of EMFs were present in the basement, in some cases in excess of 100Mg. The father was an electrician by trade and had wired the house extensively for sound systems, lighting and appliances. The breaker panel was found uncovered and literally hundreds of inadequately shielded wires were running throughout the area. This was brought to his attention and he pledged to correct the situation as soon as possible. Inasmuch as the presence of abnormally high electromagnetic pulses may possibly affect human brain patterns in those who are especially hypersensitive to them, rectifying the problem might conceivably eliminate any possibility of hallucinations or feelings of another's presence where there is otherwise none.        While we remain unconvinced that high concentrations of EMFs bring about the types of hallucinations or illnesses that are commonly spoken of in the paranormal field, the fact remained that the wiring was in no way, shape or form correctly shielded or up to code.        Two events of note took place this evening: one was Dave DeCosta's experience. While sitting in the living room, he distinctly heard what sounded like a little girl's voice say simply, "Hi." While this was not recorded, it nonetheless was a bit startling and on the surface seemed to verify the presence of an unseen child in the home.        The second, and even more compelling occurrence was found upon review of a session in the girl's bedroom conducted by Chris Blanchette and Dave Grady. Earlier, one of our static cameras was found to be reflecting the high gloss wall paint in the room, sending too much glare back to the monitor. This was rectified by placing a handheld on a dresser to record the session. Upon review, this is what we found:        The girl has what is called a "dream catcher" (below) in the room. The object has its roots in Native American lore that maintains bad dreams will be caught inside of it and will not find their way to the person sleeping there.                                                                                                         While asking for a sign or some type, we watched as the dream catcher began to spin back and forth from a dead stop. Dave Grady, the closest to the object - which hung from the ceiling - made no contact with it or any other object that could move it. The windows had all been closed, despite it being a fairly warm evening so as to cut down any possible outside noise. There was no breeze in the room and at no point did anyone open the door, breath on the object or otherwise do anything that would trigger the movement. Neither Dave nor Chris Blanchette - who is seated on the floor at the foot of the bed, out of camera view -  saw the movement take place as they were in complete darkness and when they eventually left the room, the object did not in any way move as the door was opened and then closed. This remains puzzling.        It also appears that a feather attached to the dream catcher moves upward before the object begins turning. It is also important to note that the other object seen hanging from the ceiling (an auger-like plastic ornament) is seen twisting slightly throughout the video. This was because Chris had bumped it with his head upon entering the room 15 minutes prior. Apparently the design of the object causes it to remain in motion for some time after it is manipulated by touch.     The Dream Catcher Video        At the end of the evening, Ken decided on an unusual course of action. We would perform a pseudo-ritual where we would have the girl blow out a lit candle, which would be symbolic of releasing her 'playmates' from this world and sending them to rejoin their own parents in a better place, where they belonged. The idea behind this was to acknowledge their existence to the daughter who - whether they were a product of her imagination or an actual manifestation of that same imagination - would hold the key to release them. Belief played a large role in this 'ceremony'. If she truly believed she was sending them on, it might empower her and return her focus to the more tangible world around her. Our psychological consult, Ryan Lantini, saw this as a positive and non-intrusive method as well.        The ceremony was performed with Shayna holding her to give some comfort and encouragement while she blew out the candle. The girl became somewhat emotional afterwards, signaling to us that her belief was strong that she had indeed crossed her friends over into a better place. Time will now tell.       Conclusion        From a psychological point-of-view, imaginary friends are not only common but sometimes necessary in a child's social development. This is a trait commonly associated with creative children with active imaginations. This behavior is particularly prevalent in situation where they have no siblings and limited social interactions. on the flip side, This is also a trait commonly associated with children who seems to possess a heightened sensitivity to unusual ghostly/spiritual happenings and communications.        We will never truly know if these two little girls were actually "ghosts" or "spirits" rather than projections from the creative imagination of a child. perhaps, in cases such as these, it is better not to know as the goal of this particular investigation was to help a little girl feel safe in her own home. While the strange video of the dream catcher is evidence of a paranormal event, it is certainly not enough to substantiate the credible claims made by this family (although the "tugging" mechanism that causes it to turn has certain behavioral characteristics suggestive of intelligence). The bizarre instance in which Dave heard a little girl say "Hi", while also unsubstantiated, has left a lasting impression on him.         in our assessment of their situation, we also let our opinion be known to her parents that there is a fine line between "humoring" their daughter by moving furniture to block advances from alleged spirits and creating a comfortable space for the entities to stay and feeding into a possible fantasy by a child with a vivid imagination. there is also the remote chance that if spirits actually dwell in this place, that welcoming and acknowledging them can lead to an elevated state of activity, perhaps by something that may portray themselves in a different form to mask more sinister intentions. the girl's claim that one entity was encouraging her to boldly act out, may suggest this was a possibility at best.        From a practical standpoint, the father was also informed that the exposure of high EMFs in the basement may have an adverse effect on anyone living there who might be particularly sensitive to those fields. he promised he would rectify the situation.   Prologue        We received a phone call almost a month after our investigation and we were pleased to know that the child was now sleeping in her own bed, had joined her school cheerleading squad and was interacting socially with more children her own age in and out of school. With her "playmates" seemingly gone, her focus and attention had now changed for the positive.