BODILLY MANOR FARM CORNWALL, UK   (Ed.- A few months after posting this article, I received this email from Jonathan Hodgetts, owner of Bodilly Farm Manor. Jonathan was very gracious in his support of the article and pledged to "clean up" a few facts about his property and the stories that originate from the same. We look forward to his further contributions, as what better source could we call upon than he? Here is one of the messages I received from Jonathan along with personal photo of what he felt was his mother’s spirit in the form of an orb in a bedroom. On behalf of RISEUP, I want to convey my sincere thanks for his interest in this project.)   Dear Kenneth, Many thanks for your prompt reply – I will do my best to provide you with a revised version of the entry on Bodilly Manor as soon as I am able – although I have to say it will be unlikely that I will have the time to consider this before Christmas as this is a very busy time for me – I will do my very best once the festive season is past. For now I have attached a couple of photographs for you. These were a series of photographs taken during an investigation here about 3 or 4 years ago. On entering my mother’s bedroom (who passed away in May this year – the Barbara Hodgetts mentioned in your article) with a small group of paranormal researchers, the doors to a cupboard in her room came open. These doors had a habit of coming open which is why they were very firmly wedged shut with cardboard wedges!! I went over to shut them and put the wedges back in, which I did very firmly – I could not simply pull the doors open having done so. Every time I walked away from the cupboard the doors came open. I had to shut the doors several times with the wedges before they finally remained in place – shut!!! A series of photographs were taken during this episode – a couple of the results of which are attached - - - all I can say is enjoy! Do please call me Jonathan.  It is somewhat late here (I’ve had a bit of a hectic day) (in fact 2.00am) and so I am off to bed now – I will be in touch soon.  As an addition I am Chairman of the Pengersick Historic and Education Trust (PH&E Trust) which was the charity established by the Late Angela Evans the owner of Pengersick Castle – one of the most haunted locations in Europe. Now that Angela (who was a long standing friend of mine) has passed away The Castle is now the responsibility of the PH&E Trust. If I can be of any help with this haunted location too I will be more than happy to do so.  With kindest regards  Jonathan Bodilly Manor         HISTORY          Bodilly, located in the Wendron district of Cornwall, is a village-style expanse of rustic farms and settlements that is also the site of an early tin-stamping mill that was built back in the 1300's. The mill was a water-wheel type and a nearby stream provided its power source. When the mines became void of their bounty it became a grist mill, but around or about 1860, all milling ceased and the structure became derelict.          The landscape in and around Bodilly is dotted with ivy-covered engine houses which serve as a silent reminder of its mining heritage. Underground tunnels run the length and breadth of the town, as kinds of hidden monuments to those who toiled within their shadowy confines.          Mining in the Wendron district predates its recorded history and by the 1580's underground mining was a well-established vocation with fairly advanced techniques for its time. The number of mineral ventures in the Wendron district was said to exceed 640 making it the second-largest of its kind in the region. Within the Cornwall area however, records of mining operations are spotty, if not non-existent. The primary reasons for this might lie in the lack of funding for archeological surveys of the region along with the aforementioned lack of recorded information at that point where mining was at its peak.          Bodilly Manor and its surrounding holiday cottages - Poldark and Wheal Rose - are available to guests seeking respite in a pleasant country retreat. Both cottages can accomodate up to 6 people and have been converted to guest houses from a 200-year-old Cornish granite barn. Bob Lillie’s Travels   THE HAUNTING OF BODILLY MANOR          The Manor House's origin's have been traced back to sometime in the 15th century. Information on the dwelling - like the mines - is hard to come by. In more modern times, the manor house was purchased by Jonathan and Barbera Hodgetts who were searching for just this type of property: secluded, quiet and detached from urban sprawl.          The first six months of their ownership were rather unspectacular as the couple made their transition to country living. It was when more extensive renovations began - including the removal of some fireplaces - that strange things began to occur.          In one particularly bizarre episode, Jonathan's sister Elizabeth and her son Christopher came to the manor for a quick visit and weekend escape. Accompanying them was Christopher's friend David. One night while they were asleep in an upstairs guest room, their door began to rattle as if the knob was being shaken. This was escorted by the strong sensation of a presence inside the room with them.          It got to the point where the boys asked to sleep in the car outside where they felt safer. Thinking this was not a big issue and wanting the boys to enjoy themselves and be comfortable, Elizabeth agreed to their request. Settling in to their new accommodations and somewhat enjoying the oddity of their surroundings, it was not long before the two sensed a presence outside with them. Now somewhat shaken, both boys sank down into their seats, expecting the worst. Their expectations were spot-on as indeed the worst was yet to come. Turning to look out his passenger window, David was shocked to see a hooded figure standing outside the vehicle, peering inside at the frightened young duo. Christopher immediately laid on the horn frantically to draw the attention of his family sleeping soundly inside the manor.          Startled by the sound of a car horn outside, Barbera bolted up in bed and headed straight for the driveway where she saw both boys inside the car cowering under their blankets, paralyzed with fear.          The Hodgetts' own experiences were more frequent and no less peculiar. They would often encounter the smell of burning wood inside the home when nothing was on fire and voices were heard downstairs at all hours. A quick check would always reveal no radios, TVs or human sources for the disturbance.          In time, Jonathan Hodgetts came to grips with the idea that something paranormal was occurring in his home and as a result contacted the prestigious Ghost Club of England, the world's oldest existing paranormal research society. The Club sent a member named Trevor Kenward and a couple of others to the manor house to investigate the Hodgett's claims.          In the dining room, the group - accompanied by Hodgetts - sat silently in a candle-lit vigil to wait for some sign of an otherworldly presence to manifest itself. After a while, a sudden cold filled the room and the candelabra on the heavy dining room table began to shake followed by the legs of the table itself. In in instant the table itself began to violently shake and seemed to begin a steady rise off the floor. The table we are speaking of is the classic hand carved, weighty and ornate dining room table one might associate with such traditional locations. A number of grown men trying to lift it would find its weight significant.          Continuing their investigation in the manor's lounge area, one of the members saw a fireplace begin to transform itself into something else. Drawing the other attention to it, the sat astonished to see the inside of the fireplace take on the form of a tunnel that was eerily similar to a mine shaft.          Explanations for such phenomena are often difficult to come by, but one incident in Bodilly's history might explain what was experienced by the group. In 1858 a group of miners were working near the surface amidst a pocket of slurry when an explosion rocked the mine. All seven were trapped beneath the surface and suffocated to death. Their bodies were never recovered. Might the lingering spirits of these unfortunate men be what remains behind at Bodilly Manor today?