EVP (or Electronic Voice Phenomena) is a technique widely used by paranormal investigators in which a digital or analog recorder is employed in an attempt to capture the voices of the dead. Questions or statements are made by the investigator and playback of the recording may reveal sounds or words that do not originate from the living who are present at that point in time. More often than anyone cares to admit, such sounds may be the result of the investigators themselves who either forget they were speaking, moving or breathing or chose to ignore those possibilities, radio transmissions picked up by the recorder or normal movements of objects that (after the sound is compressed digitally) might indeed resemble words or phrases. In our best efforts to put forth audio clips that we believe fall outside most mundane explanations, we have taken a great deal of time to educate and familiarize ourselves with software that can identify the normal human range of speech or hearing and utilize it to analyze our data. In doing so, we hope to eliminate those recordings that would likely be nothing more than normal sounds misidentified as something unexplainable. While we are not infallible and we encourage listeners to make their own judgments about what they will hear on these pages, we nonetheless remain committed to distinguishing the unusual from the ordinary as best as we can. As a result, we do not offer these clips as definitive proof of the paranormal. That remains in the eyes and ears of the beholder. The following clips are submitted as examples of some of more inexplicable sounds we have recorded in our sessions and in some cases have heard with our own ears in real time (disembodied voices). THE RAW AND UNEDITED FILES REMAIN IN OUR POSSESSION. IN SOME CASES, THE FOLLOWING CLIPS HAVE BEEN AMPLIFIED AND ISOLATED WITH A MINIMUM OF BACKGROUND NOISE FILTERING ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF A BETTER LISTENING EXPERIENCE. These submissions are intended to entertain and enlighten visitors to this site and are not presented in their current form for peer review as the raw, unedited files would be. As such, we also caption them in regards to what we feel is said at the risk of exerting a form of suggestion or confirmation bias on the listener. Nonetheless, you are most welcome to interpret them as you will, especially those we cannot discern what they clearly say. In submitting those, maybe YOU can help out. Enjoy. Over a two-year span, we performed a series of investigations in this location and came away quite certain that there is a presence of a child here. Historical background checks and reports from the staff there seem to support this. Two adult female investigators hear a child’s voice during a session in actual time. “A lot of people”  Voice isolated On April Fool’s Day 2010, we received some very compelling vocalizations from this source. In each case, normal conversations were being held when we recorded these voices. In none of these instances, did any investigator react to them. Only during playback did they become apparent to us. “Who are ‘ya?” “Get out” “Noooo” A month later, for the first time, we got something different. This time, the sound of an adult female. Assurances were given by two extremely honest (and non-musically inclined) female investigators that this is neither one singing or that any radio was on at this time. Woman singing In June, we tried a different tact by bringing in a toy as a trigger object, in this case a large rubber ball. While the group were sitting in a reception room bouncing it back and forth to each other, we recorded a child’s voice perhaps wanting to get in on the fun or reprimanding them for playing indoors. “Hey!” Voice isolated That same evening, we recorded perhaps the clearest piece of audio to date supporting a child was indeed present here. The ball was put away and the investigators had retired to a conference room. A recorder left in the reception area captured this. There is speculation as to what is said, but we feel confident that our “company” is saying... “Who wants it?” Same night, later on. A recorder picks up more singing. Singing On our visit to Rolling Hills, we spent an interesting evening exploring some of the areas and prior claims that surrounding this former poor house and sanatorium. One of the most fascinating places was the morgue where the embalming table still exists. At one point, strangely enough, it was also an ice cream parlor. So we asked if anyone present might have remembered those good/bad old days. “No” (at 0:10) Still in the morgue a brief time later and still trying to determine if whoever here enjoys their stay. We receive a response in the negative and also perhaps an accomplice asking us to stop this line of questioning. “No........back off” Voices isolated In the boiler room looking for a spirit named Raymond, we try to extend some friendly greetings his way, but we receive a labored, ominous voice that expresses no desire to speak of himself or the goings on in RHA. “Our secret” Voice isolated An interesting follow up to this line of questioning as we continued to address “Raymond” was a repeat of the word “secret”. It certainly piques our curiosity as what this secret could be. “Secret” is repeated as a response We had a wonderful opportunity to investigate some time-honored claims about activity at Harrisville, R.I.’s Assembly Theater which is also the site of the last two Ocean State ParaCons, our annual charity event. While most of our data is in video form, there was one stand-along audio clip that bears presenting. A small group in the projection room has a brief discussion about heading out and then does so. They will open and close the door to the room, walk down the stairs to the first floor and then close that door behind them which slams with a loud bang. We still had a recorder running in the projection room and almost immediately some odd voices were heard inside. Voices in the empty projection room Having faith put in us by anyone living in a private residence is something we take very seriously. People will share experiences with us that they often won’t even to those closest to them. In this case we were asked to pay a visit to a home where the owner’s young grandson would not enter due to the frightening appearance of a “scary ghost”. The family related their own stories of the strange phenomena that has taken place in their years there, so we took the position what was happening could be attributed to something more than a child’s imagination. Often we wonder if perhaps the appearance and intention of a spirit is misinterpreted. It certainly can be frightening and unsettling, but perhaps there is a more favorable reason for their existence. With this in mind, we decided to ask if perhaps there was no intent to actually scare the child, but just to let their presence be known. We received what seems to be a sympathetic response in a kindly old voice. Perhaps a now deceased relative checking in on the child they never met? “Poor thing” Voice isolated Two of our investigators decided to spend a night at Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, CT. The inn has long been rumored to be a very active location. Mixing “business” with a pleasure trip, they asked and were given permission to investigate the establishment. One night while cameras and recorders were running, the sound of a couple checking in very late at night was documented. The couple walked down the hallway and opened the latch to their room’s door. In this clip, we hear a pleasant greeting from someone welcoming them to the inn. This is not the voice of the innkeeper, the couple or our investigators who by this time were settled in their room. “Come in!!” Voice isolated  Our RISEUP CT team had been granted permission to run a private investigation of the incredible Warner Theater in Torrington, CT. This would eventually lead to three public investigations to benefit the theater. On the team’s first night there, one investigator was sitting alone in the projection room high above balcony level when he heard a clear and distinct voice in the room with him. In fact he will ask who is in there once the voice is heard. “Your name?” Voice isolated Three male investigators were in the theater looking into claims of a little girl said to roam that area. During an EVP session, we recorded clear and heavy footsteps in a heel-to-toe fashion. For all intents and purposes, they sound as if someone is walking on a wooden surface. The only wooden surface in the theater is the stage, yet all three investigators are positioned in the part of the seating area which is completely carpeted. More strangely, no one reacts to the sound. It wasn’t heard during the session . Footsteps across the stage Just minutes after that point in which the footsteps were recorded, as the group was making their way out of the theater area, one last attempt was made to contact this alleged child spirit. The question concerned the possibility she may have been the daughter of a performer or stage hand and if she spent a great amount of time playing in the theater. A response was recorded in close proximity to the recorder, but it is a matter of speculation as to what the words are that were spoken. It’s interesting enough to present, but we have to allow the listener to make their own decision, if any. Vocal response in the seating area  Vocal response - isolated We had the great pleasure of spending two years in this iconic Rhode Island landmark which was otherwise off- limits to investigators. There were a great many unusual occurrences there, but none as startling as what happened to one investigator who had arrived early and was inside the empty house setting up equipment for the evening. With a recorder running on the second floor, he heard a woman’s voice from the end of the hallway. He started walking in that direction and snapping pictures which revealed nothing out of the ordinary, but the recorder told a much different story. If nothing else, the welcome he received was appreciated. Clip has been amplified, but what is said remains completely subjective. Woman’s voice at the end of the hall The Paine House has been a continuing study for us since November of 2010 and that research continues today. The sheer amount of quality data that has been collected from this location has been nothing like we have ever experienced, in large part because of the opportunity to maintain a constant presence there under all manner of conditions. There is a great deal of evidence that supports the existence of a child spirit there who has been assigned the name “Sarah” and her voice has in time become quite recognizable to us. Here, we test her willingness and ability to communicate with a simple game of “ABCs” and this clip still astounds us. “And I say C, and you say....” At one point the fire station across the street was open and quite often during the night first responders there would receive calls resulting in sirens and horns blaring during our sessions. One visitor to the house asked if these sounds were audible and possibly annoying or frightening to the “residents” there. Firetruck response While in the attic area, an investigator invites whomever may be willing to do so to communicate with us and receives a firm response of “No”. Better luck next time, we imagine. Wish to communicate? Interesting clip here as two investigators go up to the second floor and sit in two separate bedrooms. A trail of motion sensors leading from the first floor then trigger in succession on a distinct path to where they are located. When the session ends, they begin to head back down to where our base is located in the basement. A male voice is then heard that seems to direct us on where to go. “Head this way” Voice isolated Each month we head up public investigations of the house where we offer guests the opportunity to explore the house and draw their own conclusions. In one case, we were doing a walk-through with our visitors and familiarizing them with their surroundings.  and along the way we were telling the story of a rocking chair in one of the rooms that we had recorded moving by itself. During a short pause while discussing this event, we recorded a little girl’s voice pointing out the object. “Chair” Voice isolated The next clip was recorded in the attic and comes in a direct response to an offer to leave the area. This is a great example of interaction. “No one needs to leave” Voice isolated  This clip was generated in the first-floor classroom area during an investigation of the house. Any sound of a child calling for its mother becomes somewhat cliche at times, but we ask you to consider this clip and make your own judgment. A male speaks and a faint little voice is heard at 8 seconds. The amplification of this may yield the answer to what is spoken. “Mommy” Voice isolated One of the first pieces of audio we recorded that really got our attention was during our first ever visit to the house. In trying to establish contact, we were going through the names of families associated with the home. After the investigator speaks the words, “If I run through these names...” a female voice is heard inquiring as to our identity. “Who is it?” Voice isolated We feel these next clips in the sequence in which they were recorded are just amazing. Two of our investigators, David Grady and his daughter Shayna Drinkuth decided to be the first people to stay as guests overnight in nearly 150 years. Multiple recorders ran in the house and the following was recorded in the kitchen area as they bedded down for the night in the parlor two rooms away. All doors leading to each room on the first floor were closed and latched. Sounds of doors being unlatched Object being dragged More doors being unlatched Loud crash comes from kitchen (sounds of pans kept under a sink) Dave Grady now gets up to investigate the noises and as he approaches the door to the kitchen, we record a voice inside just before he unlatches the door to enter “He’s at the door” Quite often we allow cameras and recorders to run while we empty the house of all people. This gives us an opportunity to allow the house to “speak” as it were. This is another subjective clip as to its contents, but because the house was totally void of any investigators, we feel it’s interesting to say the least. We allow the listener to make their own assessment. Male voice recorded inside empty house. During this same time frame, the sounds of footsteps inside the house were also recorded mere minutes after the voice was captured. We understand a great deal of blind trust has to be placed in us to accept the idea nobody was inside the museum or someone wasn’t accounted for, but with that said and understood completely, we present this in good faith. Footsteps inside vacant house. We had a former member of the University of New Haven’s ghost hunting team (PIRO) and her family as visitors recently and one of their sessions yielded a very curious and slightly humorous response. She asked for physical contact with her mother who was in another room with her father and what sounds like a form of appreciation for the request was recorded. “Thank you” Voice isolated The sound of footsteps in the Paine house is a relatively new phenomena that has come to our attention only in the last couple of years.  There are many examples of this documented, but on one particular night, Cody DesBiens was hosting a group inside the “Military Room” which houses a great deal of Civil War artifacts. All those inside the house were gathered in the room at this time and during a casual conversation, footsteps are clearly heard and recorded approaching the room and then abruptly stopping outside its door. An amazing capture. Footsteps leading to the Military Room