TOMBSTONE, AZ HISTORY          The Aztec House in the heyday of Tombstone was a high-end boarding house for the high rollers making their way into town. It was a place with a mostly male clientele who would entertain prostitutes in their rooms (or vice-versa). The Aztec now houses an antique store specializing in period items from the town's glory days.   THE HAUNTINGS          Women who stay here claim they get the impression they are not welcome from a strong male presence said to inhabit the building and have felt the need to leave immediately. One night a woman was watching the place for the owner with her dog, overheard mysterious noises and saw strange movements inside the building. She and her dog did not make the night as the fled out the door.          Many children visiting the place have reported witnessing - and sometimes actually speaking to - a male figure inside.          The antique shop - perhaps because it holds so many relics from a by-gone era - is a hot spot of sights and sounds. There is also a woman in white who has been seen numerous times standing in front of the store. This anonymous apparition has been known - at least on one occasion - to have actually stopped traffic while she crossed the street so genuine was her presence. It is believed this woman took her own life on the steps of the Aztec House after becoming despondent over the death of her young child of yellow fever in 1880. Another version is she was convicted of a crime and hung at the courthouse. Her ghost mostly is witnessed outdoors and has been seen wandering as many as nine miles outside of town.