GETTYSBURG, PA HISTORY          The original Federal-style brick building on Hospital Road which now is a quaint bed and breakfast was built in 1812 on the site of the former George Bushman farm (left). It was originally constructed as a home for a tenant farmer and eventually became the home of one of the Bushman sons. The remainder of the main house was added in 1830. It is located at the edge of the Gettysburg battlefield one mile from Little Round Top. The inn served as a field hospital for Union 11th Corp soldiers from the second day of the Civil War and has been owned and operated by Suzanne Lonky, a former software-development employee from New Jersey, since 2001. It's regarded as one of the finest bed and breakfasts in the Gettysburg area.                There were additions to the original building made in 1972 and 1994. The house was converted to a B&B in 1992. The are now actually three buildings that comprise the inn: the Old House, the Carriage House and the Main House. The main dining room (right) was once used as a surgical center for military and civilians alike as were many surrounding farmhouses and barns in the area. Anesthesia for those requiring attention was almost non-existent and the accounts of archaic field surgery are both legendary and gruesome.         HAUNTINGS AT THE BALADERRY INN          Ms. Suzanne Lonky, the former innkeeper and owner keeps a large binder at her place of business that has been filled by her guests with their accounts of supernatural encounters and photos they have taken there. One of the more compelling photos shows two subjects seated inside the inn and what appears to be two ghostly figures standing outside the French-style double doors leading to the terrace area. On the surface they appear to resemble Confederate soldiers in uniform with one wearing a black armband. Research on that aspect bears out the fact that many Confederates did indeed wear a black armband for a period of time to honor the death of the legendary General Stonewall Jackson.            Suzanne also learned first from an anecdotal account and then confirmed during the annual Haunted Happenings séance held at the inn that the bodies of seven Confederate soldiers are buried underneath what is now the inn's tennis courts. This may help account for their continuing presence there.            During that same session with a medium present and tape recorders running, Suzanne - while asking questions -  learned of an amorous ghost named "Geoffrey" that haunts the Primrose Room (right). He is also affectionately known to the staff as "Lover Boy" and is said to especially favor blonde female guests who stay in the room. They have reported the sensation of having their feet rubbed and a male voice singing a love song in their ear. They have also felt as though someone has climbed into the bed beside them.              In the Marigold Room (below) the spirit of a woman has been seen standing at the foot of the bed.              One of the more curious hauntings occurred when re-enactors were visiting for festivities surrounding the anniversary of the Gettysburg address. One female guest, possessing the same period clothing and jewelry as the rest of the group, brought a jewelry box containing both contemporary and vintage jewelry. The older jewelry was kept in a separate bag inside the box. The box was placed on the night stand inside the room while she went out for the day. Upon returning later, she discovered that out of the pieces of modern and vintage jewelry she had brought, only the latter was neatly spread out on top of the bag which she specifically kept it in. When learning of the experience Suzanne remarked that to her it must have been a female spirit, not only because many had been seen in that area of the inn, but also in the care taken to place the jewelry with such care.