An old friend of one of our investigators took interest in our pursuits and related his story to us. The home he currently lives in has a long history of paranormal activity dating back before he purchased the property. We arranged to meet with him and conduct a preliminary investigation of the house whose origins date back to 1790.      We planned a return to the home after our preliminary investigation on June 11th. This time we brought Chris Blanchette along. Chris is RISEUP's Head Researcher and he had uncovered a great deal of documentation on the property's history and those who once lived there.   RISEUP Investigators Present:       Ken DeCosta                                                        Chris Blanchette                                                                               Julie DeMay                                                               Marlaina Gaborieault                                                                                                                Geographical and Historical Data See RISEUP Case File PR - 6/11/10       Phenomena See RISEUP Case File PR  - 6/11/10        Orientation       We arrived at the home at approximately 6 pm. We had decided to spend some time outdoors, taking readings from the property in an attempt to document any abnormally high magnetic fields and make note of its geological characteristics. In doing so, we were curious to see if there might be a tie-in between the paranormal claims and the environmental conditions in the surrounding property. Some research points to high EMF fields acting as a sort of catalyst or perhaps conduit for paranormal activity. Likewise, geology may also play a part as certain minerals promote and facilitate the conduction of these fields. While this is certain part conjecture, we like to draw our own conclusions based on the gathering of data at various locations we visit.      Chris had worked up more extensive historical data on the house, which was welcomed by its owner who also is very invested in its research.      In this particular case, there were no red flags raised as far as magnetic levels and it is noted that the geological makeup of the property is in line with most of New England in terms of granite, limestone and quartz which - depending on one's personal belief in such matters - can promote paranormal activity. Remnants of a foundation for an old barn on the site     Investigation          With Chris along this time, we were able to pair two teams in coverage through the house. The first floor has not been the focal point of any overt type of activity, but as sounds are heard there it was beneficial to make certain someone was there to determine if any typical movements upstairs could be misinterpreted.        We concentrated a lot of our efforts on the two second floor bedrooms which are the greatest areas of activity there. Chris and Ken conducted an EVP session in the master bedroom, trying to establish an identity for any entity present. The recorder was placed on a night stand during this questioning. What was recorded at 0:07 sounds like the labored breathing of someone attempting to speak. It begins faintly and gradually gets louder as if it is approaching the device. Because no one else was present and the sound could not be  attributed to the family dog who was downstairs, neither Ken nor Chris were able to hear this at its time or establish a rational point of origin. There are many sounds that once recorded and compressed into a digital format can be mistaken for breathing or whispers, even running a finger across a microphone can cause this, but we state with a great degree of certainty this was not the case here. Heavy Breathing         During the same session Chris and Ken both heard tapping coming from inside the wall above a dresser. The tapping did not cease when they approached and continued for a few seconds more. Total duration of this was just over one minute. A digital recorder was quickly placed on the dresser, but the sound had ceased by this time. Various forms of re-creation did not reproduce the same sound, and while the presence of a small creature like a mouse, squirrel or bird was dismissed by the owner, the real possibility of such cannot be ignored completely.         On the subject of animals, it has been noted the owner has a dog and at least two cats on the premises. Cats especially are quite stealthy creatures and their movements, especially nocturnal, can be quite disconcerting and a subject of misidentification. We believe we witnessed just such an event this night.        While in the upstairs guest room which is adjacent to the master bedroom, we clearly heard something hit the floor in the master bedroom. Quickly responding to the sound, we saw a coat hanger on the floor just inside a closet door. This object certainly had not been there previously which was confirmed by the home owner who by the general looks of the home is a very neat, fastidious sort. Everything has a place and a place is made for everything here. Puzzled, we knew a static camera was trained on the door all evening and we looked forward to its review.        What we found did not entirely come as a surprise to us. We were disappointed we had not captured the resident spirit making its presence known, but satisfied nonetheless we had found the real culprit. While some watching the video might suggest the cat’s surprised reaction to the falling object was a reaction to a “ghostly” catalyst, the mere possibility that the feline had disturbed something that eventually fell can’t be dismissed.            In the guest bedroom, Ken, Julie and Marlaina were joined by the home owner while Chris took a spin at the monitor. While there, an interesting piece of audio was heard and recorded that we feel merits archiving. Ken has made a request for some sort of acknowledgement of a presence and a small, anomalous voice is heard faintly, but audibly. There are no children present of course and all females on site are in the room at the time. We cannot distinguish what the voice is saying at 0:07, but there is no doubt it is on the recorder and cannot be accounted for.   Female  response   Voice Isolated          The investigation concluded a bit earlier than normal (11:00 pm), but we are fairly satisfied that the hours spent here did reveal some unusual documentation and a number of personal experiences.     Conclusion        It is not often that one has the opportunity to investigate a private home that has had a full chapter devoted to it in a book by acclaimed paranormal investigator Hans Holzer.  Armed with a plethora of historical and anecdotal data, we managed to cover every area and examine every claim in detail.        We believe we can leave with a sense that there certainly does appear to be paranormal activity present in this home. The nature of this activity suggests it combines both residual and intelligent characteristics. The homeowner in this situation welcomes and embraces the idea of co-habitation with former residents in a spiritual and physical sense.        Our approach here was to document and validate at the client's request. We were able to present him with evidence to back both his and other's claims of a supernatural presence in his home. His demeanor and overall attitude towards the prospect of visitation and cohabitation with the spirit realm is a positive one.        One component of all this we spoke with him about and will continue to lend our attention to is the prospect of developing a preoccupation with making contact. He speaks regularly to the entities in his home and offers compassion and comfort for their situation, but he must not do so at the expense of celebrating his own life there. The home is in phenomenal condition and is tastefully kept and decorated - a truly warm and positive atmosphere. This in and of itself should trigger a sense of pride that one is fortunate enough to share such a place with both the living and those who have passed.