Nothing stirs debate like the Ouija Board. Harmless game, or conduit to the dead?
Is it you, or does everybody else have some weird stuff going on? 
While “Nessie” is considered the poster child, might there be other creatures that inhabit lakes, seas and waterways all over the world?
Learn about the history of Spirit Photography with our compilation of the Top 10 Ghost Photos of All-Time. THE ORB DILEMMA What are these spherical anomalies that show up in photographs at supposedly haunted locations? The truth might surprise you.   RISEUP’S 10 COMMANDMENTS OF PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION The do’s and don’ts of investigation with an emphasis on common sense and safety
Dave DeCosta tells us about the history of EVP research and some of the historical figures that have brought it to the public light.
Is it necessary to investigate the paranormal in the dark? What is it about these conditions that triggers fight or flight mechanisms in so many people? GHOSTS: AN HISTORICAL JOURNEY
The paranormal predates anyone living on the planet.
                     HAUNTINGS AND THE HUMAN CONDITION                                                    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,                   however improbable, must be the truth.”