While the remainder of the group was engaged in the Belcourt Castle public event, RISEUP dispatched Tom Stewart, Julie DeMay and Marlaina Gaboriault to a follow-up investigation of the apartment building. They would again be accompanied by psychic medium Sandra Lindsay as our client - impressed with her readings of both he and his home - requested her presence there.   RISEUP Investigators Present:       Tom Stewart Julie DeMay              Marlaina Gaborieault                                                                                                                              Geographical and Historical Data       The home is situated close to the former Fort Independence, originally Robin Hill Fort, located on Robin Hill. It was once connected by earthworks to Sassafras Hill Fort (1775 - 1810's) on Sassafras Point near the present-day Municipal Wharf. The fort has been restored and is now a park near Vermont and Michigan Aves.      The home is in a section of Providence that has a large college population. We know this not only because of its close proximity to the Johnson and Wales Dormitory, but also because we saw a great number of students in the streets making their way back to the dorms around midnight.      Structurally, there is little doubt that the house was a conversion from an original single family. The house is in fairly good condition though they have previously done some restoration work.  We learned that it was built in 1905 and was once home to a prominent doctor.      The owner had previously lived at the residence for 3 years and had actually moved away for 7 years before returning to live at the 3 story tenement. This was (ironically enough) the 7th year since his return. He has a very good relationship with his landlord, an elderly gentleman who lives on the first floor. The gentleman requires constant oxygen to assist with his breathing and lives a very sedentary lifestyle.   See previous case file         Phenomena         Our first investigation yielded a wide array of interesting captures including a video of our DVR wiring being manipulated by something unseen and unexplainable, recorded voices and the sounds of footsteps (also recorded) on the unoccupied second floor.             Orientation      While our more high-tech gear was in use in Newport, the smaller group would focus more on hand-held equipment and a more basic approach. This, we felt, would better serve us considering the presence of a psychic on this case.      Sandra and her companion Jason met our investigators at the location and began with a walk-through of the location. We would monitor and record her impressions with a eye toward corroboration with our own evidence and documentation.   Investigation        During several EVP sessions there were some random bangs and thuds here and there but nothing that seemed intelligent. All investigators felt chills and cold spots at times, but nothing that seemed exceedingly unusual.         At one point during an EVP/psychic session, Sandra reported the presence of a man in the room who was becoming increasingly upset with us being there. She described the entity's mind-set as "frustrated and confused". She felt he was especially agitated by Marlaina’s presence for reasons not clear to her. At one point as all were gathered in the front room (below) a few of them heard what sounded like someone running on the stairs at the back of the house.                 Tom's first impression was that it might be our client running up the stairs to tell us about something happening on his floor. As it turned out, he was in his bedroom the entire time. It remains unknown as to who or what was running, but Sandra claimed it was the spirit of the man she had previously sensed, frantically leaving the area.        Along with performing several EVP session in various rooms on the 3rd floor, we also gathered in the 2nd floor living room as Sandra established contact with the client's grandmother who she believes visits the home. The client joined us for this session. The contents of this reading are being kept private, but the accuracy of the reading - which included a number of private personal details - was sensational.        In the kitchen, while having an informal discussion, the group heard the sliding pocket door in the living room move. They were fairly certain it was closing as the door was not fully open when it was checked. While the recorders ran, we caught at least the sound of this happening.         On 3rd floor in a small cluttered room near a bathroom, Sandra believed she was picking up on the energy of the young woman she had previously told us about, a drug abusing prostitute who was murdered in the neighborhood years ago. Sandra felt her spirit was present in the room and was hiding. A recorder was placed in the room for 2 hours as Sandra mentioned there might be a chance of catching some sounds from the spirit. (The subsequent review of the audio was inconclusive.)        During the course of the evening, Julie DeMay clearly heard the sound of the bathroom faucet running and went in to check. Indeed, the faucet was running for no apparent reason and without anyone turning it on. The faucet handles are the old-fashioned twist types and can't be manipulated by a buildup of water pressure. Eventually the faucet was switched off. Sadly there was no hand held camera present at this point in time to capture the event on video.          Conclusion         While the remainder of RISEUP was occupied at Belcourt Castle in Newport for our bi-monthly public event, this smaller group was sent to the private residence to continue our examination into the paranormal activities reported there.        The activity we have experienced in our own time spent there appears to display characteristics of both residual and intelligent expression. Object manipulation is a direct result of an interaction, while the persistent sound of footsteps from an empty 3rd floor has all the earmarks of an event imprinted somehow within the house's confines. We find this range of activity both intriguing and challenging.        Employing the services of our friend Sandra in this location certainly brought a different perspective to the proceedings, but ultimately our goal is to document actual paranormal activity or explain it through rational means.        One such justification for the anomalous sounds that are heard in the apartment must be considered: The close proximity of the apartment buildings that border this one. It might be at least conceivable that sounds emanating from the adjacent houses might literally reverberate off the sides of the house, thereby amplifying them. Acoustically these may in turn sound as though they are coming from within this location. Each building has three floors and it may be possible that anytime someone walks up a flight of wooden stairs in the neighboring houses, we might be identifying them as coming from above us as the sound reverberates between the buildings. This may seem a bit of a reach, but future investigations of the property should at least take this into consideration.        This presents us with an opportunity to employ a vibration sensor on the third floor and monitor it closely from a remote location. Only then can we eliminate extraneous sounds as a possible explanation for what we have all been hearing.        Nonetheless, we look forward with great anticipation to yet another excursion to this thought-provoking location.