RISEUP and Creepy Places of New England conducted a Halloween event for St. Ann's in the form of a public investigation of the cathedral. Guests were welcomed early and treated to talks by RISEUPO founder Ken DeCosta and the author of "Ghost Hunting Southern New England", Andrew Lake of Greenville Paranormal Research.      The entourage was met by a freak October snowstorm which kept some away who planned to travel longer distances, but it did not deter the spirit of those attending.      In many ways, this would be the most intriguing and compelling investigation of the church to date.   RISEUP Investigators Present:   Ken DeCosta     David DeCosta David Grady       Shayna Drinkuth Dan Snizek Julie DeMay                                                   Orientation       The attending guests were addressed by Dominique Doiron and Wally Rathbun (left) of the SAACC prior to the investigation. They were then escorted to the conference room where they listened to a short presentation by Andrew Lake (below).          Because the inclement weather limited the amount of attendees, we felt the smaller numbers may actually work in our favor in terms of documentation and data gathering. We broke into smaller groups working the basement hall and the cathedral upstairs.      Dan Snizek has a Master's in music studies and is not only a musician but a music teacher at the middle school level. The organ in the balcony, as noted, does not work anymore, but there have been claims from staff that notes are sometimes heard emanating from it. The two high pitched sounds in this next clip were immediately identified by Dan as higher scale musical notes in sustain. The only object that could account for this would be this organ. There are no clocks, alarms or smoke detectors that mimic this. The area around the organ is well weather sealed so wind blowing through the pipes most probably is not an answer here. Does this sound reinforce the reports of it playing by itself? Two sustained musical notes from the balcony       The next clips removed all doubt from us that something very strange was occurring in regards to the instruments on site. There is also an upright piano at the side of that altar that is occasionally used for performances at the location. Julie DeMay is walking by herself around the altar and comes into close proximity with the piano. She hears a knock coming from the piano which momentarily startles her and later checks with Andrew Lake who was also in the vicinity to determine whether he can corroborate hearing this same sound. It was described by Julie as if the keyboard cover was opened slightly then dropped. A test performed later confirmed this as a distinct possibility.          There is a story told by the staff here regarding the night the Woonsocket police had to be summoned because voices were heard inside and it was feared someone had broken into the church. This would happen from time to time as the homeless and desperate would seek shelter from the elements or perhaps attempt to steal liquor or food from the storage areas. The police responded with multiple units to the location and began a sweep of the church.      One officer entered the basement function hall and heard what he later described as a woman crying in the ladies room. Approaching the door carefully, he identified himself and asked if anyone was in some distress. There was no response, but the crying continued. Again he asked, this time more forcefully, if the individual inside needed assistance. Drawing his service weapon, he opened the door slowly, not certain what he was about to encounter. When he looked inside, no one was there. He cautiously checked all the stalls until he was satisfied there was no origin for these cries.      When he rejoined his fellow officers and staff upstairs in the cathedral, his face had paled and it was clear something was wrong. He related his story to them and they soon shared his look of astonishment. It was clear that something about this church was not quite normal.       A group of investigators concentrated on the hallway that leads to and runs past the ladies room door for a prolonged period of time during the night, periodically checking the ladies room as well. At one point, some of the group clearly and distinctly heard a voice come out of the darkness of the empty hallway.      What makes this particular clip relative is the return of a group later in the evening to the same area. Again, we try to extract a response from whatever energy there might present and in doing so, attempt to determine whether it might be a consciousness or a residual imprint in the atmosphere. As we stood awaiting a response, we clearly heard a disembodied voice emanate from the hallway. The sound was distinct and it's direction definite. This particular group was assembled there in its entirety and had the basement level to themselves. Disembodied voice in basement hallway Voice isolated        Not present at the time was Julie DeMay, our videographer who was in the cathedral with another group. She would soon join Shayna Drinkuth, who was present for the first incident, later while the rest of the group took a break. Together, they went to the exact spot where the voice was heard as Shayna explained what she and the rest had heard a brief time earlier. While this discussion was going on, the voice again materialized. Less distinct, but nonetheless there for both to hear.      While Julie has an very unusual and momentarily unnerving experience with a banging sound that emanated from the upright piano in the cathedral, the next two clips we recorded reinforced the notion that the musical instruments inside the building have an unsettling habit of letting you know they are part of the fabric of the church. We had a recorder running in the chapel area while on a break downstairs and where astonished to hear upon review the same key being pressed not once, but twice. Piano key pressed twice    One of the more disconcerting experiences of the night happened to RISEUP co-founder Dave DeCosta. While exiting the small office area off the conference room, the door of the office slammed shut behind him. He had not come into contact with the door either intentionally or unintentionally and found himself immersed in complete darkness. When turning to open the door, he found he could not do so, as if a force was holding it closed. He became more forceful in his attempts to open the door with no success. Just when the notion of something trying to isolate him crossed his mind, he quite suddenly pushed on the door and it opened with little effort on his part. The door was completely checked for anything that might have triggered it to close or impede the attempts to open it, but there was nothing that could be attributed to prompting this odd occurrence.   Conclusion The question seems to be not “if” an unusual occurrence will happen here, but “when”? The sounds of musical instruments playing in the church was quite remarkable and actually a bit unsettling. As was the clear and unmistakable sound of a voice coming out of a hallway where there have been prior claims of just such a thing happening there. The most satisfying element of all these experiences is twofold: Some were captured on video to illustrate the position of the investigator(s) and they were experienced by multiple people present. Whatever and whoever the “ghosts” of this magnificent cathedral are, they have chosen this as their haven and seem to have retained the love and dedication to the building they displayed in life. Churches are indeed a place where there are many reports of strange phenomena and one supposes the emotions and unwavering devotion to their religion and their God make such places a sanctuary of peace and love in death as it was in life.