A couple living in a quiet neighborhood have had a series of unexplained experiences in their home.   RISEUP Investigators Present:      Ken DeCosta    David DeCosta       Chris Blanchette       Shayna Drinkuth David Grady  Emily Severa Tom Stewart                                                                                                                                        Geographical and Historical Data               Jamestown is a small island that sits in the middle of Narragansett Bay in the state of Rhode Island. It is approximately 9 miles long by 1 mile wide. The island was originally called Conanicut Island after Narragansett Indian Chief Conanicus. The Narragansetts used Jamestown as a sacred burial site, burying their dead on the west side of the island facing the setting sun. The Indians sold Jamestown to English settlers in 1657 who mainly grazed sheep, cattle and horses there. It is rumored that the famous pirate, Captain Kidd buried treasure on the island and (if true) it has yet to be found. By 1818 the population grew to 504 people, today it stands at about 6500 with a higher population (due to its many seasonal residents) during the summer months.      The home itself was built in the early 1900s. No other information will be provided. Phenomena         The most intriguing claims revolve around shadow figures seen at various parts of the house. One has been seen on the stairway leading to the second floor and another moving from the kitchen area down a hallway.        Footsteps have been heard outside the door of the second floor master bedroom and a malevolent presence has been reported in the basement.         Orientation      Our group arrived at 6 pm and met the owners. It was our first walk-through of the home, so the early arrival allowed us to do so before we began. IR static cameras were set up on the stairway and the second floor hallway. We also surveyed the outside of the property.   Investigation        After setting up our stationary cams, we broke into smaller groups to cover the home. EVP sessions were conducted in second floor bedrooms and hallway and the same was done in the living room area and the basement. These sessions did not yield any results in terms of serviceable audio.        We did a lengthy basement session in an attempt to bridge communications with any entity that might be present. The claims were of an aggressive presence there who was not shy about letting their presence be known.        Another claim concerned a stain on the basement floor in the shape of a body (below). This led to wide ranging speculation about a tragic incident that claimed a life and the "stain" was in the spot the body was found. We quickly determined that this mark on the floor was created by nothing more than a patch in the concrete. Perhaps by hydraulic cement or some type of water-seal.            NOTE: Much of this speculation is derived from psychic impressions gathered by mediums who had previously visited the house. The owner is very much into the metaphysical and a great believer in clairvoyance and the ability of psychics. Our approach was to focus on the appearance of shadows and audible phenomena. We were in a difficult position in this regard (see "conclusion").        One interesting event involved one of our IR cameras trained on the second floor hallway. Our cameras have twist type connectors on the wires that lead to our DVR. before each investigation begins, these connectors are checked one by one by our tech manager, Dave Grady.        At one point in then night, Shayna was on the staircase conducting an EVP session when the lead wire for the hallway camera at the top of the stairs suddenly came tumbling down the stairs. This was caught on our monitor and Dave quickly went to the stairs to check the camera set up. He found that the wire had been twisted out of the connector. This could only be done manually. On video all we can offer is the sight of a wire sliding down those stairs as we cannot see the source. While it is unusual bordering on impossible for the connection to come undone by itself, we can't speculate on this event being remotely related to paranormal influences.          Conclusion         RISEUP Paranormal maintains an open mind when it comes to the use of psychics on investigations. While our methods are quite different and involve a much more systematic approach, we respect anyone's right to involve and engage mediums and "sensitives" in their own lives. Likewise, groups who employ the use of psychics have every right to do so and some no doubt do display a genuine gift that aids in the pursuit of the truth.        Our own view of psychic assistance on a case is that often times it runs in stark contrast to our own methods and often can result in confusion and ambiguity to a client. While we embrace the idea of utilizing varied methods and approaches, we must rely on a process to arrive at a conclusion, whereas a psychic offers more of an instant gratification as their impressions center on the here and now. In some cases, the client may prefer that to waiting for the process (investigation, recording, review, reveal, etc.) to play itself out. To wit: if it's related to the client that there is an entity present with us, but the entity's presence cannot be seen, documented or proven to exist, it boils down to taking their word for it. Some clients are more than happy to do so, creating an air of indifference about the investigation process, effectively trivializing the time and effort put in by the investigators. If this is the client's preference, so be it. You must just be mindful that if a client places full trust in a psychic's impressions, there is a better than average chance that your own findings (or lack thereof) may lead to disappointment on their part.        This particular case is one where at least one of the paranormal claims was the product of an impression by a visiting psychic. On this one particular night, we could not verify it by means of experience or documentation.        When working with psychics, mutual respect is paramount to success and there can never be anything resembling competition or jealousy present. Nor can contradictory statements be made in the client's presence. We feel that asking a psychic to walk through the location before the investigation is the best method. Any impressions or identities they glean from that can then be incorporated into the investigation. This not only can be valuable in determining the validity of the psychic's talents, but also prevents a team from roving indiscriminately around the location - during the investigation - following the psychic's "leads".       Do some self-proclaimed psychics truly possess a "gift"? We believe some indeed have rare abilities that could be invaluable to our efforts. The important issue then is trust and collaboration.